Tuesday 10 August 2010

The EDL Issue

Image - The Israeli flag flying in Ulster.

Image - Jim Dowson, the Gollum of the BNP.

It looks like even intelligent people still believe the garbage spewed out by the intellectual pygmies in the Griffinite Cabal.

Apparently I was 'expelled' due to my support for the EDL.

Here is the article about the EDL that Griffin is supposedly using to base his 'expulsion' on ;


Note that nowhere in the article does it mention the BNP.

It mentions British Nationalist groups.

Now I know that in Griffins World there is only one nationalist group, the BNP, and only one nationalist leader, this of course being himself, but out there in the real world beyond the inner landscape of Griffins head there are hundreds of British Nationalist groups.

For example the National Front.

Biker clubs are another.

Various small groups and other organisations related to British culture.

Various small organisations that hold gigs and other Nationalist events.

It appears that my real crime was disagreeing with Griffins absurd statement, given to a mocking world, that the EDL is a 'Zionist front group'.

Now as anyone who reads this blog knows I am no fan of Zionism.

I even have my own Zionist stalkers David Toube and Edmund Standing on Harrys Place (Hi girls !).

But even I in my swivel eyed, anti-Zionist delirium have never seen a single scrap of evidence that the EDL are Zionists.

Sure a few of the people on the EDL demonstrations fly the Israel flag, but that doesnt mean the EDL is Zionist.

The loyalists in Northern Ireland used to wave the Israeli flag at the PLO supporting IRA and SinnFein to get a reaction - which is what the EDL do.

They simply want to annoy the Islamist supporting filth in the UAF that oppose the EDL.

To call the EDL 'zionist' when it is comprised mainly of white working class English people and a sprinkling of culturally English members of ethnic minority groups opposed to Islam is frankly laughable.

When he said it people laughed their heads off and thought 'oh no another Griffin clanger to go along with his all time greats like calling the Gurkhas 'mercenaries' or 'the holocaust was a hoax'.

Griffin is against the EDL as he fears it will morph from a street protest group into a political group that will challenge the BNP.

He doesnt seem to see the reality that whilst the BNP vote is going down, the EDL are pulling in thousands of street activists onto their demonstrations.

The idea that Griffin can ban people from supporting the activities of the EDL is purely an example of his control freak nature.

I can support any group I like - and call for people to support any group I like.

I did not say BNP activists should join the EDL march in Bradford - I said British Nationalists of all groups should.

If BNP activists want to attend the EDL demonstration then thats up to them.

Rather than BNP members sending their hard earned money as donations to the Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin Retirement Fund, sorry the BNP, perhaps it is best they go on the EDL demonstrations instead.

The idea that Griffin now thinks he can tell people what they can think, as well as say, is proof he has lost the plot.

The BNP under Griffin and Dowson is now a dead duck limping.

Sure it will carry on getting 2 - 8 % in elections, but as a political party it is defunct.

With Griffin at its head and Golem at his side our potential support is never going to take off.

It cannot now fulfill its historical mission which is to attain power.

And even worse if it did attain power, the collection of clowns that are now in senior positions in the party appointed by Griffin and Dowson would ensure it would be voted out again at the next election.

There are some superb people in the BNP, people like Andrew Brons, Andrew Moffat, Simon Darby, Martin Reynolds, Martin Wingfield, Tina Wingfield, John Walker, John Bean and many, many others.

But unfortunately they are marginalised and subservient to Griffins cut price Rasputin Jim Dowson, the greedy worm tongued gollum of British Nationalism and his little clique of crooks on the make.

It is Gollum who now runs the BNP and Griffin merely sacks anyone who dares challenge the poison dwarf.

So lets get this straight.

I was not expelled for saying people should support the EDL.

I resigned due to what is going on in the party.

Griffin relies on the blind loyalty of the people who know him the least.

Decade after decade, party after party, year after year the people that have worked closest with Nick Griffin have become his fiercest critics.

I stayed in the BNP for the last few years simply as the people who were betrayed by Sadie Graham and Matt Single would come to me for help, as would many other people who had been attacked, brutalised and abandoned by the police, councils and other anti-white public authorities.

I stayed on to help them.

But when Nick Griffin started to turn on his own people then enough was enough.

No doubt the delusional ones like the Green Arrow lemmings and various other sock puppets on sites like the VNN Forum will continue to kiss the golden ring of the Gollum until they wake up.

