Friday 27 August 2010

A Reply To Nick Griffin

Dear Nick,

I have read your latest missive on the BNP web site and have the following to say ;

1) As you know I resigned my position in the BNP and posted the resignation letter online on this blog.

Link here ;

I also have the e mail you sent me an hour and three quarters later sacking / expelling me for resigning.

It undermines your entire credibility when you peddle such falsehoods to the BNP membership that I was 'sacked'.

If you are prepared to lie about something as trivial about why and when I resigned, my position in the party then your whole credibility on the issues of concern to myself, the reform group and senior officers of the party is also in question.

2) I also note that yet again the media are doing the best to bolster your position as chairman of the party.

First of all Sky News have lied about the level of debt in the party, it is not £150,000 as they assert but over £500,000 as you yourself have stated in a filmed public meeting a few weeks ago. One wonders why they would downplay the level of debt if they were so 'hostile to the party'.

Its as if the media want you remain as BNP chairman, as with you running the party they continue to contain and 'ghettoise' and undermine our electoral support in society whenever they wish too.

I note also the Sky news and the media have not mentioned the serious allegations of sexual assault, fraud etc in their report, which is very odd to say the least if they were so 'hostile to the party' and neither have the rest of the MSM mentioned such issues.

In fact it appears that when the Leadership Challenge was underway the media chose to downplay the serious issues aired in the leadership election in order to assist you to remain as the leader of the BNP, whilst now the reform group is beginning to get organised, its website is drawing in massive views and support from the members, that they now want to get the Griffinites in the party to rally around you by pretending to 'attack' the BNP.

The fact it was not an attack at all by the MSM at all, and in fact has allowed you to pretend it is and then to use the members to consolidate your power in the party, tells us all we need to know about the media and their support for you as chairman.

3) On the issue of the accounts I have only on thing to say ;


I challenge you to put the entire accounts for the last three years in front of both the members and the reform group.

But we all know you wont, and that you will continue to lie / suspend members / expel members who ask to see the accounts.

I also believe the Electoral Commission would like to have a look at the accounts as well, seeing as the fines outstanding against the party for not giving them the accounts is growing every day.

For a party £600,000 in debt as you admit, for you to incur fines for not revealing the accounts to the EC is either Gross Incompetence or deliberate prevarication - either way, both of those issues require you to step down as chairman - for the buck stops with you Nick.

If the accounts are correct, then why havent the EC been given them ?

It is simple logical questions like this that should concern the members, not your trite, desperate and false propaganda peddled on the BNP website.

4) Here is my challenge to you Nick ;

Hold a public BNP meeting for all members to attend.

At that meeting bring Dave Hannam and all the accounts for the last three years and details of what BNP assets have been transferred out of the party and into Jim Dowson run companies like Ad Lorries and the many other 'companies' he 'runs'.

Also bring a copy of Jim Dowsons contract.

I will ask Shelley Rose to attend so she can ask you personally to initiate an independent internal party investigation into her allegations of sexual assault by the BNP employee Jim Dowson.

Then the members can have simply what they have asked for all along - transparency and accountability.

If you do not that Nick, then you are simply bring the entire party into further disrepute with your lies, prevarications and gross incompetence.

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Anonymous said...

How can you tell when Nick Griffin is lying?

He opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

I have observed various things that Griffin has lied about over the last few years and i am still asking why?
Why? has his loyalty to the BNP and its members/supporters gone?
What made it go?
Who made it go?
This latest lot of lies he has peddled about Lee is disgusting.
Lee who has helped him far and above any other Bnp officials.
Does his wife and children believe his lies?
or are they part of his cesspit?
Whatever the reason he will rot in hell.
And he deserves it.

Anonymous said...

So you were NEVER even a member Lee?

If you were prepared to lie about that...!

Most of your arguments are self defeating, why would the news even bring up party debts in a negative light if they are supporting Griffin as you state?

It would appear rather Lee that the state is supporting you seeing as you are the quoted attack dog.

Give it a rest Lee this is getting more desparate and pathetic by the day, you are simply digging a deeper hole for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing all of this up. Something is surely awry if the accounts cannot be made public. It is so wrong to be withholding this from the membership. I feel so let down by Griffin and his prevaricating. I happen to think that he is the best man for the job, but not without more reforms . I think that we can all see why the Party has needed a de facto dictator over the years, but that era is over.

There are questions which need answering. I did not devote my time, money and energy for it to be taken for granted.

Nip the sleaze in the bud!

Answer to questions please!

spiv said...

I have already issued a challenge to Griffin regarding the accounts, along the lines you also have challenged.


Needless to say, I have heard nothing from Griffin, and on 6th August I was suspended.

John Savage.

Anonymous said...

Is that true, that you were never a member of the BNP?

Anonymous said...

Good response Lee. Sadly though, i can't see Griffin responding to the points you've made and will no dount cherry pick the words to suite his own dictatorial agenda in the party.

The lies and smears are drawing to a close. Nick, if you can't handle the heat then get out of the kitchen.


John said...

Have to agree with you Lee. The BNP are finished, far too much baggage even with a re-brand.
The EDL are the future, just watch Tommy Robinsons interview.

Best wishes.

Sarah Maid of Albion said...

I posted this at the Green Arrow site, and I am posting it here even if only Lee reads it.

This has to stop, the in-fighting and bitching between Nationalists can only be damaging to all of us. Those such as Lee Barnes, Eddie Butler, and others on both sides, have got to remember that fellow Nationalists are not the enemy. Our real enemies, those who have set out to destroy us, our country and our people are laughing their heads off whilst we squabble, name call and make allegations.

This has to stop because all this will come back to harm us, that is the whole point.

This is the eleventh hour, we do not have the time or the luxury to fight amongst ourselves. We have a country to save for God sake.

Arian Peirson said...

Wayne Madson research shown

Obama not a US Citizen

Infowars Radio


Adrian P said...

Sorry wrong link

should be

Madsen Report

Anonymous said...

Lee, you're as mad as a fish

griffinclown said...

why dont you take a picture of your membership card and post it on here as proof.

extant said...


I was speaking to Nic yesterday at length, he is truely gutted that he has lost you, it is a huge loss to Nationalism he said!!

Please Lord barns of Chatham, can we have some more of this :O)

Anonymous said...


I'm confused, according to one of your recent articles you claimed that the BNP CAN be bankrupted.

BARNES: "This means the party will now be dragged back into court and probably bankrupted as a result."

Then Mr Griffin wrote an announcement stating that the BNP cannot go bankrupt,

GRIFFIN: "The BNP is an unincorporated association. it has no legal personality and effectively cannot be bankrupted"

Yet Brons just announced that the BNP faces bankruptcy due to the EHRC's legal pursuit.

BRONS: "During the last year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has been trying to divide, bankrupt and thereby destroy the British National Party."

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like The Chairman has weathered the storm and seen off the traitors to British nationalism in this country. You state-sponsored suckers never learn do you? You will never overcome Nick Griffin, he is worth a thousand of you little people ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Ok there appear to be valid complaints, I've no reason to doubt you but we are running out of time.
Even flawed, practically any real semi intelligent Nationalist would be the best PM this country ever had bar Churchill perhaps because he or she would put country and people first.

Eisenhower said, ' a good plan, executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week'