Monday 23 August 2010

The BNP Needs A Re-Brand

I think every member, even the Griffinite Cult members, have realised that as brand in British politics, the BNP is now regarded with as much respect and affection by the masses as Thalidomide.

This is all down to Nick Griffin.

It has been Griffin who has pushed to make himself and the BNP synonymous in the eyes and minds of the public.

On almost every media opportunity, every newspaper article, every winnable seat we have watched Griffin push himself to the front of the queue - and before good local candidates who stood a chance of winning seats.

Griffin, and his lickspittles like Golding, have deliberately sought to conflate the public image of the party as a 'Cult of Personality' around Griffin - primarily to create an internal power base in the party of Griffinite acolytes who 'revere' the Great Leader before the interests of the BNP as a political party or British Nationalism as a political movement.

There is no BNP in the eyes of the public as a political party, as the BNP is seen as the Nick Griffin Party - and any political party whose public image and propaganda is based on one person is a hostage to that individual and their level of public support and their public image in society.

The 'BNP / Griffin Brand' is now regarded as toxic by the public, as our recent disastrous election results prove.

Not only do the elections results show that the party has become despised primarily I believe due to Nick Griffins appearance on Question Time, it has also revealed to the public that Griffin and his acolytes care nothing for the BNP, their own members, the interests of Britain and the British people.

I have watched the BNP become a 'cult of personality' around Griffin over the last few years, and this was done deliberately and pushed by people like Golding - and culminated in the pathetic farce of Griffin first removing Alby Walker as the Stoke candidate and imposing Simon darby on the seat ( and thereby destroying our electoral chances in the city ) and then imposing himself on Barking by standing down Richard Barnbrook as candidate ( and thereby ensuring we lost the seat and we lost all our councillors).

Question Time is the ultimate example though of the stupidity of the Cult of Personality.

For weeks and weeks before the show went on air I demanded that on the day of the show Griffin rings the BBC and said 'I have the flu, I am sending Andrew Brons in my place'.

That way the lynching party prepared for Griffin would not have worked.

Every person on that QT panel had been briefed with a range of classic Griffin quotes, from the Holocaust to David Duke, and were waiting for Griffin to walk in and hend them the ammunition to kill the BNP's rise in electoral support.

So what does Griffin go and do - in he walks to the BBC studio surrounded by BNP security guys in dark sunglasses and Griffin looking like a cut price gangster and then sits there gurning on the show licking his lips and trying to suck up to Bonnie Greer like some flunky at a showbiz party as they fired his own nonsense back at him and tore him to peices.

Job done.

It appears though that the real damage done that night was a 'depth charge' in that it is only now slowly exploding and poisoning the public perception of the BNP.

Therefore if the looming debt crisis in the BNP doesnt destroy the party, and its ability to operate, then a re-brand may work.

If Griffin and his supporters really cared about the BNP and the cause of British Nationalism they would admit that the BNP needs a rebrand in order to save itself, and that Griffin must step down as the BNP leader.

His appearance on Question Time appears to have slowly poisoned the image of the BNP in the minds of the public, and as long as he remains leader that poison infects the BNP.

Just as Gordon Brown stayed on too long to save the Labour Party from defeat, the same thing is happening to the BNP.

Every politician who is a leader of a political party has a political 'use by date', what is required is for them to realise when this time has come and when it is neccasery to walk away from a leadership role for the best interests of the party itself.

Tony Blair knew when to go, Gordon Brown and Margaret Thatcher didnt.

The longer Griffin remains in charge, the more time we lose to change direction and the harder it will be to regian public support for the BNP.

I was one of those who led the charge mocking Lord Pearson when he became UKIP leader, but I can now at least say he had the honour to do the right thing and resign in the best interests of UKIP.

The parallells between Griffin and Farage though are uncanny.

From the UKIP call centre that Farage set up and the allegations of money going missing to the sacking / expulsion of his critics to the refusal to resign even when the party was / is falling apart - it appears that they have become mirror images of each other.

The BNP needs a re-brand.

That means Griffin has to step down as leader and shuffle off to Europe and stay in Brussels as an MEP.

