Friday 7 March 2008

Class and Immigration

Working Class = Those who work in low skill trades but bear who the brunt of immigration as regards getting council housing, competition for jobs and immigrants lowering wages.

Middle Class = Those who because of their jobs and money can live away from immigrants in nice white estates and not worry about competition for their jobs from immigrants due to their more skilled jobs.

For the middle class immigration is not an issue for them until they discover their daughters have become prostitutes to fund their addiction to Colombin Cocaine or their sons have become injecting drug addicts addicted to cheap brown heroin imported into the UK from nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Albania and Turkey.

Upper Class = Those whose money means they do not have to work or ever live in the real world. For them immigrants add to the 'spice' of their mundane super rich lives so they love racial diversity and also love to be seen acting as tourists in the multi-racial hellholes of our country.

Immigration is not an issue for the rich until a rich heir of some banking or brewing industry, daughter of a Tory Toff is found dead of an overdose of colombian cocaine or afghan heroin after a drug party attended by young aristocrats.

Underclass = Those who are disabled, on low pensions or who are unemployed who are forced to live in total poverty and whose welfare services are being cut to fund immigrant services and who also have to watch their waiting lists medical help and state assistance get longer due to demand for services such as the NHS by immigrants.


Anonymous said...

From the horses mouth!
Keep in mind: all of it has been a deliberate campaign by Labour to run the white population down and turn the country into a model for globalisation. Why do I say this? Because I was part of the plan.

- Frank Fields, London

Anonymous said...

Dare I ask is there a 'Welfare' class?

Those that'd rather live on, over generations, on silly amounts of benefits. You know the sort, claim one benefit and all the others follow?

Yep, I know why some of this happens, there are NO proper jobs like primary industry, farming, fishing, manufacturing, production industries, etc. You know the things that form the pillars of a modern civilisation. SO encourages welfarism as an alternative lifestyle.

Yep, I am also aware that the biggest claimants of welfare, as a ratio/proportion ARE Pakistanis, Somalians (and other usual suspects).

But point being, would you accept that there are large numbers of indigenous Britons who also fall into the Welfare Class - it is a blip though in my opinion, as history of these lands will show the people to have toiled the land and in the towns.

What say you? What would the BNP stance on welfarism be?



Defender of Liberty said...

Is there such a class.

Yes there is. Inter generational welfare dependency is a big issue

What should we do about them -

1) Give our people pride back in their communities and country by having a government that reflects their concerns and that states that it has been elected to end inter-generational welfare dependency and that is going to give them a fair deal and that will reward them with new life chances and opportunities to progress

2) Give them opportunities to get off welfare through traning, apprenticeships, on the job training etc

3) Give them jobs that pay enough to get a mortgage and keep a family and so that they dont have to go into debt just to survive. Also ensure that people have jobs that are worth taking as they have an income that makes it worth working as opposed to staying on benefits.

4) If they dont work after we do those things then cut off benefits and make them work.

5) If need be send a van around their houses and pick them up and take them to work or in the event that they still refuse to work then tag them and take them out them on work details in their own areas as at the same time we take away their driving licenses, their passports, their dole money, their cars, their plasma televisions etc.

The carrot and the stick is the primary motivating mechanism I know.

Reward them for co-operating, punish them for not co-operating.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the in-depth answer Lee. Sounds like good and proper BNP common sense to me!