Tuesday 22 June 2010

The BBC and the WWC Racists

The day I see a BBC documentary where they send a young white family into an estate in Peckham run by ethnic gangs that use rape as a weapon to enforce their rule, a documentary about the life of a young white family living in an Muslim area in the North or in London with Islamists operating within that community, a documentary about an undercover reporter in the Respect Party, a documentary about the Muslim paedophile grooming gangs all over Britain targeting white children, the Muslim involvement in the importation of heroin into the UK, a documentary about the levels of race attacks on Whites in Britain, a documentary about the power of the Zionist lobby groups in the UK, a documentary about the cruelty of Halal and Kosher animal slaughter -
is the day I give a fuck about the racist, anti-white working class 'hate propaganda' peddled by the middle class white / ethnic liberal scum in the BBC.

The primary victims of racism in the UK are whites.

This is almost completely ignored by the government and the media.

Until the institutional and endemic anti-white racism that afflicts our community is recognised, and the victims in our community helped, then I do not give a damn about the racism directed at other communities.

What I see is the victims of racism, becoming racists.

If the government wants to stop racism, then it better start by dealing with the racism directed at us, the indigenous White British, English, Welsh, Scottish, Anglo-Irish and Irish people of these Islands.

The creation of the multi-cultural politically correct society with its middle class ethnics, was created on top of the corpse of the White Working Class.

Whilst the white liberal middle class invited into its ranks the middle class ethnics it adored and fetishised, it turned its back on its own people - the white working class.

Whilst the multi-cultural middle class PC scum got its cheap plumbers, ethnic accessory girlfriends and boyfriends and ethnic restaurants - we got terrorism, colonisation, ethnic cleansing, racism, criminality, rape and violence.

And now the same multi-cultural middle class PC scum want us to smile as we are betrayed = get real.

Until our plight is recognised, then expect racism to grow.

Until that occurs, and the racism that is directed at us is addressed, then the victims of racism will continue to become racists.

Continue to attack us, at the same as we are being attacked by the ethnic racists, then one day society itself will pay the price.

The only time the issue of racism is publicised is when the victim is not white - which is itself racism.

When white victims of racism are killed - then the story dies in seconds in the media.

The judges seek any reason not to define the attack as racist.

The CPS refuses to classify those attacks as racist.

The police break their own guide lines and refuse to classify the incidents as racist.

The EHRC will not investigate or assist white victims of racism.

Not one inquiry has been undertaken into any of the race murders of whites in the UK or the crimes against humanity of Muslim paedophile gangs targeting white children.

How much longer will our patience hold ?

Not much longer.

One day the spark will ignite and a civil war will erupt.


Two racist thugs jailed for threatening to 'cut the throats' of Asian reporters making undercover BBC documentary

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 2:39 PM on 22nd June 2010

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Two yobs who hurled a string of racist abuse at undercover reporters during a BBC documentary have been jailed for a total of nearly four years.

Sean Ganderton and Martin Durnell systematically 'bullied and threatened' Asian journalists Amil Khan and Tamanna Rahman whilst being secretly filmed on Panorama.

Ganderton, 23, was filmed telling Mr Khan he should walk in the road because then it would be 'Bye bye Paki', before punching him in the head.
Sean Ganderton
Martin Durnell

Sean Ganderton, left, and Martin Durnell, right, were jailed for a total of nearly four years today for hurling racist abuse at undercover reporters

The unemployed pair hung around the streets drinking, kicking footballs at the undercover reporters, threatening to hit them and 'cut their throats'.

Ganderton and Durnell, 18, both of Southmead estate, Bristol, admitted racially aggravated harassment or putting people in fear of violence.

Judge Michael Roach jailed Ganderton for two years and sent Durnell to youth custody for 21 months at Bristol Crown Court.

He said: 'Your behaviour in this eight to ten-week period was utterly abhorrent.

'In a cowardly way you bullied and threatened the two people. On one occasion, Mr Ganderton, you punched Mr Khan.

'This behaviour can only justify a custodial sentence. It will not be tolerated. Whenever this behaviour comes to court, immediate custody will follow.

'I've no doubt Miss Rahman and Mr Khan were utterly distraught by what you did; and who could blame them?'
Amil Khan and Tamanna Rahman were systematically 'bullied and threatened' by Ganderton and Durnell as they secretly filmed a documentary for Panorama

Amil Khan and Tamanna Rahman were systematically 'bullied and threatened' by Ganderton and Durnell as they secretly filmed a documentary for Panorama

Mr Khan and Miss Rahman moved onto the estate in Southmead and spent eight weeks secretly filming the Panorama documentary last June.

In that time, the reporters claimed they were victims of attempted muggings, racial insults and had waterbombs, glass and rocks thrown at them.

Some of the abuse, including that by Ganderton and Durnell, was broadcast as part of programme, which was aired in October.

The court heard that the very first time Miss Rahman went outside her property Durnell said: 'They're living everywhere now.'

Over the following days and weeks the couple were subjected to comments including 'What's that smell' and 'You shouldn't be living here.'

On one occasion, Ganderton bared his backside to Miss Rahman, before Durnell kicked a football at her and one of the pair shouted 'I'm going to cut you up.'

The court also heard that Ganderton threatened to cut Miss Rahman's throat and Durnell told her to give him her handbag.

When the journalists were together, they told Mr Khan he ought to be walking in the road because then it would be 'Bye bye Paki,' before Ganderton punched Mr Khan on the side of his head.

Ganderton was arrested in October last year, was shown the Panorama film and admitted it was him but denied he was a racist.

Durnell was arrested in November last year, but complained that he had been 'trapped' by the undercover filming.

Detective Chief Inspector Dave McCallum, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: 'These are significant sentences and people who behave in this way should expect significant sentences.'

Two 11-year-old boys who were also filmed giving the reporters abuse were given a curfew and parenting order respectively by the youth court.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Lee Brill post and well put it captures my anger and how I and many thousands must feel.

Please can I cut and paste your post and pass on to others.

Aberdeen BNP

Anonymous said...

I am trying to find out the name of the programme, who made it, who directed it, who produced it - and why. Then I am going to email asking when they intend to do a reverse documentary in an area ruled by Asians who not only abuse whites on a daily level but physically attack them which has resulted in many of them being hospitalised. I really don’t know what makes me more mad, the BBC's deliberate attempts to heap hate upon white people, the arrogance of these Muslim reporters, or the dumb retorts from the white Mail readers still fortunate enough to be living on these edge of Britain white enclaves without a clue what they're raging against. Now if the BBC really wanted to be unbiased why didn’t they go into a multiracial area and film the rot from all sides? And no, I'm not defending what these lads said but they are as much down to 'Progressive Liberal' Britain as the unasked for multi racial one. Sickening. So from today I no longer pay for a TV license.

Two fingers up to the bastards at the Beeb.

Anonymous said...

Recent police report into gang rape in London had the percentage of white victims down to 50% from the 70% it was ten years ago.


It's not because the gangs involved stopped being racist and changed their white-if-available rule. It's because the number of potential targets is being reduced as white working class people are violently ethnically cleansed from London while the BBC filth cover it up.

Anonymous said...

The BBC need to ramp up their propaganda campaign in order to brain wash the youth before they switch permenantly to web based news and entertainment sources. They know its coming, thats why they blow the budget on crap youth friendly tv, the shit that is BBC3 and shit talent shows/diversity showcases. They've run out of ideas and Godwins law prevails (all opponents are Nazis)