Tuesday 12 February 2008

Cry Africa

This is a poem I wrote today about the way that South Africa went from apartheid to chaos and the way that the future itself was poisoned by the actions of the ANC in achieving their 'victory'.

Cry Africa.

Cry Africa, for this is freedoms shame,
A necklace of car tyres aflame, burning bodies,
Burning schools and the ashen dream,
Children killing children for the ANC,
And the futures endless orphaned scream.

Liberation was a lie, just another lion in wait,
Now we all live behind our own prison gates,
No phoenix could ever fly from that pyre,
Since May 20 1983, when Pretoria was targeted,
16 bled white in the gutters of Church Street.

The future lay aborted, mishapen and stunted,
All hope like our limbs were torn from us,
A new beast is now born from mother Africa's womb,
A jackal from the veldt, a gangster
Smiling like a politician.

These tribal scars will never heal, nor will they fade,
They are cut too deep into the heart and mind,
The wounds of the eternal past, like a virus transmitted,
Are now the badges of our shared future,
worn with pride upon our skins.

Dawn sees what the tide of night has left,
As the day in Soweto begins to sweat,
Dogs tear at her flesh, her skirt is gone,
Dignity and life passed on, she is already forgotten,
And no one even stops to stare.

Nearby a child cries naked in the dust,
As a crust of flies upon her eyes,
Drink from the rivulets of her tears,
No one lifts her to their breast, each moves on
As drunken vultures gather to gloat.


Anonymous said...

You're a shite poet, crap lawyer...why do you bother to wake up in the morning?

Fuck off and die in the gutter you toss bag.

Saint Nicholas of Griffin

Anonymous said...

We've just been in touch with Fergal Keane. He was really interested in what you had to say about him. All that libel and lies in one post. And he wasn't happy at all. Not at all.

No point in taking the post down. Copies off it stored at many locations.


Defender of Liberty said...

Please read the comments section on the article about Fergal Keane.

As for you, you leftist pond slime, crawl back into the arsehole that you crawled out of. Degenerate scum.

Please keep visiting this blog though, I need the hits to keep my ratings up.

Remember the more you come back and visit, the higher ratings I get.

Thanks for letting the BBC now about this blog, so they can read some decent writing and political comment for a change.

Anonymous said...

Do try to learn to spell and use apostrophes.