Sunday 8 August 2010

The Filth of British Nationalism

Having had a look around a few sites today I noted some of the comments from so called 'British Nationalists' concerning allegations relating to a certain female BNP member.

I dont know the truth or not of the allegations.

I have never met either of the parties involved.

All I know is that the so called British Nationalists who are making abusive comments about any female BNP member are disgusting filth.

All I know is this.

Over the recent weeks the scum of this country have crawled out of their gutters, onto the internet and dragged the BNP into the sewer with them.

The attacks on this female member are amongst the most disgusting I have ever seen.

She is a female BNP member.

That means she has legal rights which can be claimed in a court of law.

Having seen the party go through the courts when John Tyndall was expelled, I well know how much it costs the party and the internal damage it can cause.

Such events must not occur again, especially due to the financial drain on the party when such cases are initiated.

When I first got involved with the BNP, the people in the party understood that loyalty to each other came first.

Sure we argued and fell out, but it stayed inside the party - we did not have jumped up gobshites using the internet to wage their personal feuds for the world to see.

Yet morons on sites like the Green Arrow and vermin on the VNN Forum have attacked her as though she is everything from a whore to Mata Hari.

She is a BNP member.

She has legal rights as a BNP member.

I attacked the Kenny Smith and Sadie Graham cabal as they were demanding the party expel without any reference to his legal rights Mark Collett.

Everyone in the party knows that I and Mark Collett despised each other.

Yet the legal position was clear - to have expelled him as the Sadie Graham group wanted the party to do was illegal.

If we had done that then he could have sued the party and forced us to re-admit him.

That is why, when the sadie graham group did not see sense, that they had to go.

If the precedent was set that individual members could be expelled simply as other members did not like them - then we would not have a political party left.

The BNP would have become what its enemies always said it was - a Nazi Dictatorship.

Instead I fought for the legal rights of Mark Collett, even though I personally despised him because it was the right thing to do for the best interests of the party.

Any political party that be would so willing to ignore the law, could not be trusted with political power.

By defending the legal rights of Collett against the angry mob, we demonstrated that we were a law abiding party that could be trusted with political power.

Thats why the constitutional rights of members always comes before the demands of the idiot mob.

In relation to the allegations made by the female BNP member what we see yet again are groups of mouthy morons on the Green Arrow site and VNN site trying to do exactly the same as Sadie Graham did, - which is to get the party to treat its constitution as toilet paper and for us to wipe our arse on it and then flush it away by simply expelling her.

That is not what a mature, responsible and legal political party does.

Anyone who does not understand that, or doesnt care, does not deserve to be in the BNP.

The legal duty of the party is to investigate such issues as required under the party disciplinary procedure.

During this procedure the truth or not of the allegations will be ascertained and ruled upon.

How dare any of you idiots seek to undermine this legal process in the party.

The party is legally liable if either of the members involved do not get a fair hearing.

The legal cases with the EHRC should have revealed to people that the party constitution is a legal document and contract - yet it appears the retarded idiots think they can demand the party ignores this legal duty upon it.

Which by the way is exactly what our enemies want us to do.

There are many intelligent and legally skilled people like Adrian Davis who are more than willing to assist ex-BNP members with their legal claims against the party due to their grudges against Nick Griffin and others.

Personally I am ashamed to call myself a British Nationalist at the moment.

The movement seems riddled with moronic filth on the level of the UAF.

The damage done to the British Nationalist movement I suspect may be final.

Unlike previous era's where such internal arguments and abuse were limited to tiny groups of people who received and read small circulation magazines, the morons with their own websites and blogs have published the most damaging rubbish that will have been collected, stored and ready to be used against the party, our activists and our candidates by our enemies for years to come.

Well done, all you morons.

This leadership challenge was a challenge that was the right of all members as defined under the constitution.

Any member had the right to stand for election.

Therefore it should have been regarded as nothing more than an debate and simple vote.

Instead the various idiots have used it to virtually destroy the public image of the party.

Now anyone in the country can log online and type in BNP on Google and read the vile filth, abuse, lies and smears our own people have written all over the internet.

That information cannot be removed.

It will damage us, our growth and credibility for years.

This leadership challenge should have been based on putting the interests of the party first.

Instead what we have seen is the worst of British Nationalism vomited up as fare for the media, the reds and all our enemies.

