Sunday 22 August 2010

The Red Pill 3

Follow the link below for the video interview for Celente.

Celente is correct in his thesis as what we have seen with the nationalisation of the banks is the takeover of nation states by the banks - and the creation of a form of International Corporate Fascism, or the New World order as it is also known.

International Corporate Fascism is where the national economies, governments and banks have been taken over by the international bankers.

Contrary to the propaganda put out by the Corporate Media, the banks havent been nationalised, the banks and bankers have in fact taken over our nations and national economies.

The banks havent been nationalised, our nations have been privatised.

Our nations are now run by the bankers and globalist institutions like the World Bank and its regional groupings such as the EU.

This is why we require a form of Nationalist Class Warfare, where the people of nation states rise up against the puppet politicians that serve the globalist supra-national institutions like the WTO, World Bank, EU, US banks etc etc and against the bankers and other traitors in our nation.

We must at all costs ensure that Marxist Class Warfare does not gain popular support in our society as the Marxists are the Red stormtroopers of the Global Capitalists, as the capitalists fund and support the red groups, such as George Soros and the foundations and NGO's he funds that run the red groups in our country.

Nationalist Class Warfare is against the internationalists and globalists in our country who serve the global corporations and other supra-national institutions - and the aim of Nationalist Class Warfare must be to repatriate political power back to the British people from those global banks and globalist institutions to enable us to get our trillions of pounds of tax money back from the banks and bankers which was given away to them by Gordon Brown, and for us to use that money when we get it back to create a National Economy that will support the creation of a National Community and get our people back into work.

If the crash causes a rise in support for Marxist Class Warfare, then the only winners will be the global capitalists who will use their red violence to pass ever more laws to clamp down on free speech, the right to protest and our civil liberties.

The Marxists are the agents of Capitalism.

Their violence allows the government, which a puppet of the corporate media and globalist institutions, to pass ever more laws to remove our liberty.

We as Nationalists must resist both the Marxists and Capitalists.

This must be our strategy.

As the system collapses the Marxists will attack the state and the agents of the state.

The capitalists will assist and fund the marxists to do this in order to allow the state to pass more laws to repress the people and to ensure the control of the bankers and globalists in our countries is empowered.

Therefore we must simply allow the marxists and the state to attack each other, whilst we simply prepare to defend ourselves from any aggression from the state or the marxists.

Let the marxists attack the state and the state attack the marxists, whilst we simply keep out of the way and defend ourselves only if we are attacked.

When the state and the revolutionary marxists have caused society to undergo a collapse as they enter the street conflict stage with each other, then we must be prepared as a nationalist movement to fill the vacuum that will exist when both do so.

The vacuum will be the anger of the masses who are anti-Marxist, anti-globalist and pro-nationalist and who have been abandoned into social poverty and unemployment by the government and the state.

They will demand a Nationalist solution to their problems.

The BNP under Griffin is not that nationalist vanguard, as Griffin is just another tool of the capitalists, a man who seeks wealth and power simply for himself.

He cannot be trusted with power.

Therefore a new nationalist vanguard must be created that will fill that vacuum when it occurs and who can lead, organise and direct the revolutionary masses into a nationalist movement.

I suggest that Nationalists begin to form autonomous cells of nationalists who are prepared for the coming struggle.

These will be small groups of nationalists in new and existing nationalist groups who know and trust each other and who can work together in a group.

This will then allow them to organise and form new nationalist movements in our communities.

Then when the system collapses those nationalist vanguards can come together to form a new nationalist elite that will fill the vaccuum in their communities and society and who can then form a new mass street movement to challenge the state and its globalist / marxist / capitalist traitor lackeys.

If the BNP cannot be saved from the Griffinites, then Nationalists must not sit back and do nothing.

We must prepare for the coming collapse now.

The fake "recovery" was nice while it lasted, says famous apocalyptic forecaster Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute. But now the fun's over, and we're headed for what Celente describes as the "Greatest Depression."

Specifically, the always startling Celente says the country is headed for rising unemployment, poverty, and violent class warfare as the government efforts to keep the economy going begin to fail.

The crux of the problem, Celente argues, is that the middle class has been wiped out. America used to be a land of opportunity for all, where hard-working people could build their own small businesses in their own communities and live prosperous and fulfilling lives. But now a collusion of state and corporate interests that Celente describes as "fascism" have conspired to help only the biggest companies and the richest Americans. This has put a shocking amount of the country's wealth in the hands of a privileged few and left the rest of the country to subsist on chicken-feed wages and low job satisfaction as Wal-Mart "associates" -- or worse.

The answer, Celente says, is to bring back the laws that prevented huge companies from getting so big and powerful, and put some opportunity back in the hands of ordinary people. But doing that is going to take a while. And in the meantime, we're headed for trouble.

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Lex said...

This is why they are pressing ahead with the Global(ist) Warming tax scam, despite no one with more than a dozen brain cells believes human activity can alter the climate.
That's why they have made a religion out of it, and why their useful idiots are increasingly shrill, hysterical and violent against us "deniers".
It's all going to become very nasty indeed.

Yet despite this, and since Climate Change is supposed to be a major plank in the BNP resistance stance, the party is awfully quiet about it, as it is also about everything else going on and which has presented a series of open goals for them.

Adrian P said...

And try to educate as much of the public as we can as to the nature of the false reality they live in.

That includes alerting nationalists of other nations and races about what is going on in the world.


Rijker said...

Meanwhile -

Its what the dumbfucks vote for.

Adrian Peirson said...

Most people can't join the dots anymore, do you really solve Global Warming, Pollution, road congestion, landfill probems with mass mass mass mass immigration.
Europe is being set up for civil war.