Saturday 7 August 2010

For The Harrys Place Idiots

Harrys Place morons think that you cannot create an ideology that is against both Islamism and Zionism.

Thats because they are ignorant Zionist morons.

The BNP is against Zionism as it is an Imperialist, Racist (as it based only on promoting and protecting the rights of Jews), Militaristic ideology that seeks to steal the lands of other nations ( the nation states of Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon) to create an Eratz Israel or Greater Israel. Zionists also seek to usurp and manipulate our national political systems solely for the benefit of Zionists and Zionism.

The BNP is against Islamism as it is an Imperialist, Racist ( as it's leadership are only Arabs descended from the prophet Mohammed ) and Militaristic ideology that seeks to steal the land of all nations to create the Global Caliphate. Islamists also seek to usurp and manipulate our national political systems for the benefit solely of Islamism and Islamists.

There is no difference between Zionism and Islamism.

They both are our enemies and both must be ruthlessly crushed if we are to take our nation back from all the inner enemies that presently control it.

We are British Nationalists.

Zionism is not a nationalist ideology, it is an an anti-nationalist ideology that seeks to attack, steal and annex the territory of independent nation states.

Islamism wants to destroy all nation states and impose global sharia law and create the Global Caliphate.

No-one can be a Nationalist or an Zionist or an Islamist.

One can be an Israeli Nationalist and an Arab Nationalist.

Loyalty to Zionism or Islamism is treason to Britain and the British people.

The BNP will work with and accept into our ranks all loyal British Jews and British Muslims who reject Zionism and Islamism and who want to work for the benefit of Britain, the British people and the defence of British culture.

The BNP will not accept into its ranks any indigenous British or White European traitors that put the interests of Zionism or Islamism before their loyalty to our nation, folk, race or culture.

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crow on the cradle said...

I like your theory,but you have not mentioned the gene for red hair which the Neanderthals possessed but which the experts say is not the same gene that is expressed by modern Europeans who have red hair, which I find hard to believe.
According to the New Scientist, after interbreeding with Neanderthals the East Asians met other Archaic humans in China known as Peking man and interbred with them. Their fossils indicated they possessed shovel shaped incisors like modern Chinese. There is also genetic evidence that when African man met Homo Erectus species in Java he interbred with them before moving on to Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hey man. It's eretz not ersatz, unless ersatz was meant to be a joke.

Defender of Liberty said...

Well spotted.

I hate typing.

Why cant we have robots that do it.

Anonymous said...

This is the "greater Israel" that is shrinking yes? The one that lost 70% of its land, the sinai desert, and of course the Gaza strip. So much for "Zionist imperialism"!

As for Zionism is only about the interests of the Jews, explain why the only place in the Middle East where Christians, blacks, Homosexuals, Women, Zoroastrans, and of course Arabs, enjoy full human rights in the area's only democracy happens to be Israel.

And remind us, how many nation states has Israel attacked, annexed and stole territory? How many territories has Britain done this to? I'll start you off with Serbia, Afghanistan and Iraq. There are many, many more.

To equate Zionism with Islam is an act of utter stupidity or you are completely ignorant about Islamic history. There are only 15 million Jews worldwide, there are 1.5 billion and growing - muslims. I'd suggest that any British Nationalist who thinks Zionism rrepesents the same threat as Islam is merely aiding and abetting the muslims.

Wise up to Islam now or it will destroy us. Zionism never will. Demographics is everything - fact.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) re the shrinkage of Israel - lets remember that Israel itself is a product of theft and terrorism, built on the blood of British soldiers. The aim of the Zionists is Greater Israel, the fact they havent built is solely due to the fact that they havent been able to control the worldwide media / political systems to allow them to do so, but we all know that stage is nearly complete and the ethnic cleansing can begin when Iran is bombed.

2) You must be mad to think Christians, non-Jews and Muslims have equal rights in Israel - or simply ignorant. Do the research and read what the christians in Israel say about the 'democracy'. and their rights being protected.

3) And I will remind you that I was against British Imperialism in Iraq, Afghanistan and serbia. As for Israel have a read of all the UN resolutions that demand they return all the land they have stolen.

4) Islamism is a demographic and terrorist threat - Zionism is a political threat.

Zionism disarms us from within so we cannot fight the Islamists. Look at all the zionist groups that attack the BNP. We offered them a truce, they spat in our face.

So fuck them.

5)Zionism is as much a mortal danger to the West as Islamism - Islamists though are stupid enough to use violence to try and destroy the west, whilst Zionists seek to destroy us undermining western nations, societies and civilisation via the media, economics and politics.

Of the two the most dangerous is the Zionists.

Anonymous said...

1. So the Jews fought for their land just as we have? If they want a greater Israel they would never have surrendered Gaza or any of their territory. The dominant narrative in the West is anti-white and most vehemently anti-Jewish. It is ridioculous to suggest Jews are controlling the media who pander to Muslims, promote multiculturalism and who lie almost daily about Israel and the bogus Palestinian issue. The Marxists - and I include Jews in name only like George Soros - are well in control Lee make no bones about it.

2. Christians are being slaughtered throughout the ME as are the other groups. Arbas sit in the Knesset. Show me where Jews are persecuting these groups. I'll bet none of them would swap Israel for the Islamic cesspits surrounding it. They're free to leave so why don't they if it's so bad?

