Friday 27 August 2010

The Pseudo-Nationalists and how to Defeat Them

The primary aim of any new British Nationalist political party is to promote an inclusive British Cultural Nationalism, at the same time as empowering a new form and consciousness of Cultural and Ethno-Nationalism in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that replaces the civil nationalist political parties presently in power in those regions of Great Britain.

At present Scotland and Wales have civic nationalist parties in power or in parliament and not single Cultural Nationalist or Ethno-Nationalist party in power or participating in elections.

In fact in England, Wales and Scotland any Cultural Nationalist parties or Ethno-Nationalist parties that seek to promote the interests of the indigenous cultures of those nations and also their own indigenous ethnic groups, are regarded as ’extremist’ and ’racist’ by the political and media elite.

This is absurd.

The indigenous English in England, the indigenous Welsh in Wales and the indigenous Scots in Scotland have the inalienable right, and duty, to organise and have political representation within their own nations.

So too the Anglo-Irish community in Northern Ireland.

Yet in the present polis, the very concept of Culturally Nationalist and Ethno-Nationalist political parties even participating in the democratic political process is regarded as almost of an equivalence to racism or Nazism.

This is due to the pollution of the contemporary political environment by the toxin of Cultural Marxism.

The triumph of Cultural Marxism is that it managed to subvert the moral and political foundations of nationalism in the West, ironically enough at the exact same time as the gulags and death camps of the Marxist Dialectic were busy slaughtering tens of millions of people in Eastern Europe and around the world who dared defy its dictates.

Using the Orwellian methodologies of ;

a) Gramscian to undertake a ‘cultural struggle’ that infiltrated and subverted the institutions of the church, media, academia, judiciary and politics within British society,

b) The psychological terrorism of the Frankfurt School to wage war upon the social and communal cohesion of the West,

c) The imposition of the ‘Marxist Terrorism of the Word’ via political correctness in order to silence free speech

d) And the mechanism of mass immigration to dilute ethno-nationalism.

Through these mechanisms Cultural Marxism managed to transform the ’image’ of Nationalism amongst the masses from something sublime and noble into something sinister and untrustworthy.

Whilst the Marxists lost the economic, ideological and military struggles of the 20th Century against global capitalism, they managed to win the ‘perceptual’ war amongst the masses of the West.

With this victory they ‘delegitimised’ the concepts of British Nationalism, Cultural Nationalism and Ethno-Nationalism.

Marxism then infected the mainstream and morphed into repressive state liberalism, welfare capitalism and political correctness, which in turn became more repressive, violent and militaristic, culminating in the creation of the totalitarian surveillance state.

As the sovereignty of our country was subverted by globalist supra-national institutions and corporations, at the exact same time the British constitution, and our ancestral rights and liberties, were being removed and repressed by our own politicians.

We were simultaneously betrayed and disarmed.

Now the time has come to take up arms again and wage a new nationalist cultural struggle to take back our country, our nations, our cultures and our liberty.

We the people, will it.

Therefore British Nationalists, Cultural Nationalists and Ethno-Nationalists must initiate a counter revolution of Cultural Nationalism.

This requires the promotion and formation of an integrated British Cultural Nationalist, indigenous Cultural Nationalist and Ethno-Nationalist political party.

The fact that The Scottish Nationalist Party for instance is a civic nationalist party, that regards anyone who enters the borders as ’Scottish’ and seeks to promote multi-culturalism, as opposed to indigenous solely Scottish culture, is a disgrace.

Not only are the indigenous Scottish people being displaced as the demographic majority in their own country by immigration from all nations of the world, at the same time their own government is promoting the ideology of multi-culturalism - which is simply the mechanism of colonisation and the displacement and replacement of the indigenous Scottish people.

When Scottish Nationalists vote for the SNP, they are in fact voting for the destruction of their own indigenous Scottish culture, the ethnic cleansing of their own kin by mass immigration and colonisation via multi-culturalism.

The SNP is not a ‘nationalist’ party, it is a GLOBALIST party, a political party that postures as being nationalist in order to delude people into voting for it, whilst at the same time it actively assists the national destruction of Scotland and the betrayal of the indigenous Scottish people.

As for the idea that there can ever be such a thing as ‘Scottish Independence‘, that sort of Nationalism is as idiotic as the idea that the swastika flag should replace the Union Jack and National Socialism should replace Democracy.

Anyone whose idea of Scottish Nationalism involves a border post being erected on the English and Scottish border patrolled by kilted Scottish border police who refuse the Sassenachs entrance to Scottish national territory should be sectioned.

That also applies to Welsh Nationalists who ‘think’ the same.

The idea of Scottish and Welsh Independence is for delusional nutters.

As for the idea of Scottish Independence under a civic nationalist party like the SNP, then that is simply insanity.

The SNP are not a cultural nationalist party, they are not an ethno-nationalist party and they support mass immigration, political correctness and multi-culturalism.

If the SNP ever managed to gain a mandate for Scottish Independence, then they would destroy Scotland, the Scottish people and Scottish culture forever.

Only a fool or a traitor votes for the SNP or the Welsh Nationalists.

The SNP and the Welsh Nationalists are not ‘nationalist’ parties, at all, they are merely peddled as ‘nationalists’ by the corporate media and their ranks are filled with liberals whose loyalty is to Cultural Marxism, not the people and culture of their nations.

