Saturday 17 November 2007

911 - Part One

I have been thinking about doing a piece about 911 for a while. This is primarily because of the inconsistencies in the events, but also because of the endless garbage spewed out by the 911 conspiracy nuts.

These are divided into two camps ;

1) The 'Mossad did it not Muslims' anti-semitic pro-Islamism / Far Right lunatics

2) George Bush planned it all and the US did it camp of the Far Left

Both these conspiracy theory idiots meet in the middle as the Far Left act as the apologists of the Muslims at the same time as both attack Bush. Bush is intellectualy incapable of planning such an attack or being capable of hiding his involvement in it afterwards. Besides his fundamentalist christian faith would prohibit him from any involvement in such a plan. Bush just 'rolled with it' after the attacks happened.

The conspiracy theory cranks have never asked the right question once.

The real question about 911 is not 'who did it' as we know the Saudi terrorist hijackers flew the planes, the question is not 'why they did it' - the single question that will reveal the answer to it all is this ;


The 911 attack was the work of an organisation working within the US military systems and linked to the US corporations that control the global supply of oil that is capable of working with the CIA, the NSA and all other factions of government.

It exists above the level of the President, who after all, is merely a transient puppet of the corporations that donate the funds to his party to get him elected. The power bloc within the US military and corporatocracy that has been involved in the 911 attacks did not plan it directly, it did not need too, as the Islamists who undertook the attack did not ever understand they were working for the US and that their mentor, Osama Bin Laden, is also a puppet of the US shadow government.

The fact that the US NORAD air defence system was active on an excercise that morning, Vigilant Guardian, is proof that the US military knew something was going to happen that day. The fact that people like San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown receives a warning from “my security people at the airport" on the morning of 911 advising him not to fly that day is evidence that selected top officials were warned of a potential danger that day.

The most revealing evidence is the suspicious stock and share deals on the days before 911 and after. This is the definitive proof that elements in the Corporatocracy were aware the 911 attacks were about to occur. Their greed though has revealed their involvement in the attacks. The share movements are the smoking gun, and whoever tracks them back to the people who did them then they can then track them back to the people within the Corporatocracy itself. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO PROFITED FROM 911 AND WHOEVER DISCOVERS WHO THEY ARE WILL UNLOCK WHO SET UP, CONTROLLED AND ORDERED THE 911 ATTACKS.

The people that organised, and who profited from 911 want the conspiracy theory nuts to vomit their bullshit about 'jews doing it' and remote controlled drone planes controlled by the US hitting the buildings as the more internet chatter, and the more of a blizzard of conspiracy theories exist, then the less likely it is the truth will ever get out.

There were no bombs planted in the 911 buildings as there was no need to plant any nor take the rick of getting caught, and dicovered doing so. The real scandal about the WTC buildings is that there are probably thousands of buildings across the US as dangerous and unstable as the WTC buildings. The WTC buildings were built by the mafia. The metals in them were sub-standard steels, they were built with sub-standard materials and with crews who did sub-standard work. The mafia controlled the entire New York building sites and also the Trade Unions at the time of the buidling of the WTC buildings.The mafia owned construction teams built them with cheap concrete, used cheap materials and paid kick backs to the police, politicians, building inspectors and trade unions to ensure that the fact the buildings were unstable and dangerous was covered up.

The WTC buildings fell down as they were sub-standard buildings built in a sub-standard way, not because of bombs planted in them. The 'computer models' used to base the theories of the impossibility of the collapse happening due to the nature of the materials used are wrong , as the models are based on the steel, materials and work being of the standard they SHOULD HAVE BEEN but in reality were not. Therefore the computer model are flawed as they reflect false information fed into those computer models. Garbage in - Garbage Out. The computer models do not reflect the reality of the sub-standard materials, sub-standard work, sub-standard inspection and sub-standard post-bulding work on those buildings.

Just as the mafia built buildings in Italy collapse on a regular basis, the mafia built buildings in America are just the same.

