Friday 11 June 2010

I thought he was 'British' ?

Hold on - why is this bloke called 'British' when he has a 'home country' to flee too ?

There is only one type of Briton, those who have no home nation other than Britain.

The rest are just colonists.

A Muslim community leader given a jail term for falsely claiming to have been kidnapped by members of the British National Party is thought to be in his native Mauritius after skipping bail, a jury was told today.

Noor Ramjanally (pictured), 36, of Loughton, Essex, was given a two-year prison sentence after being convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice following a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Judge Karen Walden Smith had ruled that the trial could go ahead in Ramjanally's absence and without him being represented by a lawyer after legal discussions.

Prosecutor Matthew Gowan said Ramjanally - who ran a Muslim prayer group and had no previous convictions - absconded earlier this year after appearing in court and pleading not guilty and was thought to be in Mauritius.

Police said they were considering their options.

Mr Gowan said prior to making the "kidnap" claim Ramjanally told police that he had received threatening letters and that someone had tried to set fire to the council flat where he lived.

Jurors heard that more than £10,000 pounds of taxpayers' cash had been spent on investigations and on beefing up security at Ramjanally's home.

Judge Walden Smith said Ramjanally's crime was the "worst type" of justice perversion because it had inflamed racial tensions and wasted public money and police time.

Mr Gowan said Ramjanally had a history of making allegations of being threatened. He said Ramjanally had previously complained of being threatened by the "IRA" and by "Jamaican drug dealers".

He said Ramjanally was also facing allegations of benefit fraud, defrauding and stealing from a local mosque and was an "overstayer" being investigated by immigration authorities.

Jurors were told that unbeknown to Ramjanally police had set up a covert camera in the flat after being told of the "threatening letters" and "attempted arson".

Footage revealed no sign of the "two burly white men" Ramjanally claimed had snatched him at his home at knifepoint in August 2009, said Mr Gowan.

On the day he claimed to have been kidnapped Ramjanally had been taken to a local DIY store by taxi, jurors heard.

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