Wednesday 11 August 2010

You Have To Laugh

I just logged onto the British Democracy Forum and saw that Simon Bennet had posted the image above.

I almost spat me cuppa over the computer !

It looks like the Rhodesian Nazi terrorist Arthur Kemp has set his wife on me.

I warned Griffin not to set the attackers on me, or their proxies, so dont say you werent warned.

In the party we used to call Kemp 'Napoleon'.

Kemp hates everyone and everything and believes everyone on the planet is below him.

Even though he is an truly ugly, gurning faced dwarf he actually thinks in his own mind he is a strutting, leather clad uber-Nazi blonde haired, blue eyed member of the SS master race.

Sure he has met a few old Nazis in his time due to the regurgitated sub-'SS handbook on racial origins' book the March of the Titans he writes and peddles to the membership along with the other 'Made In Taiwan' old rubbish peddled by the soon to be defunct Excalibur Merchandising.

This is because Excalibur merchandising is going to be replaced very soon by the (SURPRISE SURPRISE) 'St.Georges Merchandising' company which has apparently been set up by (SURPRISE SURPRISE) Jim Dowson in Spain so that he can extract even more money from the members pockets and keep him in nice new SUV's, big houses for his daughter and posh hotel rooms in London where can try and ineptly seduce young, impressionable girls and other women allegedly like Simone Clarke (ex-Fiance of Richard Barnbrook) who it is alleged ( by a reliable source) with whom he allegedly had an threesome with in a hotel room with a Mister X (whose name I know but wont reveal as I like them and will therefore withhold their name - except if they attack me ).

If anything in the party makes any money, then sooner or later Gollum takes charge of it.

I do not know the truth of allegations about Simone Clarke and Jim Dowson, but these are the rumours which are widely known in the Nationalist circles.

As for Kemp I bet the last of the SS old guard laughed when he left the room, having been entertained by this dwarf in thrall to the ideology of the Uberman.

Even Griffin said he was 'an unstable sociopath' who he wanted out of the party.

You know people are truly desperate when they use their wives to go on the attack.

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BGD said...

Hello Lee, seems you (and the surrounding context) are the topic of conversation at both MR & the BDF FYI. Just chucked my two penneth in at MR.


Anonymous said...

Is it fair to say Lee that you've taken this badly?....Move on Lee, this behaviour is beneath you....Donna

Anonymous said...

why didn't you speak up for Simon three months ago? And if you say that is not your job you haven't got a clue what the job is of a legal officer to save this country.Instead you waited until it was all over to speak out,with Griffin stuck in place for another two years. If you didn't realise how to help here you won't realise what it takes to save our country.

Anonymous said...

Bennett has two Ts and the end. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep referring to Kemp as a dwarf? He's over an inch taller than Griffin, and his wife is tall and always wears heels and he's still taller than she. Are you 6' 6" or something?

Ade said...

It may not, as you say be perfect, and if your accusations are correct then they should be aired, but right now the BNP is all the British people have, have your arguments, start another party, but work for the Greater good.
We don't need a Parliament full of BNP, just Good British Nationalists, BNP and or otherwise.