Friday 30 November 2007

The UAF adopt Fascist Ideology

As many of my readers will know I have been the victim of many attacks by the 'intellectuals' that run the UAF, which was rather like being mauled by an angry leech.

The latest UAF blog attack is this time on the principle of free speech itself.

The main writer on the site is one Denise Garside, a intellectualy vacuous beast with a coterie of fawning retarded far left followers.

These are some of her comments on the demonstration by the UAF against Nick Griffin at Oxford University ;

'Though I may disagree with another person’s point of view, I will do all in my power to preserve the other’s right to say it - unless that other’s point of view is founded upon hate and bigotry, in which case I will do all in my power to suppress it.'

'No Platform is based on the principle that some views are so extreme, so abhorrent, so divisive, so much based on hate and bigotry, that no platform should be provided for the espousal of them '.

As this woman and her cretinous acolytes obviously are unable to analyse their rubbish I will do so here ;

Free speech has nothing to do with morality, it is a PRINCIPLE OF DEMOCRACY not a function of morality.

The attempt to construct an argument for the restriction of the right of free speech based on the premise that free speech must have some sort of ‘moral utility’ in order for it to be able to justify its very existence in our democracy, is nothing more than the logic of fascism.

This attempt by liberal fascists to 'moralise' free speech is nothing more than another liberal fascist attempt to undermine the principal of free speech itself.

Free speech has nothing to do with morality, as the principle of free speech is the foundation of a democratic society ( as stated in the case of Handyside v UK 1986 in the European Court ) and its role is simply to act as the defining indicator that an Open Society still exists.

An Open Society, does not close its eyes and ears to those things it doesnt like. A Closed Society is one that seeks to suffocate all those viewpoints and ideas that a self appointed elite decide the majority should not be exposed too.

Morality and free speech are often in direct conflict - as we see so often in the conflict between ART AND BLASPHEMY.

The idea that there exists a single morality that can define good/evil/ hate/ intolerance is the very foundation of a fascist and totalitarian worldview. The ability to dehumanise an other individual on the basis of their beliefs, values, morality or ideals is the mechanism that always leads to murder.

When an individual is defined as a hater /racist/ extremist/ infidel/kafir / apostate then they are regarded as no longer human , and therefore they may be killed or denied their fundamental freedoms in the name of some bogus 'higher moral ideal'.

Those so called Moralists that seek to conflate morality with free speech end up first by burning books and then by burning people.

We as a civilisation have lived through the era of the book burners - and those that want free speech undermined to support THEIR version of morality always end up demanding that those whose morality they disagree with end up joining the books in the bonfires.

So then you evil, asinine, liberal fascists can go to hell - we see you for what you are and that is simply the bland face of the new fascism.

The fact that the UAF are themselves and organisation whose hands are stained with the blood of the crimes of Communism, makes their moral cant even more sickening.

The very fact that no logical justification for the removal of free speech can me made using pure logic, means the Liberal Fascists have to move their attack on free speech onto the swamp of morality.

All that the enemies of free speech can do is pretend they have some facile moral ‘right’ to remove free speech in the name of combatting hate, intolerance, racism etc etc, as they cannot argue on the grounds of pure logic itself.

Morality though is always the willing whore of the tyrant and the killer, as it can be warped, manipulated and subverted and painted with the pretty colours of morality until murder itself becomes justified and acceptable.

Every war in history has been depicted as a moral war by both sides in evry conflict.

Every attack on liberty in history has been disguised in the rhetoric of morality.

From the ovens of Auschwitz, the killing fields of Cambodia, the laogai of China to the abortion clinics of the West - a moral argument has always been able to be created to justify every crime and undermine every attack on free speech in history.

The Nazis saw themselves as moral, the chinese communists saw themselves as moral and the killers in the killing fields saw themselves as moral.

Those that hide beneath the mask of morality are usually those that are planning the latest round of murders.

This is why the prime importance of free speech is that it allows those who see through the rhetoric and the moral cant of the latest lunatics to threaten our society and freedoms to speak out and warn those who may be the victims of the latest moral crusade.

This use of 'supporting morality' to undermine free speech is the exact same logic the Nazis used to remove free speech ( to stop the jewish newspapers telling hateful lies about aryans ) and why the communists shut down the free press ( to stop the evil capitalists spreading hate about the working classes ).

Those that use the rhetoric of morality to remove our right to free speech, are simply the enemies of all those that cherish free speech.

The very definition of fascism is that we are only allowed to say the things permitted by our masters, that we are only allowed to hear the things permitted by our masters, that we are only allowed to communicate ideas that our masters approve of and that the media only print things our political masters want them to say. Fascism depends on the death of free speech.

Usurping free speech in the name of the public good is the last refuge of the tyrant, criminal and dictator.

Using the rhetoric of morality to undermine free speech is what every fascist in history has done, including the liberal fascists that infest the UAF.

Free speech has nothing to do with morality, it is a PRINCIPLE OF DEMOCRACY not a function of morality.

Isnt it funny how liberals all support moral and cultural relativism re Islamists and demand that we 'engage' with the Islamists in free debate but then say ‘ oh no’ we cant give the BNP free speech’.

Liberalism = free speech for terrorists, but no speech for those the liberals disagree with.

This is because the CLASSIC LIBERALS that once cherished free speech have been replaced by todays nasty and grubby little LIBERAL FASCISTS - and the classic liberals would regard todays liberals as just another variant of communism and the enemies of liberalism.

As usual the liberals are hypocrites and fools.

No wonder Lenin called the liberals who assisted him in the murderous rampage of the russian revolution ‘ the useful idiots’.

Once an idiot, always an idiot.

And there are no greater idiots than those in the UAF.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, Garside isn't a member of the UAF. Their probably just useful idiots to her. RevLeft reckon she's Gerry Gable's watchdog watching Tosserofski doesn't get ideas, there's only room for one Searchlies.