Sunday 22 August 2010

The Red Pill

Follow the link below and it has a video with the FBI agent making the claim ;

A retired FBI agent has come forward with evidence that President John F. Kennedy was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas on Nov 22, 1963.

The Korean War veteran and retired FBI agent, Don Adams, was interviewed by a FOX 8 news reporter. He told the reporter that he worked as an FBI field agent in Thomasville, Georgia.

Adams, who is now 80-years-old, told the reporter that one of his assignments was to investigate "one of the most violent men in the country,” Joseph Milteer.

Adams had an informer who recorded a conversation with Milteer just weeks before the assassination. In the tapes the extreme right radical, with links to the KKK and States Right Party, can be heard talking about the best way to shoot the President. He say the prime location "is from an office building with a high powered rifle."

Agent Adams and his team located Milteer in Quintan, Georgia on November 27, 1963 but the Senior Agent would not allow a proper investigation.

"I said, 'Boss wait a minute, we have an opportunity to elicit tremendous information from him' and he replied 'five questions and nothing more'," said Adams.

Milteer was asked if the President was going to be assassinated. He replied "Oh yes. It's in the works."

It is Adams belief that this information should have been enough for the FBI and the Secret Service to have stop President Kennedy and his wife from travelling.

After the assassination had been carried out Milteer was "jubilant" and bragged about it. He said "You thought I was kidding when I said he would be killed from a window with a high powered rifle."

Milteer was never mentioned in the Warren Commission Report which investigated the assassination. The report from FOX 8 said "Adams suspects Milteer was definitely involved in President Kennedy's death, but he says Oswald absolutely was not."

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Anonymous said...

sounds like more disinfo to me, more red herrings.