Those who say the buildings fell do not understand that the buildings did not need to fall. The propaganda value of the attacks came from the fact that they could happen in the first place and from the power of the images of the planes hitting the buildings themselves. There was no need to collapse the buildings, or take the risks of planting the explosives. Also such idiotic statements about bombs being planted in the building demean the memory of one of the true heroes of 911 who was Rick Rescorla who was head of security in the WTC buildings. Rick, a real hero of mine, would never have allowed anyone to plant those bombs.

The real propaganda value would have come from the buildings remaining standing not falling, the fire blackened stumps of the buildings belching smoke and fire for days and weeks in the centre of New York, and then the shattered remnants of the buildings jutting out of the skyline of New York for months and years as the fire crews fight the fire, the police search for bodies and the tourists gather to watch the drama would have been the real propaganda value of the attacks.

The final piece of evidence is the downing of United Flight 93. The US air force were on standy that day to ensure that the attacks did not get too out of hand. Flight 93 was heading towards Three Mile Island nuclear reactor. If it had hit the plant then a third of the Eastern seaboard would have been irradiated. Anything that permanetally damaged business had to be prevented, but re-building fallen buildings is good business.

Flight 93 was shot down by a US air force jet to stop it hitting the Three Mile Island nuclear reactor. Donald Rumsfeld has admitted this.

The irradiation of large parts of the US would not have fitted the plan that was required by the Corporatocracy and its stooges in the senior ranks of the CIA, NSA and US military structures that exist within the framework of the Black Budgets operations that equate to over $500 billions dollars a year of US government spending. At the time of the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in September 2001 according to the Government Accounting Office (GAO), the Pentagon had incurred $3.4 trillion of “undocumentable transactions,” that is to say that there were $3.4 trillion worth of financial transactions for which there was no discernible public purpose.

This purpose was the creation and maintenance of the Shadow Government that has controlled the US for decades. This is not a shadow government of Jews, Fundamentalist Christians, satanic devil worshippers, aliens or catholics it is simply the Corporatocracy.

The war against Iraq is the creation of the corporations that have seized control of America and its institutions. America was once a democratic republic. It is now a corporatocracy. Corporations are soulless, deathless entities that have all the rights of citizenship that real people have and none of the responsibilities. Corporations have accumulated vast wealth that they have used to purchase, infiltrate, and colonize American government and many governments around the world. Corporations have absorbed the media, the two major political parties, the Congress, the Executive, almost all the Judiciary, in America and in many other countries, welding them into the globe-spanning unit that I have named the Corporatocracy. Corporations have distilled the essence of greed and rage to form their corporate structure. Profits must be maximized. Territory, natural resources, institutions, and citizens must be used and then discarded when they are no longer useful. Corporations must have more markets to colonize, and the military corporations, Boeing and Lockheed Martin, must have more countries to invade.

Since the end of World War II, corporations have emerged as the dominant force controlling the planet. Through the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization, a mere 200 corporations have managed to seize control of 28.3% of the world's economic output. The fifty largest commercial banks and diversified financial companies assets amount to 60% of the $20 trillion global stock of productive capital.

The war against Iraq is being promoted by the transnational military-industrial corporations for their financial benefit. The business of America is the export of war. The financial institutions that trade in currency, stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other financial instruments must have volatility in the markets in order to make a profit. War creates volatility. Between $800 billion and $1.3 trillion in currency trades are made by speculators every day!

The military-industrial corporations and the military components of the Corporatocracy receive about $400 billion per year from the U.S. Government directly and much more indirectly through pensions. Arms sales by U.S. dealers equaled the amount of arms sold by all other countries in the world combined. The amount of profit the financial institutions will realize probably cannot be calculated. The Corporatocracy must have war in order to turn over its stocks and in order to justify its continued existence. The succession of wars beginning with Vietnam (and continuing with Grenada, Panama, Afghanistan, Colombia, Kuwait, Yugoslavia, Albania, etc.) and now Iraq is exactly like the succession of new models of cars produced by Detroit. Detroit's cars, since Robert McNamara was head of Ford, have been built to become obsolete (McNamara went on to head the World Bank after he was Secretary of Defense during Vietnam). These wars are like that. Wars favored by the Corporatocracy require the existence of poor countries in which the munitions can be dumped, just like we dump our toxic waste in poor countries. Bombs must be dropped, missiles fired, planes flown, rifles discharged so that more bombs, missiles, planes and ammunition can be manufactured. It is not about oil. Iraq would gladly sell us all the oil we could buy. It is not even about empire. It is about business. It is all about profit. And that makes it all the more horrible, all the more unforgivable.

