Friday 16 November 2007

When The Ship Goes Down

Front pages all the same today - record numbers of Britons packing their bags and fleeing the country whilst hordes of the worlds criminal scum invade the country.

Once we had an Empire and we sent our brightest people abroad to build up those nations and create railways, hospitals, schools etc etc and create civilised nations from the tribal wilderness - now we import in the worlds shit into our nation, create new tribal ghettoes in our communities afflicted with gun and gang crime and call the process Multi-Culturalism.

In The Independent it says " Danny Sriskandarajah, the head of migration at the Institute for Public Policy Research, said: "More people are on the move than ever before, with a million emigrants and immigrants crossing our borders last year. This suggests the UK is seeing revolving turnstiles and not overrun floodgates."

I saw this Danny bloke on Newnight the other day, yet another simpering little liberal fop in a shiny pink shirt with a nice purple silk tie. He is an Upper Middle Class Anglo-Indian, probably on a fortune working for New Labours favourite think tank. You know the type - a well off proffesional Indian family background, nice and middle class all the way, then straight into university and then once graduated straight into a cushty little job with the IPPR. Nice for some eh. The only problem with the Fops like him is that they always bypass THE REAL WORLD on their way to their nice little jobs in the Establishment acting as poster boys for immigration.

Note how they always have a well dressed, plummy voiced anglo-indian promoting immigration on the TV - the BBC never call up the hook handed, black bearded , jew hating Islamist extremist preacher to sit and rant on the BBC about how we should be so grateful for immigration and that he is here to preach to his followers how we should all be beheaded as Kafirs.

Oh no, its always the nice Indian lad you went to university with, the quiet one who never got drunk and was always top of the class and head of the debating society. The Toffs have always used their fellow toffs to tell us how lucky we are to have the toffs ruling us. Now we just have Anglo-Indian Toffs telling us how lucky we are as well as white toffs.

What annoys me about these immigrant nouveau riche who are the New Middle Class is their total inability to seperate what is good FOR BRITAIN and what is good for them personally and as a member of an immigrant community.

The distinguishing feature of almost every immigrant commentator on immigration is their total support for mass immigration, even though they know the country cannot cope with the immigration we have at the moment. They are not stupid, therefore they must be placing their subjective ethnic interests before our national objective interests. They cannot objectively separate themselves from the issue of immigration itself.

This is yet another of the flaws in the multi-cultural model - the fact so called 'settled' immigrants are unable to seperate their own subjective family histories and personal experiences with the neccesity of an objective perspective on the issue of immigration itself.

Whenever an immigrant commentator is on the TV talking about immigration , they invariably are there to talk about the benefits of immigration and how we are sooooo lucky to have them in our country patrionising us.

Dont you just HATE having plummy voiced middle class immigrants telling us who are poor, white and working class how lucky we are that they got all the great life chances, the good education at the good education and then the good job and we didnt.

Only demented white middle class liberals in the BBC think the white working class want be lectured about how lucky they are to have immigrants joining the ranks of the middle class and forming the new establishment.

The rest of us who have never had the opportunity to get on the escalator to the Ivory Towers of the middle class because we are white, poor and despised by the white middle class and called the underclass simply call it taking the piss.

The idea that the White people leaving the country are of an equivalence to those immigrants coming into the country is an example of pure intellectual dishonesty. The ones coming into the country are mainly non-English speaking, low skilled, uneducated to the level required for our Health and Safety conscious society so will take low skilled jobs, many are criminals, many are sick both physically and mentally and are going to be dependent upon benefits and council houses.

The White British leaving the country are usually proffesionals, with young families, well educated and looking for a better life abroad or retired people taking their money with them out of the country. The country experiences a net loss each time those people leave the country and at the same time a net loss when the immigrants enter the country.

Our best and brightest are fleeing the country whilst the worlds least qualified are entering the country.

My neigbour is married to a Polish lady who has lived in the country for over thiry years. Her family fled the Communists in Poland during the Soviet Union and they were fleeing tyranny for freedom. She told me the other day that Polish people with mental illnesses are being sent to the UK so they dont stay a drain on the Polish hospital systems. An old man in his late sixties was found in a street in London walking around and when the Police realised he was Polish and got her friend an interpreter in to speak to the old man he said ' I am still in Poland'. The numbers of immigrants entering the country with TB, AID's and other diseases are rising year and year out. To equate the healyth, educated people leaving the UK with the uneducated and ill ones entering the UK is fundamentally dishonest.

The fact that the new immigrant middle class place the interests of their own ethnic groups and immigrants before that of the nation itself is proof that immigrants do not truly assimilate and that multi-culturalism cannot work.

An integrated immigrant places the objective interests on the British nation and people before their own subjective interests - just as a British Muslim places the interests of Britain and the British people before those of the Palestinians and the Umma and just as a British Catholic places their loyalty to Britain before the Pope.

The next time you see someone from an immigrant background on the TV talking about the benefits of immigration say a proffessor, or a writer, a member of a rock band, or an employee of a new labour think tank - then say to yourself ' Well, they would do wouldnt they'.

Theyve done alright out of the country, but have we.

Most of us have not benefited at all from immigration. We still live in the same houses, in the same towns, working longer hours for less money, with higher taxes, less freedoms and rights, less free speech, more crime, longer hospital waiting lists and no council houses for our people as immigrants go to the top of the queue.

We havent benefited from immigration - its only the middle class and the immigrants who have benefited.

We who are white and working class have been abandoned and forgotten.

Immigration is nothing more than a process to build a new ethnic middle class on the bones of the white working class who will then vote into power either the Labour Party or the Tory party.

We who are white and working class have NEVER benefited from immigration and we never will.

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alanorei said...

Another excellent article, Lee, thanks.

Re: British Muslims, so-called, and British Catholics, I take your point about what should be the case.

Most 'British' Muslims will, of course, put Islam before Britain if they actually believe the Qur'an.

Our British Constitution is by definition an abomination to their 'faith.'

Re: British Catholics, we've had some noble examples in the distant past, e.g. Archbishop Stephen Langton, who, as you'll know, was the architect of Magna Carta.

Langton was clearly an Englishman first and a Catholic second.

However, while not impugning the loyalty to this country of many ordinary Catholics, I suggest that few, if any, of those RCs in high places are like-minded with Langton.

Mark Thompson and Mark Byford run the BBC. They are of the same church as Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and Cherie Blair.

And I think need watching.