Wednesday 19 March 2008

Gurkhas and Diego Garcians - The Real Racism

Image - Tul Bahadur Pun VC

The ongoing scandal of the treatment of Gurkha soldiers by successive Tory and Labour governments reveals another facet of the Real Racism that afflicts our society.

The Real Racism is the racism that affects the ethnic majority of the country who suffer the vast majority of racist attacks and is also the racism that afflicts those brave and loyal subjects of the Crown such as the Gurkhas whose patriotism has always been despised by the Labour Party and whose loyalty have always been betrayed by the Tory Party.

It is sadly true that the old saying about Britain still rings true - If you are a friend of Britain the government will sell you out, but if you are an enemy of Britain the government will buy you off.

Those Gurkhas who have fought with loyalty to this country have more rights to live in our country than any asylum seekers, illegal immigrnats or economic migrants. But of course they are British patriots who served in the British Army, and are therefore despised by the New Labour PC elite who will send them to war but abandon them once they are no longer needed.

Just as the sight of brave Gurkhas marching to demand their rights is a sign of how low this government has sunk, the sight of ethnically cleansed and homeless Diego Garcians having to take the Labour government to court in order to reclaim their ancestral lands and property from the British government who stole it from them was also a sickening sight.

Whilst the Labour government celebrated the theft of Kosovo from Serbia, it was at the same time denying the evicted Diego Garcian people their own homelands by fighting the case in the High Courts in London. This was hypocrisy of the most sickening kind.

The BNP intend to return Diego Garcia to the native peoples of that land. The BNP also intend to pass legislation that will allow all those brave Gurkhas who fought for Britain to be allowed to reside in the UK if they so wish and that they get the same pensions as other British soldiers. That is the contract with these brave men that we in the BNP intend to fulfill.


Anonymous said...

The BNP also intend to pass legislation that will allow all those brave Gurkhas who fought for Britain to be allowed to reside in the UK if they so wish and that they get the same pensions as other British soldiers. That is the contract with these brave men that we in the BNP intend to fulfill.
so what happend to preserving our culture?

BNP setting up gurka communities, whos doorstep will this be on then?
whats wrong with them living in their own country?
they did a job, they were well paid or they wouldnt have done the job, they go home - how hard is that to understand?

good of you to give British citizenship away to who you feel like! so please tell me whos community will you destroy to accomodate thousands of gurkas and their families?


Defender of Liberty said...

Look like the stormfront slime trail is back here ;

A few thousand Gurkhas who are loyal to the Crown and who fought for the British army are THE ONLY PEOPLE we should let in the country - not a million bloody poles and fuck knows how many million of useless idle immigrants of all colours and creeds that are already here.

Once we have deported 2-3 million of the illegals and criminals who are presently residing unlawfully in our country then their will be plenty of houses for our people and few thousand Gurkhas.

Bloody Nutzi idiot - slime back to stormfront scumbag.

Anonymous said...

Nazi? stormfront?

what the hell are you on about?

Someone makes a perfectly good point and that is the best you can come up with to justify another wave of non indigenous immigrants?

will you also be making exceptions for Indians etc and their families who fought for us in the 2nd world war?

Britain is for Britains, no ifs, no buts.

Perhaps you make like to join UKIP or some other non indigenous supporting group?

Stormfront? Nazis? have you gone insane? do you wish to lose the BNP a huge chunk of support with your inconsistant non indigenous immigration plans?

Defender of Liberty said...

There was no perfectly normal point - we are the BNP NOT THE NF.

Therefore we have OUR position and the NF have theirs - perhaps you should be posting on the NF page instead of confusing BNP politics with NF politics.

We have no plans to include Indians who fought in the 2nd world war as residents, nor do we plan to include those who fought in the Boer war, the Indian Mutiny nor the wars against france in the 14,15, 16 the century - though 2000gurkhas are welcome here and they can live in the empty houses of the 2-3 million illegals, criminals and economic migrants we intend to deport.

When south africa explodes and Zimbabwe starts killing the whites in a more efficinet manner than now then I hope you are prepared to watch ex-pats and ancestral British die as they are not 'British' as they do not posess current British passports and therefore do not come under your 'Britain for the British ' policy.

We would offer them asylum as ancestral British - whilst it sounds like you would let them die with your infantile 'Britain for those with British pasports ' policy.

Britsh citizenship is what virtually all the alien criminals, the naturalised immigrants all possess and they all have British passports - are they British as you seem to think so.

We dont.

So unless you care to explain whether you mean British by blood or birth or by passport status - then stop talking bollocks.

The BNP is growing in support - name one nationalist party tht has anywhere near our councillors of mebership or gets our share of the vote.

Thought not.

Dont lecture us on what the public will vote for - we know what they want - they want the BNP.

Anonymous said...

I continue to support the BNP but with great sadness and anger in my heart at this decision to support the Gurkhas. They were not fighting out of patriotism for Britain. Anyone could have bought them. And they are not ethnically compatible with the Brits. According to Wikepedia it could be 140,000 you want to bring here. Plus their relatives. Is that really what you want the government to do? It is insanity and treachery to future generations who will curse this decision.