Friday 11 July 2008

Dirty Tricks and Libel Cases

A few months ago a false e mail was sent out from one of the Smith / Blake / Ebanks / Graham cabal in my name that I wrote about here ;

It now appears that the same dirty tricks department are still trying to cause more problems.

These are the same tactics as used by various state agencies for decades. Note that in the last few days another individual within the 'nationalist movement' but who is totally unconnected to the BNP has also been attacked on the Indymedia website following the discovery of a 'letter' that was supposedly sent by him to Gerry Gable of Searchlight.

The fact that the letter was supposedly 'discovered' in the bin of the person who SENT it, rather than in the bin of the person who was supposed to have received it shows how idiotic the people who are involved in these activities are.

If the letter had been discovered in Gerry Gables bin then it would have made sense, but a letter supposedly sent by the person who wrote it being discovered in their own bin makes no sense at all.

It now appears that a group of idiots are indulging in sub-standard MI5 dirty tricks.

Imagine my surprise when I visited the website of a regional newspaper this morning that was running a story concerning the BNP and noticed that they had printed a 'statement' on their site which they asserted was given to them by myself -when in fact this was a complete lie and no such statement was ever written by myself or issued from me.

I have sent the newspaper the following pre-action libel notification as written below.

I have never took a libel action on as regards myself before, it will be interesting now to commence one.

I have blanked out the reports name and the name of the newspaper, as I do not want to assist in the spread of the libel, but the rest of the text is as it was sent to the editor of the newspaper. I put on notice those that repeat the libel will also be joined in the libel case ;

From ; L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

Date ; 11th July 2008

Re ; False Statements and Libel Action



Please find attached below a copy of an article written by *********** on 10/ 7/2008.

The article features the following false statements ;

In a statement, BNP legal director Lee Barnes attacked the leadership challenge as “bogus” and “illegal” and said disciplinary measures would be taken to squash the “diversionary and divisive” activity in the bud.

The statement added: “This is a deceitful and cynical attempt to divert the party’s attention away from the historic victory in London and to derail the activists’ attention away from the all-important European elections next June.”

Mr Barnes said Mr Auty was a “decent” man who was being used as a puppet by party members who were trying to set up a rival political party.

He added: “It is a cynical attempt by our enemies to try to derail the party and to stop activities to get BNP members elected to the European parlia-ment.

“The party is on the edge of a historic victory in Europe next year and nothing must stand in the way of getting the demo-cratically elected chairman and others elected.

“Anyone who has already signed or is thinking of signing the nomination forms for Colin Auty will be suspended from party membership pend-ing an internal disciplinary tribunal where members will be tried for conspiracy and treason.

“Those found guilty will be expelled from the party and proscribed for life.”

These statements contained in the article are completely false allegations.

I have never issued any such statement either to your reporter or to any other persons at any time.

The entire contents of the above statements are false and were never written by myself , issued by myself, authored by myself or issued to anyone by myself at any time.

I am neither the author of the above statements or the person who issued the above statements.

The above statements are libellous of myself in that ;

1) The statements are in direct breach of the BNP members rights under the BNP constitution to nominate and vote for whom they choose in an internal BNP election. They are direct threats against the party membership that seek to usurp their constitutional rights as members. To print these statements and assert that I wrote them damages both my proffessional reputation andand my impartiality as regards BNP member and are therefore libellous.

2) They make false statements as to my role in the party, in that they assert that I have said that individual party members may be suspended from membership of the party and be 'tried for conspiracy and treason'. This also further damages my proffessional reputation as no such disciplinary offences of 'treason or conspircy' exist. This damages my proffessional reputation in that this false statement would make me appear proffessionaly incompetent, in that by stating BNP members could be suspended for conspiracy or treason, would make me appear incompetent in my role as a legal adviser for the party.

3) The overall effect of the statement is to damage my reputation and proffessional competence.

I hereby wish to be provided with the wollowing information ;

A) Where did your reporter get this false 'statement' from

B) Why did he state in the article that I had released the statement to him and your newspaper

C) Why did your reporter not check with me or the BNP press office before issuing the report and printing the false statement

I hereby place you on formal notice that unless you ;

1) remove the article immediatly from your website

2) Print on the article upon receipt of this e mail the following statement ;

"We have been contacted by Mr. Lee Barnes, the BNP Legal Director, and have been informed that the statement we attributed to Mr. Barnes in an earlier version of this report was in fact false. The statement we wrongly attributed to Mr. Barnes did not come from Mr.Barnes, was not written by Mr. Barnes and had nothing to do with either Mr. Barnes or the British National Party. We apologise to Mr. Barnes for this mistake and wish to make clear that the statement was nothing to do with either Mr. Barnes or the British National Party in any way ".

Failure to either remove the article or print the retraction statement will leave me no choice but to issue immediate libel proceedings against both ******** and your newspaper as publisher of the article. I will also issue proceedings in relation to the Press Complaint Commission in relation to the article as well.

I expect the article to be removed upon receipt of this e mail and to see the apology printed within the next two hours.

The time now is 12.30 PM on 11th Juy 2008.

L. J. Barnes LLB (Hons)

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