Friday 20 August 2010

The Shame of the BNP

The events of the meeting last night in London were shameful - not just for the BNP but also the lads in BNP security who acted as Griffins hired thugs and denied BNP members access to a BNP meeting on the say so of Griffin.

I have always been the staunchest supporter of the BNP security team.

When Warren Bennet ran the security team I always tried to get resources set aside for the team to use.

When Martin took over I did the same, demanding frequently that BNP security be funded properly and the lads looked after properly by the party.

After the College Green incident I assisted the security team to ensure they were legally protected.

After the pictures of Martin Reynolds were stolen from his computer and unlawfully leaked onto the internet, the whole of the AC wanted to kick him out of the party and I was the only one who demanded he be allowed to stay on as the leader of the security team.

Martin reynolds owes his present position solely to me, as Griffin was willing to kick him out of the security unit as the rest of the AC, and many members, were howling for him to be removed.

I put loyalty first, every time and I am most loyal to those who are prepared to take a bullet for the BNP.

Thats why I demanded Martin Reynolds be allowed to keep his job, as his loyalty to the party meant we should be loyal to him.

But the actions of BNP security last night in London have brought shame on them and the whole of the BNP.

The report below was first posted on the British Democracy forum ;

" Well well what a night! 90 people and 75% were anti Griffin/ pro Butler. Mostly London with A handfull from home counties. About 20 excluded but most got in by towing the line. Those outside were R. Edmonds, Chris Roberts, Lawrence Rustem, Rowena Savage, Peter Phillips, Bob Gertner, Steve McColl, Victoria, Eddy Butler, Sue Butler, Tony Avery, Colin Smith, Emma Colegate, Jay Slaven, a couple of ex councillors from B&D and 3 or 4 others.

Mick Barnbrook got in and managed to get his point across, but Q&As were limited because Griffin talked for an age. Meeting started 30 mins late because the access control was a drama. RE was the first to be refused entry and this nearly caused a riot. Most people calmed down in order to get themselves in.

Second to be refused was ex councillor, L. Rustem who was fuming. Colin Smith enquired why LR was denied access and was told that he couldn't attend either, simply because he enquired. This held up the smooth flow for about 5 mins as voices were raised and CS telling Geoff from Insecurity that if he was touched, a complaint would be made to the police.

Steve McColl was stopped but was a lot more complient and smiled as he turned back to the serious-looking but now quiet crowd. Sue Butler then made an attempt to enter but was simply blocked but the portly fellows in the doorway.

To be continued. "


Here we see that anyone, and everyone is an 'Expendable' in the BNP - except for Griffin and his gollum Dowson.

The list of people denied entrance ARE THE BNP !

Griffin is just a transient leader of the party, a man who has already announced he is going to retire in four years time, yet here he is acting as if he is the party and his interests supersede those of the party and its loyal members.

Jay Slaven is the BNP security guard who rescued Griffin's during the college green incident with the UAF - he is the guy on the left of Griffin in the picture below who is pulling Griffin towards the car ;

He wasnt even allowed in the meeting.

He is an ex-comrade of the BNP security team.

Thats how Griffin rewards loyalty.

The man is pure filth.

Denying Richard Edmonds access to the meeting was disgraceful - he was a founder member of the BNP and has been a member over thirty years !

Colin Smith and Lawrence Rustem ( an ex Barking councillor) are amongst the most trusted BNP activists.

Lawrence even infiltrated AFA for John Tyndall and the BNP in the 1980's when AFA were using terrorism and physically attacking BNP members so the BNP could find out who they were and where they lived.

This list of people refused access to the meeting is a list of the most trusted, skilled and loyal BNP members in London.

The fact that Griffin is now using the security lads to enforce his will against the members is shameful, both for the security team and the BNP.

Sorry lads, but you are BNP members and are supposed to be loyal to the BNP - you are not Griffins goons and loyal solely to Griffin.

Unconditional obedience to Griffin is not the duty of BNP security, the role of BNP security was set up so that they could protect the party, party officials and party meetings - BNP security was not set up to act as Griffins hired thugs and deny BNP members access to BNP meetings because Griffin has ordered it.

The actions of BNP security last night, denying BNP members access to BNP events, means the entire ethos and standing of the BNP security unit has changed - under Griffin they have been transformed into a team of hired thugs for Griffin.

