Wednesday 30 July 2008

Hi To The Puppets

Theres an old saying from the R.A.F during World War Two which goes ;

" How do you know when you are right on target - when you are taking flack from all sides ".

Wise words indeed.

To be attacked for my Odinic Archetype article first on Stormfront and then on Lancaster Unity is proof that the right targets are right in my sights.

When both the Zionists of LU and the Hollywood Nazis of SF, the puppetmasters and their puppets, are attacking you then this is complete validation of your position.

Only when both the Puppetmasters and the Puppets of the Zionist-Nazi Nexus are attacking you, can you say you are near the truth.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing you haven't heard before mate. Probably the same person on both forums. You know, the spotty uni-student with acne so bad you could dip your soldiers into it (toast variety)
Filthy brutes!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The idiots on Wankester Unity know nothing at all about Odinism.

"Now, Odinism is a fictitious religion expounded by many fascists, such as Lee Barnes, as the spiritual means to revive the White race, corrupted and weakened by Christianity."


Do you muppets know ANYTHING about Odinism?

Clearly not.

It is a historical faith going back thousands of years and still being practicised today.

"It is undoubtedly clear that BNP legal director Lee Barnes sees and condemns British society as ‘sick’ which needs to be destroyed by the force of ‘Odin’ to make way for a new BNP-imposed order."

No, any rational and intelligent being (which clearly precludes Lancaster Unity)reading Lee's article will see that he does not say that British society needs to be 'destroyed' by Odin.

What he says is that British society is materially crass and degenerate and spiritually in a vacuum. The archtypal forces present within the Jungian collective unconsciousness of man (look it up dumbos) operate according to certain laws and due to Western man's separation form those archetypal forces those forces take on a life of their own and when channelled unconsciously can be a force for bad.

The Odin archetype is also a force for good - as Lee has explained both in the article on the Joker and elsewhere in his blog. If you bother to read them and understand you will realise where he is going.

Like all unconscious archetypal forces they can be uncontrollable and require balance.

Don't you muppets see our society as 'sick'? Take a look out of your mummy and daddy's bougeois home or student union and walk down the streets of most urban areas. You might end up getting stabbed or mugged if you're unlucky.

The crass materialism and violence, moral decadence and disregard for life, our environment and spirituality is all too evident.

Mind you, conservative twats of the Left like you tossers are part and parcel of the State and the liberal establishment so of course you won't want to upset the status quo. "Defend the staus quo! Defend multiculturalism! Defend human rights and the liberal 'do what you want and fuck everyone else' ideology!" The facile slogans of the Idiocracy.

You Leftist muppets are the biggest sick perverts today and are responsible for the sick society we have to live in.

The unconscious forces that you have unleashed will destroy you and your sick and perverted society.


There can be no going back when those primitive but natural forces that bind man to his spiritual detsiny are unleashed.

"But, Lee Barnes plunges to even greater depths of fascist intellectual depravity when he asserts that Heath Ledger (who died shortly after the filming of The Dark Knight) died because by playing the Joker character, he took on the forces of ‘Odin’ and as such couldn’t control those powers:"

The study of such archetypes is not 'fascist' though the Left's attempts to control study and research and attempting to define what it rgards as acceptable is inded fascist, akin to the Stalinist brutal dictatorships that the Left love, and even Hitler's Nazi regime too.

Heath Ledger took on the role of the Joker only too well and through ill-discipline, illness and carelessness using drugs may have participated in his death. The powerful archetypes that we channel have to be exercised carefully, with respect and with full control, neither through alcohol or drugs.

His death clearly shows that these forces are not to be messed with.

Now the fact that the natural and unconscious forces of patriotism and identity have been repressed by the fascist Left and Big Business ( those two groups always seem to make good bed buddies)in Britain means that certain archetypal forces are being unleashed now on the streets through nihilistic violence. That is the consequence of such archetypal repression. Now other archetypal forces will soon make themselves felt and then the pillars of the political establishment will one day come tumbling down.

Such are the forces that you know nothing about and treat with disrespect and arrogance.

How the small-minded will fall when their arrogance knows no bounds.

Anonymous said...

You lose more votes for the BNP than any Searchlight leaflet or Daily Express smear story you total wank, and dont equate yourself to the brave proud men and women of the RAF, you idle benefit scrounging waster.

Anonymous said...

What a toe rag you are.