In order to save the BNP brand, then the cult of personality around Griffin has to be wiped away and a New BNP arise in its place.

That means we need a BNP without a figurehead leader, and a BNP that is based around leaders rather than a leader.

The party actvists and members have a choice, you can either follow yesterdays man into the political wilderness, or you can join tommorrows party and lead the BNP into the future.

That is the choice.

The BNP / Griffin brand is so toxic, that it may be that the BNP itself is dead as a political party.

But in order to test this proposition we have to first seek to re-brand the party without Griffin being the leader, the centre of our propaganda and the main talking head on the media.

I have a series of ideas on how to do this, but I am not going to reveal them in case the Griffinites steal my ideas ( which is what Griffin has done for the last ten years seeing as most of the major innovations inside and outside the party were based on my ideas ) and use them to try and bolster the cult of personality around Griffin.

Every BNP activist in their heart and mind knows the BNP is dying on its feet.

Income has dried up, elections results are plummeting, councillors and members are leaving and internal problems are escalating.

Yet they cling on in their semi-delusional state hoping things will get better.

They wont.

They are going to get worse.

The party in the next few weeks faces a series of legal cases that will probably bankrupt it or drain it of so much money that staff wages in the BNP will not be paid ( as they have not been for this month I hear ), there will be no money to fight elections and the staff will have to be laid off meaning entire fucntions of the party internally will no longer be capable of operating.

The party will slowly rot away into just Griffin on the payroll, Dowson and the security team - simply to keep Griffin in power.

In the present crisis, the best thing that can happen for Griffin is that he gets banged up for contempt of court in the EHRC case, as that way the Griffinite Cult members will rally around their dear leader and bolster his position in the party.

The fact Jim Dowson will then be running the BNP in Griffins absence, regardless of what expendable puppet Griffin appoints in his place should shake them out of their mad delusions.

Who controls the money, controls the party - and that is Dowson.

The parties only hope is a re-brand, but that depends on Griffin leaving.

It is time that the BNP members still in the party woke up.

Loyalty to Griffin and Dowson is treason to the BNP.

You can only serve the interests of the BNP as a party and British Nationalism as a movement, by demanding Griffin steps down and a re-branding takes place.

It may be that even this attempted re-brand will fail as the BNP and Griffin may have become so synonymous with each other, that the Griffin Effect has killed the BNP.

But we have to try.

Failure is not an option.

If the BNP can no longer fulfiull its historical mission under Griffin, which is to take power - then we have to either re-brand or form a new party without him.

First we remove Griffin and Dowson and try a re-brand.

If that fails then we need to form a new party.

Those are the only options left if we are to save the BNP and the cause of British Nationalism.


Cammie Novara said...

As soon as I found a link to the hilarious Yes We Scam! B.S. We Can Believe In! Obama Approval Plummets story I said that Lee John Barnes's frequenters absolutely should have a chance to read this link:

Anonymous said...

"I think every member, even the Griffinite Cult members, have realised that as brand in British politics, the BNP is now regarded with as much respect and affection by the masses as Thalidomide.

This is all down to Nick Griffin."

Yeah having a smart family man and articulate intellectual out debate Paxo is such a turn off for voters when we could have articulate, intellectual giants like Butler.

Anonymous said...

I am dismayed to read what about Griffin and Dowson have done.

This is not the party that I joined.

Can there be any way back for Griffin?

Anonymous said...

Lee first Right after the election months before you jumped ship and made rabid untrue accusation about money scaqmming Grifin was interviewed for the BNP web site where he said yeah I ghave too much baggage and I am going to stand down in 2013,
Second He told everyone why hwe brought in a pro and how it has helped. he didn't gtry to defend Jim as a perfect person. but he did sdefend the changes Jim had made.
Third Griffins weakness is that he has let people like Collet and Mackenzie and Sadie stay too long his style had been to say lets all get along now and to avoid dumping anyone unless they directly refused point blank to go along with his programs,. He had to do that during the Years 2001 2007 just to keep the party from self destructing. WHEN All THESE BIG EGOS ARE COMBINED WITH MARGINAL TALENTS, AND A SKELETON CREW OF OVWERWORKED ACTIVISTS THAT IS WHAT IS NECESSARY
FOURTH He is now dumping those egos to people who will subordinate their right to run their mouth, to the necesssity of doing the organizational work of the Party. That means dumping loudmouths activists in organizational positions for those who think it is more important to effectively get a group to work together. That is why these meetings and classes and techniques are now mandatory. And that is the hardest thing for individualists to do, to subordinate their egos for the good of the group.

