Monday 17 March 2008

Lancaster Unity Transexual Outed

The manic depressive lesbian Denise Garside of Lancaster Unity has an interesting past I have been informed.

It appears that she was once a HE.

Yes, thats right Denise Garside was in fact DENNIS Garside.

Dennis was once a British army sergeant who was given a dishonourable discharge after being found with the regimental goat in flagrante delicto in Kosovo in the late 1980's.

Dennis was arrested, imprisoned and dishonably discharged and was then known to have travelled to Thiland where he had the operation that resulted in him becoming Denise Garside.

Dennis, just like Denise, had many alternative identities and used to dress up as a showgirl with the name Thailand Rose and perform cabaret in a nightclub for British tourists where she was 'discovered' and brought back to the UK by a close friend of the comedian Michael Barrymore.

Denise ran a gay bar in Manchester for a while but was sacked for embezzelment and was then forced to become a political activist as a way to supplement her living as a prostitute.

Denise was personally chosen by Searchlight due to her ability to reach out to all the sexes and has performed the role as Lancaster Unity moderator between periods of imprisonment for drug dealing and prostitution.

Denise also has a police record for the brutal beating of her lesbian lover and has a long record of domestic violence and cruelty to animals.

She is currently on remand for heroin importation and gun running for the IRA.

All the above information was provided to me by the same bunch of idiotic wankers that post their endless bullshit on her infantile site.

Denise Garside - psychotic, delusional, heterosexual hating freak.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh Lee!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, how strange. Yesterday I point out to you that Jack Black is posting on the BNP forum under the name Big Tony. Today, I notice that his forum status under his username has changed from 'forum member' to 'BNP member'. Funny, that. By the way, I have 'before and after' screenshots.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks for the tip flashman,

it is being looked into

Anonymous said...

excellent lee,truly thing though does dennis/denise still have the tackle ? sounds like it wrote the song "i was a male stripper in a go go bar"