Tuesday 22 June 2010

Killing Dogs

I saw you hunting in the city,
Running with an angry mob,
Dragging out whites in hiding,
Then killing them with clubs.

I saw you at work on the farm,
Killing barking dogs with rocks,
The pets of the white farmers,
Dead in the ashes of their crops.

I saw you at your office desk,
Giving orders on the phone,
Organising the arrest of opponents,
And the breaking of their bones.

I saw you sit in judgement
In the highest office of state
Drafting up racist land laws,
With your pen dipped in hate.

I saw you raise a clenched fist,
To salute the cheering crowd,
Who waved tattered rainbow flags,
That became the white mans shroud.

I saw you stood upon a mountain top,
Which crashed in stone upon a city,
As killers were worshipped as saints,
And the innocent branded as sinners.

I saw a Red Dragon sit on a throne,
Built by hands as black as coal,
And Africa become a willing slave,
Selling its future for Fools Gold.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

excellent Lee, reminds me of a programme we watched...T. xx