Thursday 5 August 2010

Black Gangsta Gets Slapped Down

Great video of the UFC fighter Roger Huerta beating the shit out of a big, brave black guy who punches and knocks out a white woman in the street.

Watch Roger break the idiots jaw with a superb stomp to the face.

Get some.

Thats how to deal with thugs, especially black thugs who think they can slap around white women.

Its like the recent rape of a 14 year old white girl by a gang of Asian Muslim paedophiles in Manchester.

The reason why Muslims target and rape white girls is because Muslim girls have a value in relation to their dowry.

White girls are regarded as sluts.

If a few of these evil filth were killed by the parents or other members of the community then the gangs that target white children for rape would think twice.

Do I believe that Muslim child rapists who target white children for rape and prostitution should be killed.


Just as I believe the white / black / pink / green with yellow spots on them should be killed if they do the same.

A few dead paedophiles gunned down in the streets would make other paedophiles think twice.

Not that I am advocating such a thing, I am just pointing out the fact that it would act as a deterrent if it did happen.

Two years in prison, which means a year in prison in actuality with time off for good behaviour, for raping a child is not enough.

A bullet is the only justice that will ensure others do not do the same.

When we get into power I shall seek to ensure they get one after a retrial.

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Genius! said...

Too right, Lee. There needs to be a proper deterrent! Look at the USA: they've got the death penalty -- now you can't get much more deterrent than that -- and hey presto, no more murders! Brilliant logic!

Defender of Liberty said...

Aaah here we see the classic liberal whine ' sniff, sniff, the death penalty doesnt stop people in America does it '.

But thats because you misunderstand the point of the death penalty.

The primary point of the death penalty is to cleanse society.

A dead peadophile cannot re-offend.

Now as for the deterrence issue, the US does not, and never has, killed paedophiles.

There is no death penalty for paedophilia you fucking moron.

The US prison system 'treats' them in special prisons , which are like holiday camps compared to those normal prisoners are kept in, and paedophiles are given medical care and rehabilitation.

No paedophiles are killed by the US government for raping kids, they merely get put into holiday camps run by fucking idiot social workers - people like you, you liberal twat.

The day that paedophiles are killed is the day that paedophilia becomes a rare crime.

People will always kill each other in America as guns are easily available, crimes of passion will always exist and the drugs laws will always incentivise murder for profit.

But a few dead paedophiles given a bullet in the back of the head.

Now that is a deterrent that would work.

I hate liberals, and especially idiot liberals who dont have a fucking clue what they are talking about.

You mug.

Defender of Liberty said...

The only provisions for the death penalty for paedophiles were put in place in US laws between 1996 and 2007.

Before then no cases for child rape were death penalty crimes.

No cases have come to court yet where a paedophile has been sentenced to death, nor the sentence carried out.

When they are killed as a matter of routine after sentence, and not allowed to stay in prison and be kept alive as they appeal, then watch the crime of paedohilia drop away to almost nothing.

A few trials and then executions will get the message across.

So far there have been no convictions nor the death penalty imposed as a result of conviction nor it actually carried out.

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extant said...

"The primary point of the death penalty is to cleanse society".

I just love it when you get all philosophical on us mate, hehe.

I could tell you of some very similar stories of myself being involved with fights with blacks, you would love it, but it would hurt the liberals feelings. The fact that a white man can defend himself against a gang of knife wielding black maniacs.
Even in a gang with knives, they still cant cut it ;o)

By the way, I was speaking to a friend o mine this morning, the valleys have started to have their fair share of recent enrichment.
A gang of Muslim Turks with their Kebab shop, have moved into a small council estate near me, they have started the raping already.
The people of this estate are not to happy about it either..

Anonymous said...

Yes a few good examples made..

Anonymous said...

utter scum