The Real war on Terror.

The war on Iraq, and the planned next war on Iran, are designed to either take control of the oil - or leave the countries in such a protracted and destructive racial / religious and political civil war that either the Americans are forced to remain forever to ensure social stability or that the civil wars that will erupt will destroy those nations themselves and stop the oil being exported to China.At the same time the US will remain in control of Saudi Arabia (via the threat to the nation from their puppet terrorist Osama Bin Laden) and thereby control the last available major deposits of oil supplies.

Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda are both products of the CIA. Those so called Islamic Fundamentalists that are killing each other in the name of Islam across the Middle East are nothing more than tools of the Corporatocracy and the CIA.

The war in Iraq is being fought with the intention that a Pan-Arabic nationalist or a moderate anti-sectarian Islamic movement that unites all moslems can never happen in the future and that a united Arab people ( a la 1976 and the OPEC crisis fuel shocks caused by OPEC stopping the oil supply to the West as a result of the Wests support of Israel during the Yom Kippur war ) can never again threaten the US again by stopping the oil of the Middle east. The ethnic and religious wars will also make sure that China doesn’t get the oil for her own growing economy ( and to ensure that the Chinese economy implodes within the next decade to remove the threat of a new global superpower emerging in the 21st century to challenge the US ) and also so that a united Pan-Nationalist Arab political movement can never again threaten Israel militarily in the future through the Arab nations of the Middle East uniting against Israel in the event of planned future Israeli aggression and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from Israel itself or an attack on Iran.

The descent in chaos and civil war in Iraq is not an UNINTENDED result of the war - IT IS THE REASON THE WHOLE WAR WAS AND IS BEING FOUGHT.

“ With one-tenth of the world’s petroleum reserves and one-sixth of its natural gas reserves, Iran sits in a strategic geographical position that makes it the cockpit for control of the entire Middle East. It straddles the Persian Gulf’s choke points, including the Strait of Hormuz; it has important influence among Shiites throughout Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf states; and it borders highly contested real estate to the north, from the Caucasus to the Caspian Sea to Central Asia.

The logic of the Corporatocracy is inexorable. Its ironclad syllogism is this: The United States is and must remain the world’s preeminent economic power, if need be by using its superior military might. One of the two powers with the ability to emerge as a rival—China—depends vitally on the Persian Gulf and Central Asia for its future supply of oil; the other—Russia—is heavily engaged in Iran, Central Asia, and the Caucasus region. Therefore, if the United States can secure a dominant position in the Gulf, it will have an enormous advantage over its potential challengers. Call it zero-sum geopolitics: Their loss is our gain “.

This is the Neo-Conservative ‘ Scorched Earth Policy ‘. Either the US gets the oil, or it leaves the nations with the oil as failed states run by gangs of terrorists operating under the aegis of foreign powers. That way no-one gets the oil.

Now in Iraq the Saudis support the Sunnis, Iran the Shiites, Turkey is fighting the kurds who run the North of Iraq and the rest of Iraq is at war with itself between the nationalists, Islamic fundamentalists and against the US forces in Iraq – just like all the nations of the Middle east Iraq has now become ' DIVIDED AND CONQUERED '. Soon the same fault lines will be opened up in the rest of the Arab nations, on the grounds of race, religion and politics and they too will be torn apart from within. The US will then assume the role of the global peacemaker under the aegis of a moral internationalism, whilst the corporatocracy that has formented the chaos grows rich on it.

