Saturday 7 August 2010

Beware The Grabbler

This is brilliant.

Watch this - hilarious ;,17828/

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private message for Lee Barnes said...
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Defender of Liberty said...

Its satire mate.

The Onion Network is one of the best and funniest comedy shows on the planet.

They are huge in America.

The comedy film about the Onion Network is massive - check out the link here that explains the Onion Network is a comedy show that uses satire ;

Defender of Liberty said...

As for the leadership issue mate.

Not a chance.

I have zero interest in leading any political party, simply as it would numb my brain.

When the Civil War begins after the Islamists start their Jihad in Britain, which will be in a few years time, then I will be willing to become a leader - but of an anti-Islamist private militia, but not a political party.

Anti-Globalist said...

When this civil war has been won, let's hope the remains of our people will not fall back into the arms of the semitic culture distorters, the negative birth rate, and the sexually perverted hedonism that beckons for our national future. (And hope the grabblers haven't reaped too much of a harvest from all the death and mayhem that Wall Street so loves).

Anonymous said...

I was eating when that image came up.i nearly choked..

is this a spoof?

Anonymous said...

Excellent Posts. Yes I know it SATIRE!

Defender of Liberty said...

The Onion News Network is a satirical news show from America.

Its a bit like the US version of Brass Eye.

Their website is here ;

Anonymous said...

Damn, this video is one of the most vile, sickening and offensive I have ever seen

Not funny at all, friends, not at all ...

I think theOnion has now "jumped the Shark"