But like everyone, sooner or later they will wake up.

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Anonymous said...

When you say there are some superb people in the BNP, surely you mean Martin Wingfield not Martin Reynolds.

Anonymous said...

Stop griping, its time to move on, nobody with any real intellect believe the BNP capable of pulling this Country out of the shit.

They are a paltry side issue.

The sooner everyone with half a brain cell dumps them the better, stop giving good money after bad, to self serving egotists.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee, You have a new supporter. One thing we can all expect to hear from you is a ROBUST analysis and a hard hitting observation of the facts.

Now that Griffin is intent on destroying everything hundreds, thounsand of us have been building up for years we have to look at all the possibilities to ensure our people survive.

I may have mistakenly identified you as a "griffinite" in the past, but I can see I was wrong on that count. You gave services free of charge and for that you should have been acknoweldeged by Griffin. He hasnt an iota of decency in his body and still lies about all the people he has purged, expelled and banished.

Well peeps, we all need to look forward and work on ways to move forward recognising that Griffin's position as head honcho for British nationalism is untenable even if he wins a possible leadership contest.

Anonymous said...

Is it time to concentrate on an English Nationalism? To awaken a folk consciousness in our abused and oppressed people? The English are oppressed by the British State. I have been a BNP member for 12 years and I am sick to death of the ego's and the infighting. Trevor Phillips, Wadham, Cameron and his UAF must be pissing themselves laughing.
Time to fight for an independent England methinks, by any means necessary. Fuck Britain and the British State.

Dennis Whiting said...

I applaud what you say, Lee, but your vagueness about the spelling of names is letting you down in one particular: Golem is a clay figure in Jewish legend who is brought to life as a monster; Gollum is the creature in Lord of the Rings deformed physically and morally by his long possesion of the One Ring.
Dennis Whiting

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi Denis,

you are totally right mate.

Been a while since I have seen the LOTR.

Amended as you suggested.



Jane said...

Before Nick said the EDL was Zionist I had been pointing out on the internet that the EDL was a way that Zionists can protest against the Palestinians, Gaza etc by doing counter marches when these groups are protesting against Israel. I said the added advantages are that Jews don't directly get the blame and that indeed they hope that (how very amusing they would find it) the BNP ends up being blamed and indeed targetted due to their expectation that the BNP would be associated with these EDL actions.

Old Satan looking for souls said...

Martin Reynolds is a "superb character"?

Get real Lee. You live in a moral plane way above the wannabee porno star Reynolds and his wife. Unless you also have starred or plan to feature in some home made amateur sex film.

I know that you and Martin are at opposite ends of the monk/adulterer spectrum.

Keep it real Lee.

Defender of Liberty said...

Call me old fashioned but I have great respect for the security lads.

Warren Bennet and his lads were also fantastic guys we should never have lost.

Anyone who is prepared to take bullet for a friend, is someone I will always admire.

What they do in their private life is down to them.

Sure I dont do swinging or enjoy the lifestyle martin did, but if it wasnt for the weasel collett who stole the pictures from Martins computer then no-one would have known about his private life.

Martin is a good dad, a brave man and man who will stand up for his brothers.

He gets my respect and admiration for those real assets as a man.

I admire all the security lads and will always defend them 100 %

Griffin doesnt deserve the security lads who stand beside him, as he demonstrated with way he treated Warren Bennett and the rest of the security lads at Leeds.

And I know all the sordid details of that incident.

Anonymous said...

Lee why dont you post comments about how damaging all this infighting is to nationalism in this country? Why dont you post comments saying that unity is essential for any political movement and once again nationalism is destroying itself. I thought you were in favour of free speech?

Defender of Liberty said...

If British Nationalism and the BNP are to be saved then Griffin must stand down, Dowson must be sacked and a full audit of the party undertaken to discover where the money has gone.

If that doesnt happen, then the BNP will collapse in a couple of years time and destroy any hope for the Nationalist movement ever taking power.

Dowson and Griffin will then walk away with bank accounts full of stolen BNP money and nationalism will be left bankrupt and in the gutter.

Therefore it is best that all this is aired now rather than Dowson and Griffin left in charge to destroy the BNP and the British Nationalist movement as a whole.

They think they are the BNP and the movement.

They are crooks and liars.

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