Wednesday 19 March 2008

Muslim Ghettoes

Image - " Multi-culturalism bad ", No, multi-culturalism good", "No Bad"," No Good".

A story in the Daily Mail about a report from the Joseph Rowntree Trust ( a bunch of overpaid white middle class liberal idiots) that says that Whites should make Muslims more 'welcome'.

I love the new word for Ghetto in the report - 'residential clustering'.

I was under the impression that the phrase 'residential clustering' was what Bomber Harris and the RAF did to Dresden in World War Two, but there you go. You learn something new every day.

I wonder if the report asked if Muslims want to be close to all the nasty 'kuffar', 'infidel' 'golas' that are the Whites, or did the white middle class authors of the reprt just assume that 'Hey the muslims are all the same and they are all such jolly people, of course they love us whities as we are just sooooo nice and PC, and of course all whites (except the filthy chav scum) want to live next door to Muslims in order to enrich their drab and sad lives that are so bereft of enrichment(except of course we who wrote the report because we live in an all white enclave where the only muslims are tourists )".

Perhaps we should all covert to Islam just so they can be 'happy' in our vile Christian country.

Anyway the report says this ;

As part of efforts to improve integration, it called for an improvement in public behaviour towards Muslims.

And it said other Britons are wrong to worry about segregation and Muslim-dominated enclaves, as there are benefits to "residential clustering".

On ethnic enclaves, it said findings "challenge the assumption that residential clustering of people from particular ethnic or religious backgrounds is necessarily a barrier to social interaction across those boundaries".

HOLD ON - havent we been told for years by the government and the media that the reason why Muslims live in their own ghettoes is because we were 'racist' and our 'racism' forced them to live together and that it was 'racist' of us not to make them feel welcome in our communities and that their muslim ghettos existed solely as a result of our 'racism' !!!!

Now it appears that the same so called experts are teling us that muslim self segregation was in fact voluntary, that it was good for muslims, good for society and that we should all in fact welcome it.

You have Tweedledum Brown saying morosely that 'multi-culturalism bad' and these lot of Tweedledumbers from the Joseph Rowntree Trust saying happily 'multi-culturalism good'.

No wonder the country is so screwed up.

At every turn we are racists - damned if we do, damned if we dont.

What a farce.

This whole racism rubbish is just politics. The word racism is a political word, it is used for political ends and should be regarded as nothing more than an attempt at morally coercing people into acquiescing to laws and restrictions on their freedoms that they would normally resist.

As long as some arsehole in a suit says ' we need this law to stop racism' the public act like pavlovs dogs and roll over and whine.


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Anonymous said...

To the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the same rule that should've been applied to the "architechts" who designed high-rise monstrosities in the sixtiies should be applied to them:

You move into the muslim ghet - sorry, "residential clusters" - and show us how to be "welcoming" instead of sitting on your fat liberal pontificating arses condescending to people who endure the consequences of your ignorant nonsense. The very people who have never been considered - or consulted - about the colonisation of their communities.

"Residential clusters" - what kind of fools do these treacherous bastards take us for?