To have seen some of these so called 'supporters of the BNP', who are not even members of the party, making absurd threats to 'publish the lists of people who challenge for leadership' makes me sick.

Heres a warning for anyone that does that.

The Nationalist movement has already witnessed one set of traitors publish the names and addresses of our members.

I spent a lot of time helping the vulnerable people who had bricks thrown through their windows, the disabled old people who had death threats, the single mothers who lost their jobs, the people who were physically attacked as a result of the publication of the list.

The next time that anyone does such a thing it will not end up in court.

The response will be far more blunt than that.

I will personally take on legal cases against them for Harassment and incitement to violence.

I will seek to bankrupt them in order to ensure the information is not published.

And if those people will not see sense, then they will be forced to see sense.

The only reason why those lists would be published is to provide information to the AFA thugs and UAF thugs who will use it to attack the individuals so named.

That is the action of a traitor, not a British Nationalist.

The BNP has though learnt one thing from this debacle.

That some of its own supporters are also its own worst enemies.

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Defender of Liberty said...

I will not publish any comments from the moronic filth who are still trying to use the BNP for their own pathetic ends and for their own idiotic feuds, and destroying the British Nationalist cause and the party when they do so.

Fuck off all of you traitors.

For that is what you all are if you try and do that.

extant said...

How do I get my pc, to type squinted closed eyes and a scrumpled up face look ;o)


Defender of Liberty said...

Repentance and shutting the fuck up from now on is enough to redeem yourself.

Anonymous said...

A voice of reason at last.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the situation has got out of hand and disgracefull activity has been the norm from both sides from the very start, all of which was unessesary as their was no real threat, it is the ugliness of the infighting that has turned out to be the real threat.

However, i do feel that people have the right to question all peoples involved motivations and possible hidden agendas, that includes both sides and is part of open a full and debate, people are free to answer their critics.

but frankly i have found the actions of all sides rather disturbing.

But we must remember that in challenges of officials in any area you will find the actual officials generally have their hands tied behind there backs being public officials, any cretinous move by them is exploited by the press and members and held up for scutiny, where any no mark trouble maker should they decide to can sling any mud they like with near inpunity and then simply walk away with the mud left to stick.

Still that does not mean that all persons can ignore the BNP constitution and all those falling foul of it should be held to account in the proper manner, officials or otherwise.

Which is why Lee you can get away with so much more on your blog than can the BNP and the BNP officials.

Defender of Liberty said...


Someone has to be above the fray.

Someone has to be able to piss off every idiot on all sides.

Thats me.

extant said...

I'm redeemed everyone, thank fk :O)

Lippy57 said...

Your foul mouth is clearly not that of a true British Gentleman.

Defender of Liberty said...

Youre right.

I am no gentleman.

I am a fighter for the freedom of my people.

I am not an idiot that thinks they have the right to tear the party apart as part of their petty vindictive vendettas.

You want 'gentleman', deference, social etiquette, fairy cakes and pots of tea then watch Heartbeat on the Freeview channel.

I live in the real world.

You should try it some time.

Lippy57 said...

your're right... you are NO gentleman and neither are you a fighter for the freedom of 'my' people
one thing that has truly shocked me about this whole farce is the pathetic name calling .... it looks like it is copied and pasted from hope not hate/ searchlies

*For you information I do live in the real world and I can see in you Mr Barnes a foul mouthed man who knows nothing about

Defender of Liberty said...

Go away troll.

Clear off back to the moron site where you came from.

And tell your 'master' I am watching him very, very closely.

Defender of Liberty said...

I can understand the comments of some people who are angry about the leadership election debacle, but that is no excuse for the comments put up on the moron sites like the Green Arrow Website.

And I will not be putting up any more posts from the GA sock puppets.

Simon Bennett said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Lee today most London officials got suspension letters for basically signing a nomination form including the RO.

Anonymous said...

