Monday 17 March 2008

Hate Britain, Love Heroin

The NME Love Music, Hate Racism Tour - Those who go on the tour are listed on Wikkipedia as defining ' a dead career'. Along with The Wurzels, Billy Bragg, The Libertines and EMF such bands are usually defined by their absence of either contemporary critical success or record sales.

Pete Doherty, Carl Barat and Billy Bragg have asked the paedophiles, junkies and immigrants of London to not vote for the BNP in the London elections.

The coke snorting, bisexual, arse rimming jounalists of the NME have also asked young people to stay on drugs and drop out of politics. That way can still sell their shit rag paper to impressionable youngsters who equate musical talent with drug intake. The NME demands that the students of Britain do not vote BNP and that cocaine addiction is regarded as glamorous.

Pete Doherty said, " I love immigrants especially the ones that smuggle in my heroin into the country. Who cares if the smack I inject is funding the Taliban and Al Qaeda who oppress women and murder innocent people, I dont live in Afghanistan do I and I am a rich pop star.

Pete also said, " I love the fact that the crack cocaine I smoke is shit out of an immigrant smugglers arsehole. It makes it more strong mate. And so what if my royalty cheques are being spent on drugs which are supplied by Yardies that kill black kids in gang wars, they aint my kids who are getting shot Ha Ha Ha Ha. The immigrants are what make Britain great, as the fantastic diversity of drugs on the streets of Britain is due to the racial diversity in Britain. Without the immigrants smuggling the gear in, then I wouldnt have any gear would I !

Pete continues " Without my image as a fucking useless junkie on which my entire career has been based, then I would have to make music that people actually bought and wanted to listen too. The problem is that the only people that think I am cool are idiots and students as fucked up as me and the white, middle aged, talentless hacks in the NME ! So dont vote BNP otherwise I will have to start writing music and I will be revealed as a talentless prick whose only claim to fame is that I like getting fucked up a lot on smack and crack ".

Billy Bragg, the middle class mockney of Devon has said " Dont vote BNP as all us talentless musicians who rely on the Hate Britain, Love Ethnics NME music tours to pay for our Bollinger and kids private school fees would have no income at all. Without student wankers going to these gigs, we would have no income, career or audiences. Every song I have ever written was a shit Woody Guthrie rip off and my entie career has been an excercise in plagiarism. Dont let the BNP get into power as then talentless dogs cocks like me would become the nobodies we should always have been ".

Along with Pete and Billy the following grups have expressed their support for 'Dont Vote BNP campaign' ;

The British Paedophiles Alliance


The Taliban

Al Qaeda

Trevor Phillips

The Kosovo Liberation Army, London Sex Slave, Heroin and Gun Smuggling Division

Sir Ian Blair of the Met Police

FARC of Colombia

The British Gravediggers Trade Union

The AK47 production factory in Russia


The Guardian

The Mafia

The Yardies

The Triads

ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers)


Unknown said...


I cannot believe you write this shit. You haven't had a single reader. EVER. I am probably the first person in the world to comment/read a quarter page of your idiosyncratic verbal masturbation.

It might make you sleep better to know that I got to this page by searching google for "heroin in britain"

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Pete,

Hows the smack habit ?

Thrown anyone off a building lately ?