Monday 16 August 2010

Griffin and the New Axis

It appears that when interviewed by the BBC concerning his junket to Japan, Adam Walker of the BNP felt he could not condemn the atrocities the Japanese inflicted on British soldiers during the war - link to audio here ;

Now for the Green Arrow Orclings and the retards that seem to be running them European Nationalist Block in the EU heres a few facts ;

1) The European Union is in EUROPE.

2) Japan is not in EUROPE.

3) I support forming a EUROPEAN NATIONALIST BLOCK, what I do not support and nor do the European people is a NEW NAZI AXIS GROUPING both in the EU and outside it.

4) The political parties in Europe that are heirs of Nazi parties or the direct descendants of Nazi parties must never be seen to be recreating or attempting to form The Axis Powers Block of pre-WW2.

By the European Nationalist Parties doing this, and in the same week as the celebration of VJ Day was underway, was either as a result of the most inept strategic planning in human history or was a deliberate attempt to undermine the European Nationalist Block itself.

The ONLY political party that benefited from the trip to Japan was the nutters in the Far Right Japanese parties, who will love it now the westerners have come crawling to them in the same week they honour and revere their war dead who are the same war criminals that slaughtered British soldiers.

For the Japanese people, they are motivated by what is known as 'face'. In other words they gain respect and power when people are seen as subservient to them,.

The fact that in the same week that the British people honoured their war dead, a representative of a British political party went to the shrine where they honour their war dead, who were war criminals who slaughtered tens of thousands of British troops, will give them great face.

At the same time they will be now holding the BNP in utter contempt for doing so.

Walker knows this as much as I do, as he understands the Japanese mindset - so the question is, why did he go along with it ?

The European Nationalist parties who also attended this trip with the BNP couldnt give a toss about the Far East war that British troops fought in, as most of their oldest supporters were busy fighting British troops in Europe at the time.

For the BRITISH NATIONAL party to have gone with a EU wide group of people who can now be depicted as nostalgic for the Third Reich and supped with the Japanese political party, despised even by most decent Japanese people for their glorification of genocide and murder, is the politics of the madhouse.

For Adam Walker then not to condemn the atrocities committed against British troops is insane.

Walker is a clever man.

Not condemning the murders of British troops is unforgivable. It will now be used against him for the rest of the time he acts as a spokesman for the BNP.

He can no longer be trusted with any media opportunities. He is a good bloke, but his judgement has proven to be flawed.

The fact that the bnp went on this junket had to be Griffins idea.

I suspect he did what he usually did - as I have discovered his methodology.

Griffin is either working for the State or he is the most cynical, vile opportunist ever to have wormed their way, into British Nationalist politics.

You can decide for yourself.

Griffin sent Adam Walker to Japan in order to discredit Walker and to cause the media to attack the BNP and thereby this would cause the party to rally around Griffin during this period of time.

Whenever the BNP has an election to fight, and a good chance of victory and a good candidate standing in that election, Griffin says something so stupid to the media so that the media can then destroy our core support in society, destroy the candidates chance to win the seat ( and so ensures no-one in the party can be seen as a competent politician to challenge Griffin ) and it also ensures that when the media then attack Griffin for talking bollocks the Griffinites in the party rally around Griffin.

Take Question Time.

The media and political elite all knew the BNP was cresting on a wave of political support that had to be destroyed, so they call in their useful idiot Griffin to play the media game with them.

I asked Griffin for weeks before the programme was filmed to pull out.

I said that on the day of the show, Griffin should ring in and sayd 'I have the flu, and Andrew Brons is coming' - this would have meant that the whole panel who had been briefed on the endless idiotic statements made by Griffin over the years would have been left with nothing to say.

Also when they all would have tried to attack Andrew Brons they would have made themselves look just like bullies.

Instead Griffin, Dowson and Golding overruled this common sense suggestion.

So in struts Griffin for the cameras and the news, surrounded by bodyguards in sunglasses so as to portray himself as some cut price gangster.

Griffin knew he would be torn to peieces but he didnt care - as Griffin wasnt interested in our vote, elections etc - all he was interested in was securing his own power base and income within the party.

The fact the media attacked him after the Question Time debacle guaranteed that the Griffinite Cult Members in the BNP would flatter and fawn over him even more.

You see in the small mind of a Griffinite what matters most of all is Griffin, not our vote or loyalty to the members.

They circle him like idiot sea lions clapping away whenever he throws them another rotten fish.

Griffin doesnt care about British Nationalism.

Griffin doesnt care about the British people.

Griffin doesnt care about good officers being in the party as they may challenge him for leadership.

Griffin doesnt care about winning elections.

Griffin doesnt care about the party.

Griffin cares about just two things, himself and money.

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Anonymous said...