Globalism is spread via the dupes in the Far Left ( Neo-Trotskyites ) who despise nationalism, the dupes in the Climate Change Industry ( who want closer global government ), the dupes in the capitalist right who want a global open market place (for the corporatocracy to economically invade nations and loot and plunder them) and by the liberals who want a UN led utopia.

What the corporatocracy cannot control via infiltrating all the pro-Globalist groupss, it gets via starting wars that allow the UN, US and corporations to march in and restore order ( their ability to exploit, loot and plunder).

Al Qaeda is a tool of the CIA, and Osama Bin Laden and the corporatocracy George Bush and Osama Bin LAaden were long term business buddies, and it was this contact between them that allowed the corporatocracy to manipulate both men into undertaking this War on Terrorism that the corporatocracy has been plannig for decades.

Both Bush and Osama Bin Laden are the puppets of the Corporatocracy.

Everywhere Al Qaeda and its related terrorist groups appears then the US can send its troops to stamp on it. The fact that each of the places that Al Qaeda appear are all strategically important for the US as per its oil requirements and to counter China and Russia influence should be awakening some Islamists as to how they have become pawns of the US.

Where ever the US has plans for a pipeline or a need for new oil, then Al Qaeda appear to give the Americans the power to trample into those nations and take them over. This is classic Neo-Conservative technique for asymmetric warfare.

The Islamists who fight for Al Qaeda are fighting for the Corporatocracys foreign and oil policy, not in the interests of Islam.

911 was committed solely by the Saudi Arabs who flew the planes into the buildings, there were no thermite bombs on the buildings and those who say there were are neo-con agents either knowingly or unknowingly.

The Arabs who flew the planes believed in what they were doing, but they never knew they were working for Osama Bin Laden who was also working with the CIA who were working for the corporatocracy.

The Corporatocracy via sections in the CIA controlled Osama Bin Laden, who controlled the hijackers who were doing the Corporatocracys work for them by triggering the war on Terror - which was how the US would take control of the worlds oil by fighting the war on terrorism. Controlling George Bush and getting him to follow the plan was the simplest part, as Bush is a simple politician who follows simple rules. He was corrupt enough to control, he had enough dirt from his business dealing with Osama Bin Laden to ensure he did as he was told and I am sure he was frightened enough to go with the flow of the Corporatocracy.

911 was a corporate coup d'etat. If the people that ran the corporatocracy were capable allowing 911 to go ahead, they were more than capable of organising the assasination of a reluctant US president.

They had done it once before with Kennedy.

Those so called Islamists that are fighting the Global Jihad are apostates, as they are fighting for the power of the Corporatocracy and not Islam. They will not enter Heaven, they will be dragged straight to hell for their crimes.

In the articles below I have drawn together a list of quotes and direct facts from other authors to reinforce this argument.

Read the original articles and then weep for the dead innocents of the world.

Osama Bin Laden.

Two months before September 11 Osama bin Laden flew to Dubai for 10 days for treatment at the American hospital, where he was visited by the local CIA agent, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro.

Bin Laden is reported to have arrived in Dubai on July 4 from Quetta in Pakistan with his own personal doctor, nurse and four bodyguards, to be treated in the urology department. While there he was visited by several members of his family and Saudi personalities, and the CIA.

The CIA chief was seen in the lift, on his way to see Bin Laden, and later, it is alleged, boasted to friends about his contact. He was recalled to Washington soon afterwards.

Intelligence sources say that another CIA agent was also present; and that Bin Laden was also visited by Prince Turki al Faisal, then head of Saudi intelligence, who had long had links with the Taliban, and Bin Laden.

Turki al-Faisal's own ties to Washington and Langley, and throughout the intelligence world are legendary. Prince Turki has been intimately involved with the CIA, Pakistan's ISI (a virtual branch of the CIA), and the creation and guiding of Islamic "terrorism" (Bin Laden politics, Taliban), and all aspects of the geostrategy leading up to, and out of, September 11, and pipeline politics (Bridas-Unocal, trans-Afghan pipeline competition). The Saudi energy company Ningarcho is connected to Prince Turki.