3. Those were just for starters. Britain had an empire don't you know? How did that happen? The UN is ruled by Islamists and Marxist dictators who use it to pass resolution after resolution against Israel. How many has it passed against the Sudan, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypyt, Pakistan - and more - who are all abusing human rights left right and centre?

As for stolen land: Israel is the land of the Jews who have had an unbroken connection with it for thoudands of years just as we Brits have with our land. This was recognised by the UN in 1947 under resolution 181. All of the Arab nations rejected it and launched war. Israel expelled no Arabs, they left because their Arab masters told them to. They were to return "when the Jews have been driven into the sea". At the same time around 500,000 Jews were expelled from their land across the ME. Was their land stolen?

4) Pure bollocks. Islam is political that seeks to impose Sharia law on the entire world as commanded by their Allah in 8:39 of the Quran.

5) Marxists - who are whites, christians, blacks, jews, asians, orientals and not Zionists are destroying the West from within. Marxism and Islam are destroying the West through Cultural Marxism and suicidal Western tolerance. And know this; No one was forced to believe in it, people throughout the West from the 60's and onwards have enthusiastically embraced it. No one is to blame but our own people. Blaming other races is an act of cowardice as it removes the blame from where it should firmly lie: On the heads of the majority of the white race who have chosen suicide over their right to survive.

Defender of Liberty said...

1) No they stole the land from the people that lived there. This our land, and always has been.

As for the so called 'anti-israel media in the west' get real.

The media is almost entirely run by Zionists.

The fact that parts of the media employ anti-Zionist Jews is to the credit of those organisations that do.


They are leaving - Recent reports indicate that Christians are fleeing Israel in large numbers. One researcher estimates that while Christians comprised about 20% of the population of the Holy Land in the early 1900s, today only 2% of the population is Christian and that segment is dwindling even more

3) The UN is ruled by Marxists and Islamists eh - yeah right. Try Global Capitalists and the US mate.

4) Spare me the Zionist Biblical shite to try and justify genocide, ethnic cleansing and the murder of hundreds of British soldiers during the years of Palestine.

You might have forgotten OUR fucking people who were murdered by Jewish terrorists, I havent.

As for the expelled Jews whose land was stolen, yes it was. That was as despicable as what the murdering Zionist bastards did in Israel.

4) And the Zionists want to impose economic and political domination of the world and have their throne of the Jewish messiah in Israel. They are as mad as each other.

5) Anyone with a brain knows that Cultural Marxism is a Jewish / Zionist product with a disproportionate number of Zionist Jews involved in it - try and read Kevin McDonald's The Culture of Critique you idiot.

Its latest variant Neo-Conservatism that has killed thousands of British soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is also a Jewish Zionist cult re Leo Strauss etc etc - do the research.

I dont blame the Jews, I blame the Zionists - who are of all races, religions and classes and from all political sides, left, liberal and right.

Zionists and Islamism are the curse of the planet.

You dont want to face reality as you mired in self imposed ignorance as it suits you.

Anonymous said...

Yes OK Lee I am a cretin and an idiot without a brain mired in self-imposed ignorance.

Thanks for replying and good luck to you.


Defender of Liberty said...

Dont forget to shut the door on your way out.

Loyalty to Zionism is treason to Britain.

Defender of Liberty said...

Sorry Chris,

But you come on here arguing about Zionism and defending the record of the Zionist filth that run Israel and yet you ;

1) forget the murders of British soldiers by Zionist terrorists

2) Have not read any of the works of Kevin McDonald and his Culture of Critique which reveals that both Neo-Conservatism and Cultural Marxism are Jewish Zionist ideologies

3) Defend Zionism when it, and Neo-Conservatism, are responsible for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan as AIPAC and the oil companies demanded them

4) Defend Zionism when the zionists in the corporate media are the primary enemies of the BNP, including Searchlight which is a Zionist front group which is what the UAF called them and why the UAF split from Searchlight as they did not want to work with a Zionist front group, and who actively campaign against the BNP in elections.

If you are unaware of all those things - then what is else that but self imposed ignorance ?

Anonymous said...

As I said Lee, you don't have to keep shouting and screaming at me, I am an unaware moron mired in self imposed ignorance who is now also a traitor to Britain as you have made perfectly clear.

Thank you for your replies and once again I wish you the very best.


Defender of Liberty said...

I am trying to liberate you from your self delusions chris.

Thats why I am taking the time to post these comment responses and the article on my blog.

You can read them and walk into the light and we can move on, or you can remain in ignorance and waste your obvious intelligence.

No man can serve two masters.

You are either a British Nationalist or a Zionist, you cannot be both.

Anonymous said...

As I said Lee I do appreciate your replies and you have made your position perfectly clear.

I'm a deluded Zionist in the dark and you are in the light and now I'm not fit to be a British Nationalist so I think it best to leave it there.

I will check out your post, again thanks for the information.

Cheers mate,


Defender of Liberty said...
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Defender of Liberty said...

Stop acting like a prima donna.

If you think British Nationalism = sucking off Zionists whilst taking it up the arse from Islamists then carry on as you are.

The aim of British Nationalism is to ensure we have national independence from both Islamists and Zionists.

Supporting Israel is fine, supporting Jews is fine - but supporting Zionism is treason.