That means the BNP security Unit is NO LONGER BNP SECURITY, but they are Griffins security unit.

That also means that as Griffins security, they are now actively assisting in the betrayal of the BNP, as their actions in enforcing Griffins will against loyal and long serving BNP members was not, and is not, a part of their remit as BNP security unit officers.

The BNP security Unit is an group established to defend BNP meetings and defend BNP activists at those meetings.

BNP security was not created as a hired group of thugs for Griffin - the unit is an agency of the party and serves the party.

For the security unit to choose loyalty to Griffin over loyalty to all BNP members, means they have broken their duty and loyalty to the party and its membership.

BNP securities role at last nights meeting was simple and clear - it was not to do as Griffin demanded and expel BNP members from a BNP meeting, it was too defend the building where the meeting was and protect all the BNP people at the meeting from attacks by Reds.

Every BNP member who is an up to date BNP member by law had a right to attend that meeting.

BNP security has no power under the BNP constitution to physically prevent or restrain up to date BNP members from attending a BNP event.

The constitutional position of the BNP security is simply that they are a body of the party who can do only what is lawful in English law and which does not conflict with the constitutionally protected rights of members.

The BNP constitutional position, and English case law, is that a BNP member who is an up to date BNP member cannot be refused entrance to a BNP meeting.

As a BNP member they have a right in law to attend that event.

Any order from Griffin that demands BNP security act to physically prevent up to date BNP members from accessing a BNP meeting is unlawful.

Not only were the physical removals of BNP members clearly assaults, but the role of BNP security in removing BNP members from the meeting and preventing BNP members from entering the meeting means those in the BNP security Unit who undertook those actions are all in breach of the BNP constitution for their actions and hence liable for expulsion themselves for acts of Gross Misconduct and for acts of 'Bringing the party into disrepute'.

By doing as they did last night then the lads in the BNP security crossed the line from being a lawful BNP security unit, to an illegal organisation both within the party and outside it.

Sorry lads but the actions of BNP security last night was shameful.

For you to have treated loyal and long standing BNP members as you did was disgusting.

For you to have treated Jay Slaven as you did, an old comrade of your own, was an act of disloyalty that you should be ashamed of forever.

I write this with a heavy heart, ashamed to see the BNP that I once served become a fascist cult of violence around a corrupt leader who has no honour or loyalty.

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Anonymous said...

We're watching the BNP, the only hope we had to stop the Marxists and the Muslims destroying our nation, implode.

No platform for the BNP has turned into no platform for BNP members who dare to question Nick Griffin. Unbelievable.

I'm now completely convinced that Griffin and Dowson are destroying the BNP.


John said...

Griffins finished as chairman. As for the security team they were in a difficult situation, an apology and training will do.

Anonymous said...

This is a rerun of the NF split of 1986. I remember a meeting in Norwich where Griffin spoke just after the first wave of suspensions, and he had a gang of thugs with him who roughed up a Norwich member who dared to question the suspensions. (Among those suspended and later expelled were Martin Wingfield, Andrew Brons and several others who are now in the BNP, not to mention quite a few Norwich members too).

Anonymous said...

"Chairmans orders" is the classic defence of Reynolds and co.

Defender of Liberty said...

Yeah I know, but it doesnt really wash does it when they are refusing access to BNP meetings party loyalists like Richard Edmonds and Jay Slaven.

The line has to be drawn somewhere, and that was where it was drawn.

Anonymous said...

Griffins been a madman for over 25 years. His ex best pal Derrick Holland wrote an article about Griffin before the leadership challenge in 1997.This was printed in Spearhead and someone should reproduce this article.
Griffin has been falling out with people non stop.Whenever he turns up there is trouble.
But many of us know that Butler was best friends with Griffin for many years. All the time Griffin was running his scams he and Butler worked together.
Is Butler so blind he couldn't see what was happening. Would any sensible person meet in a motorway service station to pick up £10,000 in cash and get a signature on a scarp piece of paper?
Butler must of known what was going on and was involved as well.

redwatch said...

"Butler must of known what was going on and was involved as well."

Moronic shit-stirring cunt!

Anonymous said...

Deep down everyone knows what is happening but you need evidence and at least Butler has put his neck on the line and lost his job in the process