Tuesday 15 June 2010

If you believe the government - you are a mug

If you think the Saville Inquiry is 'the truth' you are moron.

This is just liberal scum propaganda, with as much truth in it as the 'WMD reports' that led to the war in Iraq.

Whilst British troops are dying in Afghanistan, our government stabs them in the back.

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Greying Wanderer said...

Saville engiry
Defense cuts
No helicopters
Another three dead today

If we win there is no punishment too harsh for these traitors.

The enquiry i want is one into party funding and foreigners paying for British soldiers to be sent to bleed for the neocons.

Anonymous said...


So now the FBI have access to all world wide web posts. and posts on facebook.
Federal Bureau of Investigation is a USA paramilitary force now operating in the UK.

I so love the Illuminati.....

Oh and plus how convenient the "liberating" allies have found "gold" in Afghanistan.

Stop the world I want to get off