Thursday 5 August 2010

The Secret Report - read it yourself

Here is the link to the secret report from the Quilliam Foundation that reveals that the mainstream Muslim organisations are really supporters of Islamism ;

Get a copy before it vanishes into the memory hole.

The aim of the Quilliam Foundation is to allow Islamism to attain power by pretending to work against Islamism.

If you read the recommendations in the report such as at section on page 21 where it states that the police should not target those recruiting individuals into Islamist groups.

In other words the police should not gather intelligence on Islamist groups that are operating in society - which will only benefit the Islamist groups themselves.

I am sure of you read it all you will discover that in the guise of being anti-Islamism, the Quilliam Foundation want to create a form of Islamist Gramscianism whereby the real radicals reject radicalism for infiltrationism of the weak, liberal system itself.

The Quilliam Foundation understands that the real radicals are never radicals.

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1 comment:

Adrian Peirson said...

And the EDL have fallen for the Moderate muslim lie.