FIVE anyone who appeared on that question time show was gonna get slaughtered. They would have sandbagged Brons with " how can you support a Party whose leader said X Yor Z" Brons would not have been allowed to say Well Nick said not quite that but this in 96 and he has since repudiated those views publically 9 years ago and I joined 5 years ago and the Party does not represent this view and never has but what we do represent is a b c " They didn't let Griffin get two words in. they used mike cutting techniques and then would not only have done the same to Brons but they would have made Nick out to be a coward. When he took it all with just a smile everybody saw it was rigged and the whole thing blew up in their faces. Barnes, You think you stacatto Cockney accented style goes down better than Nick, you are wrong
SIX Griffin and the people who support the way he wants to do it figure the Nation of Britain is worth subordinating your indivdualism to allow the Party to grow. How about you??

Defender of Liberty said...

Would that be a family man who protects alleged sex offenders like Dowson, who is so scared of revealing the accounts he expels members who ask to see them and who will breach the constitution as though it means nothing.

As for his debate with Paxman, watch it again.

It was rubbish.

Yet again Griffin goes on the TV and made himself the face of the BNP, making us look like a dictatorship instead of political party.

I would like to see Griffin go and debate Paxman now, as theres a lot more dirty laundry been aired in public since then - Griffin is now a toxic name and a toxic brand and he is destroying the BNP.

The sexual abuse allegations, the fraud allegations, the cover up allegations and the legal cases and civil cases coming up - all these have destroyed not justs Griffins image and credibility, but the parties.

But hey you are a Griffin cultist so keep on living in la la land.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) If Griffin admits he has too much baggage then why not go now with dignity. The longer he stays the more the party is destroyed. He is a dead man walking , its just that he wants more money before he retires. He doesnt care about the BNP, if he did he would go now. He cares only about the money he can make by 2013 ( or whenever he will retire, as if you really think he meant it you are a mug )

2) Oh yeah Jims changes have made the party so efficient, we have gone £600,000 in debt with so much money drained from the members we now are suffering from 'donor fatigue' and the party is insolvent. Brilliant. I particularly liked the idea of a 'Life Membership' of Dowsons where in exchange for a regular yearly income of membership money, downson got 7.5 % of the money donated and then the party never gets another penny given to it by the member ever. Brilliant. Dowson gets rich, the party goes insolvent. Genius !

3) Oh yeah Griffin should not only be chairman, MEP, London Organiser he should also draft up leaflets and run the BNP office. You are idiot, fuck off.

4) As for Griffins programmes. the man is an idiot - and most of the ideas that moved this party forward over the last eight years came from me - but you will realise that soon enough as you see the real Griffin emerge, the maniac who expels people on a whim regardless of the law and who protects perverts.


Defender of Liberty said...

5) If you think Griffin wants to create a group BNP you are an even bigger idiot than you seem - he simply wants unconditonal obedience with him a Fuhrer at the top. You sad sad fool, there you are an outsider who is telling someone who sat at the top table what griffin is, what griffin thinks and what his plans are - YOU FOOL !

6) Oh yeah QT was a total victory for the party, as we then won the general election, took control of Barking and Dagenham council and we now run the country. Mug.

7) I see that you imagine the BNP as being nothing more than a cult of personality where the members are like the cult members in the moonies. You are a moron, as if you think the British public will respect either the party image like that, a party leader like that or a party like that then you are more then a fool - you are sad, closet homosexual, nazi fetishist whose idea of politics did seventy years ago in the rubble of berlin.

Go away idiot.