Thursday 17 June 2010

The Great Betrayal

The Great Betrayal has begun.

Whilst not one banker has been bankrupted, whilst not one rich and corrupt political parasite has been sent to prison - the poor, the weak, and young people are having their lives betrayed.

Whilst the EHRC and politcal correctness, the race relations industry, the Servile State of liberal fascists, overseas aids budgets and the war in Afghanistan continue - the British people are robbed.

Here is the list of funding for projects agreed to by the Labour government since January 2010 which have been axed, or suspended by the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government

The full list of projects agreed since 1 Jan now being cancelled:
Stonehenge Visitor Centre: £25m

Plans aimed to improve the setting of the prehistoric monument, with a new centre located further from the stones, the nearby A344 closed and a new transport system to drop visitors off. Stonehenge £25m centre plans axed
Local Authority Leader Boards £16m

Created in the last weeks of the Labour government to replace regional assemblies, made up of English council leaders with powers over areas like transport and housing. The government says their powers will be given to councils.
Sheffield Forgemasters International Limited: £80m

The Labour government had extended the engineering firm an £80m loan for a 15,000 tonne press to supply specialist components for the nuclear industry. Company's nuclear parts loan axed
Rollout of the Future Jobs Fund: £290m

A fund to support job creation for young people who were long-term unemployed which aimed to create 150,000 jobs. Councils, charities and social enterprises were encouraged to bid for a share of the money.
Six month offer recruitment subsidies: £30m

For people on Jobseekers Allowance for six months - it included new short-term training places, recruitment subsidies for firms employing them and more support for people to start up a business.
Extension of Young Person's Guarantee to 2011/12: £450m

The scheme aimed to provide work or training places, mainly for 18 to 24-year-olds who had been out of work for six months - some linked to the Future Jobs Fund.
Two year Jobseeker's Guarantee: £515m

Aimed at giving jobseekers a guaranteed offer of a job, internship, volunteering placement or work experience after two years of being out of work.
Active Challenge Routes - Walk England: £2m

Department of Health project to map walking routes and promote them on an interactive website so people can record their fitness.
County Sports Partnerships: £6m

Aimed at helping people access and benefit from sport - 49 across England. They also make sure local facilities are being put to best use.
North Tees and Hartlepool hospital: £450m

New hospital at Wynyard Park, on Teesside to replace existing hospital in Hartlepool and Stockton-on-Tees Hospital plans axed by government
Local Authority Business Growth Initiative: £50m

Aimed at encouraging councils to help local businesses grow by rewarding them with a grant that was not ringfenced.
Outukumpu: £13m

Project to buy and develop a Sheffield site into an industrial park.
List of projects suspended: A14 road: £1.1bn

There had been plans to widen the road between Cambridge and Huntingdon to six lanes. Proposal to improve A14 suspended
Libraries Modernisation Programme: £12m

Plan to reverse decline in library usage, to offer flexible opening hours, free internet access and entitlement to membership from birth. Film centre loses government cash
Sheffield Retail Quarter: £12m

Retail and leisure development in central Sheffield consisting of about 100 new shops and 200 apartments.
Kent Thameside Strategic Transport Programme: £23m

Improving road junctions and bus transit schemes on the A2 to accompany major residential housing and commercial office development.
University Enterprise Capital Fund: £25m

Funding to help university departments translate ideas into commercial ventures.
Newton Scholarships: £25m

Initiative to identify, assist and retain 100 of the best research students at UK universities.
Health Research Support Initiative: £73m

Service to help medical researchers understand trends in patient data to support clinical trials and other studies.
Leeds Holt Park Well-being Centre: £50m

Plan for a "community hub" in Leeds including a new swimming pool and learner pool, meeting areas, a community café, activity rooms and consulting rooms.
Birmingham Magistrates Court: £94m

Proposal to build a state-of-the-art new court building in the centre of Birmingham.
Successor Deterrent Extension to Concept Phase Long Lead Items: £66m

Purchase of hardware for design phase of successor to Trident nuclear missile system - to be reviewed as part of the broader Trident "value for money" review.
Search and Rescue Helicopters: £4.6bn

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) funded deal for a new generation of search and rescue helicopters to be jointly operated by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Transport. They will be reviewed "as a matter of urgency".

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Adrian Peirson said...

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Anonymous said...

You know whats sad Lee, I just saw several Conservative blogs sqealing with delight!

Wonder how they will be squealing when the NWO comes for the middleclasses, which is the core aim on the agenda!

ukip offer free membership the BNP need to reduce its membership fee NOW! said...

Lee a few weeks back i talked about the BNP dropping its membership fee to £15 or even better £10 with gold raised to £100, this could now be done as the BNP gets ever increasing funds from online donations, also more members means more donation, what you lose in members fees you gain back in donations from new members and the most commited paying more for gold where it would have even more staus than before for those that seek such things, I said we need numbers more than anything as we currently have trouble filling seats for official placememnts in elections and often lack activists in many areas, this HAS to be addressed NOW!

We are also heading for financial collapse and harder times, the low membership fee will help limit the impact on the party.

Now for UKIPs new video where at the end it states you can join UKIP for free!!!!!

did you hear that FREE!

Adrian Peirson said...

Spanish Researcher Daniel Estulin was recently invited by Lega Nord to speak in the EU on

Daniel Estulin, Russia Today, Bilderberg Terrified people are waking up

Adrian Peirson said...

Another Great Betrayal

Prince Charles, follow Islam on Environmentalism

Is there no fucker on our side, how the hell is having 10 kids be called environmentalism......oh wait, I get it now


nice one Charlie, I take it you are joking.