In order to defeat the pernicious effects of Cultural Marxism, we must empower its antidote which is Cultural Nationalism.

Any new political party of British Cultural Nationalism and indigenous Ethno-communalism, must stand candidates as Cultural and Ethno-Nationalists in elections in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

We must stand for a new mythos of Britishness, a fusion of cultural nationalism and ethno-nationalism.

In England the real English Nationalists will then vote for the British Cultural Nationalist party simply as the party programme includes a pledge to create an English Parliament and to pass legislation to enable English cultural and ethno-communal structures and organisations to be established in England.

The aim of the new nationalist party candidates in this British Cultural Nationalism party who stand in elections in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is to undermine the civic nationalist parties and create a new Cultural and Ethno-nationalist political power bases in those nations.

Thereby we co-ordinate the re-nationalisation process at both the level of the individual nations state and the British State.

In Northern Ireland the aim of the candidates will be to unify the Anglo-Irish community around defending Northern Irish culture and the Northern Irish people as an ethnic group, instead of perpetuating division based on political and communal sectarianism.

The division of Northern Ireland into various Loyalist feuding factions has ensured they are unable to defend their communal interests both from the traitors in the Westminster Parliaments and from the Cultural Marxist ‘Irish nationalist’ political parties like Sinn Fein.

Whilst the loyalists have splintered into ever smaller factions, who then waged war against themselves and stood against each other in elections and split the loyalist vote, the Cultural Marxist Irish Nationalists like Sinn Fein ( who are not nationalists at all ) have grown into a real political threat to the loyalist community in Northern Ireland.

Unless a new British Cultural Nationalist political party arises that unifies the entire loyalist community in Northern Ireland then loyalist culture, the loyalist ethnic community and the very existence of the Northern Irish state is at risk.

A similar political party that seeks to create a new nationalist movement in Southern Ireland and that works to promote indigenous Irish culture and the rights of the indigenous Irish people, that seeks to end sectarianism, that opposes mass immigration, that rejects multi-culturalism and that promotes the interests of the indigenous Irish people and Irish culture would also be a welcome antidote to the poisonous pseudo-nationalism of Sinn Fein.

Only a true nationalist party that seeks to integrate the fundamental forces of British Cultural Nationalism, Cultural Nationalism and Ethno-nationalism all across the United Kingdom into a cohesive and dynamic whole, can create the new political order that our country, nations, cultures and peoples, demand and deserve.

In order to resist the onslaught of the juggernaut of Globalism, each of these fundamental forces of Nationalism must merge to forge a political movement and a political party designed specifically to wrest power from the fools, traitors and crooks that presently misrule us and our country.

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Anonymous said...

warfare and subversion aginst The BNP

you fit in well with the left then,

psudeo nationalist you are


Anonymous said...

Good read...enjoyed that, much better Lee. I resigned can see like many the problems the BNP has by being led by NG.

If he doesnt go, then he will sink with the BNP. The quality of nationalists expelled, suspended and resigned, are evidence that the BNP is heading into oblivion with NG at the helm. Shame he cant be a man of dignity and bow out now, with recognition of his work and thanks...otherwise he will be remembered far less favourably.

Oh, you got a mention on Sky lee...

Defender of Liberty said...

Re -traitor ; Looks like the Griffinite window lickers have run out lithium again.

Thanks anon for the heads up on the sky news issue.


extant said...

Brilliant, I would say, forward sooner than later.

Just whilst we are on the subject, you are without any question whatsoever a Celt.

In fact, your probably more celt than I am ;o)

Your ideas mate are uncomplete, but simply brilliant, and if the morons cant see through what we are realy talking about, they are fkn idiots.


Adrian P said...

Rothschild's warning to the Plebs

Anonymous said...

More weasle words, note the cultural being slipped in to eventually replace the ethno centric element, you turned your back on the British Lee, you are prepared to sell them out for a restricted and ever shrinking reservation like the red indians.

What you are selling is not the reclaiming of our land but the retreat into the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Lee you still havent address how the leadership or future leadership should deal with the corrupting influence of the MEP money.

I made several suggestions but neither you or Butler have addressed the issue, it appears to be the elephant in the room that no one will discuss, seems many want to get their hands on that pot of gold and are playing possum.

Anonymous said...

Possibly the best and most insightful blog on the WWW.
Thank you Mr Barnes.

Anonymous said...

There will only be one nationalist party with any clout in our country and that is the BNP. Set up a rival lee and it will flounder and die as all other splinter groups have over the last 10 years. That your hatred for the BNP exceeds your irritation at the left speaks volumes. You ve now allied yourself with the Searchlight brigade ; shame on you.

Seegar said...

You (mostly) write very good missives.
I enjoy reading them and in most instances agree with you.
Well done lee. I'm impressed.

Adrian P said...

People don't think that deep, it needs spelling out, people think, Oh SNP, a national party, independence and vote, not realising that they are not going to be independent, they may seperate from the UK as an EU region, it's a trick, the same with the Welsh nationalists, the general public does not think that deep, they do not know that a civic nationalist means that ANYONE can be British, Welsh or Scottish or Irish.

It needs spelling out.

Over and Over so people will vote for what they really want.
The powers that be know this is how the masses think, they rely on it.