Don't hold back Lee!
This really is quite an eye-opener but I think you are right. So many opportunities have been ballsed-up by Griffin. Is he State, as in recruited by the likes of MI5? Doubt it but he is certainly a useful idiot to discredit the Party. Adam Walker might one day be a potential leadership challenger (assuming there is a BNP in 3-4-5 years time!). The Japan visit will be dragged out to show why he is an unfit person to challenge Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee

It would be interesting to have your reaction to the following articles which cast doubt on the BNP as a genuine opposition party.


"UKIP and the BNP are honeytraps to neutralise activists: UKIP is riddled with Freemasons and Common Purpose like a cancer, and the BNP controlled by the Edgar Griffin (father) and son Nick Freemasonry family."

Nick Griffin's father is a freemanson.


"Nick Griffin MEP / The BNP

A number of regional organisers have left because the leader, Nick Griffin, like Nigel Farage, will not genuinely fight the EU.

It has been explained to Griffin why the EU is a dictatorship, with documentation; he’s been shown how to defeat the EU with 8,000 members. He paid lip service and made promises in front of his own people, then did nothing, and makes speeches like: “....the EU isn’t the threat; forget the EU, the threat is “peak oil”, and the BNP should plant vegetables.”

There is no better way to neutralise a political party. Andrew Bronz, BNP MEP, filibusters in speeches and does not attack the EU effectively. On the bright side, it seems it is just these two who are the EU’s placemen, and the rest of the party, 99 percent of them, are 50+ year old ex Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem members disgusted their old parties are doing nothing. Unfortunately, neither will the BNP."


David Noakes points out that none of the parties - including the BNP- are organising any civil disobedience campaigns such as a permanent general strike. This, he claims, proves that they are working for the EU and not against it.

David Noakes on Edge Media TV: 8/11 'Exposing The EU Dictatorship'
at 7’30”

David Noakes on Edge Media TV: 9/11 'Exposing The EU Dictatorship'
at 5’20”

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Thursday 22 April 2010 03:00

Anonymous said...

Sorry Lee that was pathetic, we know you can do far better, ad hominen and straw men as well as delusionary or subversive appearing to be spat out rather than thought out in what can only be judged as partisan side taking spite.

take a step outside your goldfish bowl for a change lee, this is getting tiresome.

Make some real points or you will lose credibility and then you will hold no sway in nationalism, which i feel would be a great shame for a great mind like yours, that seems to be caught up in some, he said, she said twaddle.

The attrocities must be cndemmed by all, but the rest was trite.

You are losing credibility as you lose your sense of balance and perspetive, all this EU only trite, Nazis trite, what a little world you have suddenly been encapsulated by.

and sorry to dissapoint you but i rarely visit the green arrow and agree with you on many points, but please pull your head out of your arse, it seems you have lost the wood for the trees and are currently no better than the UAF with their childish shite.

If you want to attack the leadership then do it on solid ground, not everytime someone drops a sweet wrapper(often unsubstantiated).

praise what people did right not always looking for the negative just because you want to join a gang who were generally formed but counting sweet wrappers dropped.

yes some good and serious points have been raised but most of the claims and gripes were of a personal matter and amounted to crap all.

Cue the name calling and avoiding the real issues that `nationalism` has decended into.

Anonymous said...

"Griffin and the New Axis"

Lee I think you should know that the UAF have been making posts on your blog claiming to be you!

Anonymous said...

"He can no longer be trusted with any media opportunities. He is a good bloke, but his judgement has proven to be flawed."

Bulldust, no one expects Adam to get everything right, no one expects him to walk on water, to over inflate this as the end of Adams political carear and forever tarnishing the BNP, is pathetic.

You think Butler or yourself would fair better in the spotlight or any of the breakaway crew?

what next Adam picks his nose? Adam had a black shirt on? Adam was in the army which shows his hankering after his own brown shirts and military shite?

To shackle the trip with claims of Nazism hankering makes you no different to searchlight, as tyndall said, you DONT use their language, that they use to smear us as you simply reinforce their message, so why are you reinforcing the UAF and British haters message using their terms to knock the party, or should i say using Adam as a stick with which you try and beat Nick with!

How low is that?

As for the Japanese a massive amount are anglophiles, they LOVE this country, they love the age when Britain was great, the 40s 50s and 60s many are massive collectors of all things great british, when britain was the best at everything, cars, bikes, everything.

Many of them would like to see a Britain like that and many of them are unaware of the changes but will now know it will take a BNP to do it, to constantly rub their noses in the second world war which they are deeply ashamed off should not be the main agenda, but building bridges and showing the world that the BNP is not isolated - VITAL, I also think you will be surprised just how much positive attention the BNP will now get from the Japanese.

They have moved on and while i dont suggest adam plays it down when questioned direct i also think playing it up is even more unhelpfull in light of moving the party forward worldwide, you never know the BNP could have sparked something great.