The deep connections between the Saudi royal family, the Bush family, the highest echelons of the Washington-Wall Street Corporate elite, Osama bin Laden, terrorism, intelligence agencies, oil, narcotrafficking, arms trafficking, criminal finance (BCCI), etc are amply documented history. Prince Turki has long been part of this milieu.

In Drugs, Oil and War, Peter Dale Scott wrote:

"BCCI's inside connection to the CIA appears to have been strengthened in 1976, when under CIA Director George Bush "the CIA strengthened its relationships with so-called friendly Arab intelligence agencies. One of the most important of these was Saudi Arabia's intelligence service [the Istakhbarat], run by Kamal Adham, Prince Turki [al-Faisal], Abdul-Raouf Khalil, all of whom were BCCI insiders."

Prince Turki was Osama bin Laden's friend and liaison for more than two decades. The rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan was directed by Saudi Arabia, Pakistan's ISI, the CIA and oil interests (Unocal), and its fall (and 9/11) was directed by the same, and only after the Taliban regime refused to cooperate with larger interests.

Here are excerpts from Ahmed Rashid's Taliban, on Prince Turki:

"Bin Laden, Prince Turki and General [Hameed] Gul were to become firm friends and allies in a common cause."

"The ISI had long wanted Prince Turki Bin Faisal, the head of Istakhbarat, the Saudi Intelligence Service, to provide a Royal Prince to lead the Saudi contingent in order to show Muslims the commitment of the Royal Family to the jihad."

" . . . the Foreign Minister Prince Saud al Faisal, deferred Afghan policy to his younger brother, Prince Turki and Saudi intelligence."

"The Taliban's stubbornness in refusing to cut deals with other warlords frustrated the Pakistanis, but finally it appeared to pay off when the Taliban persuaded Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to back another major bid to capture Kabul before the winter. The Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Turki al Faisal, visited Islamabad and Kandahar in July 1996 to discuss with the ISI a new plan to take Kabul, and both countries stepped up supplies to the Taliban. Within two months of Turki's visit, the Taliban were on the move—not against Kabul, but the eastern city of Jalalabad. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia helped engineer the surrender and eventual flight of the head of the Jalalabad Shura, Abdul Qadeer. He was given a large bribe, reported by some Afghans to be US$10 million in cash, as well as guarantees that his assets and bank accounts in Pakistan would not be frozen."

"Meanwhile, the Taliban had persuaded Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to back them in another offensive to take place in the north. The Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Turki al Faisal, visited Kandahar in mid-June, after which the Saudis provided the Taliban with 400 pickup trucks and financial aid.

Pakistan's ISI had prepared a budget of some 2 billion rupees (US$5 million) for logistical support that was needed by the Taliban. ISI officers visited Kandahar frequently to help the Taliban prepare the attack, as thousands of new Afghan and Pakistani recruits from refugee camps and madrassas arrived to enlist with the Taliban."

"Saudi Arabia viewed the Taliban as an important asset to their dwindling influence in Afghanistan . . . Saudi intelligence chief Prince Turki then began visiting Kandahar regularly . . . After Turki visited Islamabad and Kandahar in July 1996, the Saudis provided funds, vehicles and fuel for the successful Taliban attack on Kabul. Two Saudi companies, Delta and Ningarcho, were now involved in the gas pipeline projects across Afghanistan, increasing local business pressure on Riyadh to help ensure a Taliban victory."

"In July 1998, Prince Turki had visited Kandahar and a few weeks later 400 new pickup trucks arrived in Kandahar for the Taliban, still bearing their Dubai license plates. The Saudis also gave cash for the Taliban's chequebook conquest of the north in the autumn."

"After the 1998 Africa bombings, US pressure on the Saudis increased. Prince Turki visited Kandahar again, this time to persuade the Taliban to hand over bin Laden. In their meeting, Mullah Omar refused to do so and then insulted Prince Turki by abusing the Saudi Royal Family. Bin Laden himself described what took place. 'He [Prince Turki] asked Mullah Omar to surrender us home or to expel us from Afghanistan . . . It is as if Turki came as an envoy for the American government.'"

