Saturday 7 August 2010

The EDL and Bradford

Yet again the whining leftist maggots in the Guardian, those on the race relation industry payroll, Labour crooked politicians, local leftist morons and Far Left activists are attacking the EDL ;

It appears that the Far Left, Muslim groups and others think that Bradford is some independent Republic separate from the rest of Britain.

In this Independent Republic of Bradfordistan the rights and liberties of all Britons and English people do not exist.

In Bradfordistan the only people allowed to express an opinion or express their right to protest in a democracy are the Far Left and Muslims.

This is what the New Labour supporting journalist filth in the local papers are telling everyone and also the middle class Tarquin and Miranda journalist ponces in the Guardian are propagandising to the idiot masses.

Bradford is not an Muslim colony where the local whites and other people from outside the area have to keep their heads down and keep quiet in case rampaging mobs of Islamists decide to burn the town down again as they did in 2001.

The police in Bradford seem to think their job is to arse lick the local 'community leaders' whilst denying the right of free speech and the right to protest of local people and other Britons from outside the town who wish to demonstrate and express their free speech and right to protest.

The very fact that the Far Left, organised Muslim groups, the media, the local council of politically halfwits and the PC Police all want to stop the EDL marching in Bradford is the strongest reason why the EDL MUST MARCH IN BRADFORD.

These collection of politically correct morons who demand the EDL are refused their fundamental rights to protest and free speech in Bradford are the inner traitors of our nation.

They are the filth who have betrayed Britain and the British people to the Islamists, the colonisers and the politically correct morons that infest our public institutions.

I ask that every British Nationalist from all groups attend the EDL demonstration in Bradford.

When the government sees tens of thousands of patriots marching through Bradford then the system will see just how sick and tired people are of their bullshit and corruption.

The EDL are called 'racists' by the Corporate Media as they oppose Islamism.

Yet Islam and Islamism are religions and a political ideology - neither Islam nor Islamism are 'races'.

Therefore the Corporate Media call the EDL racists as its the standard smear for anyone that is against the corrupt system.

Being called a 'racist' by the media and the system is a badge of pride.

Not because you are a racist, but because being called a racist by traitors proves you are a patriot.

Only when you are being called a 'racist' by some politically correct, far left traitor moron are you on target.

The EDL demonstration in Bradford must be massive.

It must scare the shit out of the media, the government and the politically correct puppets in the council.

The police must learn that using truncheons to crush the skulls of patriots is aiding the treason of the politicians.

The more the police seek to attack the EDL the more the people come to despise them.

Sooner or later there will come a crunch point, when ordinary citizens will awaken and see that the police no longer serve them and their communities, but that the role of the police in todays society is to serve the government and the creedo of political correctness.

Ordinary decent coppers must come to despise the traitors in their own ranks who give them the orders to attack their own people.

Only when the ordinary coppers is aware of the inner traitors in their own ranks will the police service as a whole begin to change.

Bradford is the march that no-one can miss if possible.

Unfortunately I cannot attend as my health is not up to it.

I want to see the traitors that think Bradfordistan is some independent republic in Britain have this foolishness rubbed in their faces.

I want to see the police realise that they are serving the government and political correctness.

I want to see tens of thousands of the EDL with their England flags flying and Union Jacks flying marching through Bradford in order to tell the Islamists, Far Left scum and media filth that Bradford is part of Britain and not some colony where the rights of Britons and English people do not exist.

Bradford is in Britain.

If the people in Bradford are British, then they will respect British rights, laws and liberties.

The right to protest and the right to free speech are what the British people fought the Nazis and Communists for, we did not fight those wars in order to surrender those rights and liberties to a cabal of politically correct coppers, politicians and journalists.

Liberty must be defended not just from foreign foes but also the inner traitors.

If the people of Bradford are not truly British, then they will demand that the rights of Britons such as the right to free speech and the right to protest are abrogated, removed and censored.

If Bradfordistan is riven by racial and religious tensions just waiting to tear the place apart, then that is not the fault of the EDL.

That is the fault of the politically correct cowards, police and politicians that have allowed that situation to develop in Bradford.

It is Multi-culturalism that has created colonies and ghettoes in our country riven by racial and religious tensions, not the EDL.

Blaming the EDL for racial tensions in Bradford is not just a moronic lie, it is evidence of the utter insanity and corruption of the media and the utter stupidity of the total mugs who believe what the media tell them.

Those witless idiots in the general public who still believe what the Corporate Media tell them and attack the EDL are the pathetic cowardly rabble that have betrayed our nation with their selfishness, stupidity and apathy for generations.

The time has come for us to regard such fools with the contempt they deserve.

If the people of Bradford want to show they are British then they must support the EDL demonstration.

If they want to demonstrate that they are not British, then they will demand that the EDL are not allowed to express their fundamental rights as British citizens.

Bradford is not a colony.

It is not a republic.

It is our city in our country and we will damn well demonstrate where we want and when we want.

We will NEVER surrender Bradford nor any other British city to colonists, Islamists, politically correct cowards or the Far Left.

Not now and not ever.

This is our country and we will go wherever we damn well please.

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Rijker said...

It is time ....

Wer can wait for the BNP to come to power via rigged elections or we can act now while ther's still time.

Its now or never!

Ex serviceman said...

You must go Lee, you must lead from the front. Soldiers on active service have to soldier on come what may.
This is a clash of civilisations only the strong will survive.

Anonymous said...

Its just down road from me..