As for the media, stop playing their game of hatred and bollocks, the UAF and the media could turn a BNP supporter helping an old lady crossing the road into an act of hate, that could be interpreted in some nazi like fashion.

Is that all that is left of Lee Barmes?

Their media is collapsing, we will create our own and set the agenda ourselfs, forever hiding in the shadows too scared to offend anyone is playing their game their way all the way into extinction.

Defender of Liberty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Defender of Liberty said...

Hi chaps,

I never post on any site other than this and occasional ones on The Majority Rights site.

The idea I would put comments on the UAF site is hilarious, those numpties are as much brain deads as some of the Griffin / Dowson supporters.

If you do not think that the BNP sending a delegation to Japan in order to visit a Japanese political party that reveres Japanese war criminals who murdered tens of thousands of British soldiers as saints in the same week as the VJ Anniversary is nothing less than a total publicity disaster , then you are much as a thick delusional twat as Griffin who authorised the junket.

As for me and Nationalism, unless the BNP get rid of Dowson and Griffin then I will attack the BNP as a cult of stupidity.

I will not stop being a nationalist, its just that I will look at getting involved with real nationalists that know about such things as British Nationalism, loyalty to comrades, integrity, honesty and probity and who do not hide / cover up and protect sexual predators who sexually assault not just one but two BNP members.

But more on that later.

Until Griffin and Dowson go then the BNP is a dangerous liability for real nationalism and real nationalists.

Its not nationalism that fallen into the gutter, Griffin and Dowson dragged the BNP into the gutter with them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the Japanese should be made to insincerely appologise every day by people not even born then as it makes such a difference! the romans also and the Germans and the British should appologise for slavery everyday, and the empire and the...

this is bullshit, the Japanese are deeply ashamed of their past, something they had little choice in, something most were not alive at the time and with few survivers today, lets keep appologising as it is the new PC thing to do.

What happened to many people is a disgrace and what happens today in afghanistan is a disgrace, but no one in the media is banging a gong about that, or Serbia or any of it.

Lets not climb up on our sanctimonious white horse and claim the sinners are doomed for not repenting five times a day every day for the next thousand years or more.

You got an issue with it, take it up with the people that did nothing about it, not asking for constant bullshit appologies.

Anonymous said...

So Lee, let us suppose we have got Nick to step down, then what?

who do you suppose will step into his shoes, please don't say whoever decides to stand, you now many of the players and how capable each one is, so who Lee in YOUR view are the top 3 for the job, saying you get your wish and Nick and Dowson are removed.

Let's stop talking of the grass is greener and show us the grass!

No side stepping please - IN YOUR VIEW, here is your chance to ad some valid input, will you take it or fence sit again?

I have an open mind, talk us through your top three, if you cannot then you have no place critizicing as you have no valid alternative and if your choice should win and do well tghen we can celebrate the wisdom of Lee.

Got the balls to put your money where your mouth is Lee to do i spot a fence for you to sit on?

Anonymous said...

The most stupid idea in all this is that Griffin dreamed up the entire nationalist shtick to get rich and now after all these years of support Barnes has just found this out and is now of course trumpeting it to the whole world.
First Griffin has a law degree from Cambridge, If he had wanted to make money he had lots better ways than being a nationalist in a fringe movement all his life. He lives on ten poor acres in Wales in a stone cottage he rebuilt himself. He is 51 years old He has raised a family and he produces much of his own food. He has not had a decent salary until he got elected to the EP a year ago. Anyone who thinks he is in this for the money is mentally ill.
2 AS for being in it for the fame, he has to have body guards wherever he goes because of all the people who hate him and want to attack him. and he periodically undergoes attacks from former "friends" Like lee and others who turn rabid when they are finally told no you can't do this, or we are going to do this another way no matter what you think.
3 He has tried to explain to Racists for years and I have watched him do it that there is a qualitative difference between loving your own culture and hating other races. Until recently Barnes supposedly upheld all this now he has turned his attack dog personality on Griffin.
5 Griffin in the eighties and nineties was overly influenced by all the John Tyndal types in the Party,and he said a lot of things that were supportive of them. When he was challenged on the Holocaust he researched it thoroughly and indeed found out that the Germans had tried to extermminate every Jew in Europe. He also became alarmed about the massive number of Muslims who were settling here. Hence his message on the Holocaust has been the same and steady since 2001 He changed his views from what they were and has admitted his previous views were wrong. How about You Lee? shall we dig up some of your old rants?
6 Griffin is stepping down from the BNP in three years and is now grooming a whole new generation of leaders without racist and anti Semitic baggage. They are also people with the social skills necessary to communicate with the general public which anyone who has heard your rants, Lee, could well point out that you lack.
7 As to what the press says about all nationalists being Nazis, here is a big piece of news for you Lee. The establishment press is owned by the Globalists and will never support any Nationalists. That is why the Party is changing, getting into extensive social networking in the regions. And that is why the so called organizers who couldn't organize any but already committed nationalists and of course the race haters are being replaced with others who have people skills.