"Riyadh's support for the Taliban made them extremely reluctant to exert any pressure on the Taliban to deport Osama bin Laden, even though the USA was urging them to do so. Only when Prince Turki was personally insulted by Mullah Omar in Kandahar did the Saudis curtail diplomatic links with the Taliban."

Prince Turki Al-Faisal, is now the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States.


alanorei said...


Thanks for these articles, though at present it isn't feasible for me to go through them in detail.

Some questions remain unanswered (at least the last time I looked), i.e.

Why were the passenger lists incomplete (and contained no obvious Mid East names)?

What really hit the North Tower? No photographs exist. I seem to recall an eye witness who said it was a light aircraft and then changed her story.

What really hit the Pentagon? Controversy continues to surround this attack.

However, the most important question is the one that you asked, i.e. Who benefits?

You are correct, I believe, in your assessment of CIA involvement etc., however the aircraft were piloted.

This question was raised not longed after the attacks by a certain Robert Sterling, who, in a lengthy treatise said this:

"“Why would a government plan an attack its own citizens, while blaming another?

“What would it have to gain?

“The answer is: EVERYTHING!...

“SINCE the attack:

“The U.S. Government has dramatically increased its control over the American population while destroying the rights of the people, a situation necessary for the takeover of the U.S. and eventually, all other countries, by the New World Order to be run by the United Nations. And they’re doing it with the citizens’ complete support."

There is much, much more - I produced my own summary analysis in 2001-2 - but Sterling agrees pretty well with your essential thesis, I think.

911 was in many respects the progenitor of the age we now live in, from a global perspective.

And it is unnerving.

(Apologies if you listed Sterling's site and I missed it.)

Defender of Liberty said...


As`we are outside the circle we can only guess what went on in the centre. Only those with blood on their hands know the full truth.

The passengers lists may have been incomplete out of sheer incompetence or some other sinple reason. Occams Razor always says go for the simple reason before the complex one.

I think we can be pretty certain the towers were hit by the planes piloted by the Arabs - the real question is who were they really working for. Their motivation was Jihad, but what was the real motivation of Osama Bin Laden is the question.

The fact that the US seem very keen on NOT capturing him suggests that he knows things the US do not want revealed - or that the Corporatocracy are protecting him as he is still working for them. Osama is still ordering Jihad in the areas where the US needs to establish a military presence. The terrorists that do his bidding take their lead from Osama and then the US follows.

Osama Bin Laden is the single most important asset the US has for the expansion of their presence around the globe.

Osama Bin Laden in fact dictates the US foreign policy, not the President.

Where he orders jihad, the US then follows.

The planes did not need to be piloted, drones or holograms - all they needed were a few disposable fanatical Islamists who regarded killing themselves for jihad under Osama orders as a noble thing to do. The more smart a fanatic, the easier they are to brainwash. This is why most cults, religious fanatics and suicide bombers are highly educated, articulate and degree educated. Only the truly stupid are beyond conditioning.

Why bother building, equipping, flying and then hiding the evidence of piloted drone planes when it would be far easier to brainwash, indoctrinate and deploy a few religious fanatics primed and conditoned for years for the mission by their masters.

Occams razor says always take the simplest solution - and the simplest solkution is the arabs flew the planes. Their martyr videos are proof of that.

The UN is not and has never been the threat, the real threat as Caroll Quigley stated was the Round Table groups and the Corporatocracy that operate below the political radar but who control the political parties, the media and who control the politicians with their donations to their election campaigns.

The puppets dance to whoever pays the most. All governments are whores to the corporatocracy.

The UN is the diversion so that people dont see the real enemy, the corporations.

The UN is a political organisation.

The corporations are economic organisations.

Economics control politics, therefore the corporations control both governments and the UN.

Politics is a parasite on the corporations.

The UN are not a threat as the UN is funded by governments who are controled by the corporations.

The apex of the power pyramid is the corporatocracy.