Thursday 12 August 2010

The Jim Dowson Tape

Image - BNP members, you must give us your money or else you will be expelled.

At 12.10 am this morning I got a phone call from Jim Dowson doing one of his usual well known threatening phone calls.

I answered the phone as I didnt recognise the number, but as soon as I heard that it was Gollum on the other end after he said 'Hi Lee, its Jim Dowson' I just replied 'Oh fuck off' and put the phone down.

Jim doesnt like people to treat him with the contempt he deserves, so he rang me straight back and when I rejected it he left the message you can hear below on my phone - he also used his own mobile phone to do so and did not hide the number.

No doubt he was drunk on champagne and brandy after a BNP funded piss up with Der Fuhrer Plankton.

Malicious or abusive phone calls are a criminal offence, under section 43 of the Telecommunications Act, 1984.

So not only this was Gross Misconduct in his employment role as a BNP officer, behaviour likely to bring the bring the BNP into disrepute under the BNP constitution but it is also a criminal offence and also a civil law offence under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997.

But Griffin will not do anything to stop Dowson, as the BNP is just a money making scam for Griffin and his cabal of halfwits on the payroll and as Dowson is the bag man, then they need him to get at the cash.

I am not the only member threatened by Dowson.

Many others have.

Yet Der Fuhrer Plankton has done nothing to stop Dowson threatening members or molesting young female members of the BNP whilst pretending to a 'holy man'.

Dowson is a con man.

Griffin is an idiot.

Hence the two came together.

Griffins only experience in the world of employment has been stacking shelves in the co-op, theres nothing wrong with that of course as I also stacked shelves in the Co-Op when I was a student at the Law School in Kent University when I was studying for my honours degree in law, but the fact Griffin stacked tins of beans onto a shelf should not mean he should be allowed to make financial decisions for the BNP such as employing Jim Dowson, moving BNP assets out of the party into Jim Dowsons private companies and sacking employees of the party illegally.

But Griffin does this, even though everyone in the senior levels of the BNP regard Griffins skills in business on the same level of competence as Les Dawson's piano playing.

Dowson, or Gollum as he is known, is a maggot.

He has the internal moral landscape and charisma of an empty cardboard box.

He runs the BNP as he runs virtually all sections of the BNP, as Jim Dowson PLC operation.

But the mugs that still support Griffin dont care that Griffin and Dowson will sack senior organisers, officers and activists to hide the fact that BNP member Shelley Rose has made serious allegations of sexual assault against Jim Dowson.

They like the idiot cult members they are still repeat the mantra 'Plankton must be obeyed' until any bad thoughts disappear.

This weekend is the summer school.

If the Reverend Jim Dowson, just like the Reverend Jim Jones, and Nick Griffin ordered them to drink arsenic laced orange juice Kool Aid they would do so - and they would die smiling as they did so.

That is how pathetic the BNP has become under Griffin and Dowson.

A pathetic cult of personality built around a fat pig farmer and a fake reverend who bought his title off of the internet.

You stay in the BNP under these two vultures, then you are complicit in their criminality.

Only when Griffin resigns as chairman and Dowson is exorcised from the BNP will I return to assist real BNP nationalists in the rebuilding of the party.

Until then the cult of moronism that rules the BNP can stick its head up its own arse where it belongs.

I may go to the police today, but as I have been threatened by Dowson before with a visit from UDA terrorists and killers from Northern Ireland such as his friend Michael Stone , I am bit shook up.

I may also go to court, get an injunction and sue him for damages.

One question does alarm me though.

I wonder what the UDA senior officials think of Dowson using the UDA name as a way to terrorise people.

The UDA are supposed to have decommissioned their weapons and be on permanant ceasefire.

If the government decommissioning body found out that the UDA were willing to allow Jim Dowson to hire ex-UDA terrorists for private hits then this would mean they are in breach of the ceasefire agreement with the government, and it would mean that all those convicted ex-UDA terrorists out on license would be returned to prison and also the millions of pounds in government redevelopment money to assist ex-UDA members into employment and work will be withdrawn.

The fact that Jim Dowson uses the name UDA to threaten people, and also his contacts with ex-UDA members as he has done with me before and others, should be of serious concern to the ex-members of the UDA.

Either he is a high ranking member of the UDA with contacts in the organisation and is using their name without their permission or he is lying and just using the UDA name to terrorise people.

Both should be of serious concern to the real UDA men who have chosen peace, family and employment instead of terrorism.


Anonymous said...

Hello Lee, i am Steve from Simon's e-mail forum.

I think its a joke that the BNP have come to this. The party is now stuck in a cul-de sac and won't be going anywhere with Griffin and Dowson in charge. After a good few years of activism i feel let down by the hierachy and glad i left to be honest.

If you want to re-join Simon's e-mail group (Because your old e-mail was destroyed by the party) then send me an e-mail (If you still have my address) and we'll get you back on.

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...


Provide transcript as sound is pants

d.parker ex-bnp said...

I personally think that the podgy, pasty-faced little weasel-dick con-man is full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee, you have gone up in my estimation 10 fold. I wish you had known the truth when Kenny Smith was sacked. he seen what you are now seeing. And like you maybe will return when the BNP finally gets rid of the users, who in my eyes are bigger traitors that the UAF.

Dowson is nothing and he will find it difficult to sleep easy in Scotland, or attend any national function.

Keep the blog going, as real nationalists need to hear the truth.

Caravan Man Turrif

Dave t said...

Am I being naive but why not prosecute these btwo thieves?

Chuckle brotherhood said...

Lee , next time you get a bit down ,take a look at a packet of Tunnocks caramels , then that photo of the pair, and give yourself a laugh.I knew id seen that mugshot before.Thanks for saving me a renewed party subscription, I'll buy some biscuits instead.Keep up the good work with your blog mate.

Anonymous said...

Lee, the question nobody has asked is exactly what has Dowson got on Griffin? My instinct tells me that this is the bottom of all the trouble.

Anonymous said...

Look Lee, If you have proof of mis doings in the party or threats to your person, go to the police.
It seems to me that you were happy to tow the party line until you lost your post in the party.
Could it be that you are just bitter about that?. It would seem so from your unnecessary insulting terms to refer to Mr Griffin or Mr Dowson.
Like I said, put up, or shut up!.

Defender of Liberty said...

Re the police.

Just watch this space.

Spare us the Mr. this Mr. that.

They are Plankton and Krusty the Krab.

Anonymous said...

dowson didnt buy his 'title' off the internet - he was 'ordained' by a man now working as a bus driver in London.
However his BTh (if not his MA) was obtained from a 'college' that is not recognised by the government, dept of education or anyone else other than its students and faculty.
even those of us who have known him for years - and used to consider him a friend - would not give him this much control of anyone else's finances. He ran UK Life League and Precious Life the same way - as a way to line his own pocket!

Anonymous said...

Jim Dowson is persona non grata as far as the UDA are concerned... the UVF too for that matter. He has no status at all in NI and is known as a drunken wife abuser who turned to 'good living' after being given a punishment beating from the very organisations he threatens others with... and the reason for the beating?? passing counterfeit currency... ON A FERRY!!!!