I despise Morris (Green Arrow) and most of his band of sycophantic posters. Morris and some of his writers are not even nationalists by any stretch of the imagination in my mind. Mind numbing posts like, Hear! Hear! GA! and I agree GA! get approved and given loads of thumbs up by the GA faithful dumb and dumbers for hell knows what. Some particularly dumb arses even post a reply to these three word comments agreeing with them in as many words such as, Too right or I also agree! Are three words in full agreement the limit of some of those who post on there? That the Morris thing is not even a BNP member and calls for expulsions from the party of anyone who supports the leadership challenge or signs the utterly biased and disgraceful nomination form in favour of Eddy Butler is pathetic. He even demanded to see the list of names of those who have signed in favour of Eddy Butler the out and out prick that he is. He tried to make out later that this was not a veiled threat! Can't those who bother going there see how crazy Morris is? He's a mental illness and should be Sectioned.

Amy said...

Well said Lee,that green arrow guy needs to sort himself out.

Anonymous said...

bet you cant guess who that west midlands warrior is!

Amy said...

Great blog you got here Lee, keep the good work up.

Defender of Liberty said...

Now now people, lets try and keep things civil shall we.

This isnt VNN Vermin Forum or the Green Slime website.

Anonymous said...

Defender of Liberty said...
Go away troll [Lippy57].
Clear off back to the moron site [Green Arrow] where you came from.
And tell your 'master'[Paul Morris] I am watching him very, very closely.
LJB: You can afford to take your eyes off Morris and Co and just pick up where you left off any time later. Just follow the slime trail that all slugs leave in their wake. He and others have now got to be on some sort of 30 pieces of silver payroll or payoff to behave the way they have. The way Morris slavishly supports the man rather than the party (that he is not a member of) convinces me ha was turned at some point, possibly when he resigned from the BNP.

This whole leadership debacle has been like a wrecking ball exercise. It has to have been deliberately engineered and allowed to happen. The attack on Shelley Rose after her serious allegations against James Dowson were treated with utter contempt by Morris and Co as if they themselves had been with JD all the time and knew him to be innocent. As if! The character assassination by Morris culminating with his publishing of SR's appearnce in a harmless pose for Zoo, shows that nothing is now off limits and no gutter too low to get into when it comes to attacking those who sign up to the Eddy Butler camp.

Incidentally, I'm not convinced that Morris is the real master over there and wonder if Mike Green(berg) is your actual Green Arrow who calls the shots, pulls the strings and pays the money. Just a theory of mine.

Amy said...

Lee you forgot to mention statefront Britain.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee.

I see you are having to put up with the morons from the green arrow commenting on your site, such as lippy57. Both sides have been just as bad as each other, such as the BNP section of the British Democracy Forum.

As you say Lee all this nonsense has cost the BNP big time. We cant be set back like this, time is not on our side. But i fear the damage is already done. But lets hope we can turn this around once the Leadership challenge is out the road.

What happened to your audio rants Lee. I thought they where great and enjoyed listening to them.

Keep up the great work.


extant said...

I'm so fkn glad ive kept the fk out of it.
This will verberate for years and wot a shame!!

But more importantly, on friday I was told by a freind, that his Daughteringlaw was raped by a Muslim Kebab Owner in Caerphilly. Today I was told that a 17 year old girl who is my Daugters friend was raped by 4 Pakistani youths on saturday, they are now in custody in Newport Police Station, she is is Hospital. As you know mate this is rife all around the Country !
Also, we have less than one Generation to turn this around, wake fucking up everyone now and put your pathetic indifferences behind u , if any of you consider yourselfs real men will do it easy, if not fuck off.
At the moment, the extreme filth left scum are pissing them selfs at us all and for what, is it just your insecurities ??

Anonymous said...

LJB: Maybe you can answer this.
Why are the people that are attacking the party via EB/SB website all nearly men/women? By that, I mean the people that haven't really acheived anything for the party, but feel that our Chairman is responsible for the lack of wins in recent times.

Our Chairman has shown the membership that if we work hard enough, we can win. That's why he has a seat in the European Parliament. Richard Barnbrook worked hard, and he ended up in the London Assembly. Sharon Wilkinson worked hard and she ended up with a County Council seat. I could go on, but their lack of creativity is obviously the Chairmans fault.

There's a lot of great people in this party that can win seats if they put their minds to it.

Gemma said...

Its awful to see Green Arrow's little sparrows launching visious attacks on lee on british democracy forum.

Lippy 57

There is nothing libellous about saying barnes is a foul mouthed thug and a hypocrite. For your information I dont need to hear what Bertie has to say about the so called leadership challenge, I am able to see for myself whats going on here