Tuesday 27 November 2007

Ghostbusting and the Red Mob

I have created a new law that I intend to call ' Barnes Law'.

This ' The Law of Inverse Rhetoric '.

The More They Talk, The Less They Do.

Have you ever noticed how the Far Left always talk about 'fighting fascism' but in fact never actually fight anything.

Barnes Law states that those leftys that say they are fighting fascism, are in fact the people least likely to EVER fight fascism.

Lets take the simpering middle class, mainly white, saps at the Oxford Union the other day.

There they were in their hundreds 'fighting fascism' but in fact what they were doing was GHOSTBUSTING !

If anyone in the Far Left really wanted to FIGHT fascism today, they would join the British Army and go to Iraq to fight the Islam-Nazis of Al Qaeda and the Shiite Militias. You know the real Nazis and fascists who plant bombs in streets to kill their fellow Muslims and Iraqis, who murder scores of people everyday and who wound, maim and murder in their thousands.

Instead they go GHOSTBUSTING in Oxford and call that 'fighting fascism'.

Ghostbusting is when idiot lefties stand on a street corner for a few hours shouting ' STOP THE BNP' and then retreat to a nice wine bar. They are in fact not fighting fascism, but undertaking a pathetic attempt at fighting phantoms of fascism that do not exist. Its easy to fight phantoms in Oxford from inside a wine bar as fascist phantoms dont plant real IED's in the street, fire bullets at you or cut your head off on video if they capture you.

It is easy to pose and be heroic when fighting ghosts. Ghosts dont fire guns.

All the entire list of 'facts' they use to base their ideas on fighting fascism are all bogus, the whole lot of them. Lies from start to finish. But they are too stupid to check the facts out for themselves, so they just swallow the whole lot and say thanks afterwards.

Not one of those hundreds of pathetic, whining, coddled middle class brats at the demonstration against Nick will ever fight fascism - as those that fight fascism have always been white, working class and in the uniform of the British army. The middle class saps at Oxford shun the army like vampires shun sunlight. Oh No, they say the fascists are also in the British Army.

But the fact is that British soldiers are dieing every day fighting fascism - real fascism. They die fighting fascism whilst whining middle class wanker students merely think they are fighting fascism. That is because these over priveliged arseholes at Oxford neither understand what fascism or where the real war against fascism is, instead they simply want to act the part of the pathetic student wadical, the milli-tants and 'Right on Ricks' of the middle class university elite.

Oxford will supply virtually no fighters against fascism as soldiers to the British army, but it will spit out thousands of over priveliged saps who think they are 'progressive' because they spout the same old tired rhetoric and cliches of the sixties radicals.

Heres the news guys and gals - the Hippies became the capitalists - they all sold out.

Will Denise Garside of Lancaster UAF blog ever fight fascism - will she ever join the British army , carry a gun into battle and fight the fascist Shiite Militias in Iraq or Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

Of course she wont, the useless fat cow will just continue to TALK ( BLAH , BLAH , BLAH ) about fighting fascism but do FUCK ALL.

Will Wayman Bennett of the UAF ever fight fascism - of course he wont. For a start the fat cunt is too fat to fit into a helicopter so they wouldnt be able to get him to Iraq unles they hired a supertanker to get his fat ass in. Secondly that useless twat would probably shoot himself in the foot, then shoot the man next to him.

No - wayman wont ever fight fascism by joining the British army and actually doing some FIGHTING.

Instead he wil continue to lead his collection of red saps into battle against ghosts as Don Quixote once rode into battle against windmills.

The charge of the Lite-Brigade indeed.

The next time that you attend a demo and the UAF are there shout out to them ' Join the army or fuck off'.

The UAF and the Oxford arseholes have never and will never fight fascism.

All they will do is talk the talk, but never walk the walk.

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Anonymous said...

Right on Mr Barnes!

The law that you have formulated is correct and numerous observations on the original hypothesis has coinfirmed the validity of it.

Therefore this new law has been tested and can be used to correlate the cowardly and grandstanding acts of the far Left as examples of such human behaviour.

I am sure that the Barne's Law will bear further experimentation as further public dispalys of political masturbation by the far Left continue.