Anonymous said...

This is great Lee, but your joining the party a little bit into the proceedings. Just to bring you up to speed, everyone with two brain cells together has already seen Griffin for what he is, a fat useless maggot unfit to lead a dog much less a revolutionary movement upon which the fate of the British People depends.

So if your going to apply your intellect to something, how about something a bit more constructive?

This is a crucial moment when we have a chance to re-forge nationalism while the pieces are still in a state of flux. We need a Beveridge Report for the radical right asap.

This guys got some interesting ideas, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this article Lee,you would not believe the trouble i have had with NG.
I believe i was top of his hate list. This article vindicates me i believe.

alanorei said...

What concerns me, Lee, is that however you've expressed yourself and whatever reactions have been generated thereby, you raise specific issues that are not being satisfactorily addressed by the relevant movers and shakers.

That always worries me. Cover-up and evasion are not options for the BNP.

You'll appreciate that as a KJB-Only independent Baptist, I looked for God's guidance on all this, as is customary.

The response often comes as a part of scripture.

This time it was Matthew 3:3 and cross references w.r.t. "the voice of one crying in the wilderness."

I think that's you, mate.

The last one we had in this country was Enoch Powell. Like the original voice (John the Baptist), he was right too, i.e. about a new form of what Churchill called The Gathering Storm.

The likelihood of cover-ups at the highest level promise to be the Party's worst storm yet. I trust it has at grass roots level, the will and fortitude to survive.

Anonymous said...

So in essence, you are saying the BNP are finished and everyone should go back to voting for liblabcon or ukip?

Come on man! This blog is beginning to read like something from the UAF/Searchlight website.

What the hell?

Anonymous said...

I must admit that I used to pop in here for a look once in a blue moon, But now I pop in most days. I realise that you are a man who will speak his mind and will never again stand silent while the bad triumph over the good. I know you kept quiet before, I now put that down as you trying to put party unity before that of individuals. But because of griffins on going destruction of the party your stance has been forced. And you have had enough of the destruction.

I think you will find your readership will go up.

This is dire days for our country, and I fear deeply for my children. I am thinking about going UKIP, and trying to give them some backbone. Do you have any suggestions Lee.

PPS as an ex squaddie, I find Walkers pro Japanese stance as disgusting. Not for being friends with Japanese people, but for not having the nationalist balls to say "Hey your country did wrong" "they murdered prisoners"

What next for Walker a trip to Mecca to kiss Allahs arse.

Adrian Peirson said...

Even if there is a little hanging on till payday, Griffin and his family deserve a payoff, but I agree with other posters, civil disobedience ought to be encouraged and this could be your contribution Lee.
I'm suing, the Police, Hull council, Luton council, the Labour Party, Four Endocrinologists and a Professor, the latter quintet for falsifying my medical notes and a medical report they never expected I'd dare submit to court.
Interestingly, not one of them has an British sounding name.
Two of them claim to have thoroughly reviewed my case and concluded I don't have Hypogonadotrophic Hypogonadism, despite classic symptoms and an MRI written up as 'pituitary looks rather small to my experience'.

and that my anemia, osteoporosis, and the fact that I have the hormonal profile of a 120yr old male is due to uspecified psychological problems, despiite the fact that these two third world witch doctors have never even met me.
So now the NHS is carrying out clinical diagnoses by telepathic remote viewing, I suppose it's all part of the efficiency savings because of the creedit cruch.

Several of these imported cretins Another write I did not report feeling better when I took the correct medication, which begs the question then why the fuck am I suing the NHS to give it to me then you fucking useless brainless tosspots !!!!!!

and why did three other doctors write in my notes, 'patient reports feeling better on private treatment.

Ah, the wonders of being able to access your own medical records, wonder how long we'll still be allowed that.

I could go on but you get the idea, despite their apparent credentials, I feel like I'm playing chess with 5 idiots.
If there is any justice in the legal system, I'll never have to work for the living again, and hopefully, these five foreign imports wont be allowed to.

Anyway, how about you instructing people on how to bring about their own cases to court, if hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions started bringing credible cases to court, things might change.

A few years ago my house was reposessed, because there was some equity in it, I took the matter to court on my own and asked the Judge if I could be allowed to sell on the open market, the Judge allowed me to, I had an estate agent give a valuation so there was no real risk to the mortgage lender.

This is a relatively simple thing to do, there are some decent Judges out there still.

All people would need would be a little advice, perhaps in return for a donation to your favourite charity for your advice.
You could offer an online legal advice service for Nationalists in need of assistance, legal guidance.
Or how to stay (just) within the law.