Monday 21 June 2010

England Is Torn Apart

Immigration and colonisation have destroyed our National Community.

All we can look forward to is the fall and the rebirth.

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Adrian Peirson said...

Even a child of five can put a Jigsaw together, the reason most cannot see the bigger picture is because they do not have enough pieces.

You do not have to give people all of the pieces, you do not have to spell it out for them, just give them some of the missing pieces.

Most brits have never heard of malmo, or david duke, or michael savage or the crime stats etc etc.

Don't say, here look at this, it proves Nick Griffin was right, people will resist being dragged to 'your' conclusion, people prefer their conclusion to be theirs.

There doesn't need to be a narrative, a picture built up for the viewer, they will make their own picture based on what pieces they have.

Just give them the pieces, in any order, they will pieces the puzzle together themselves.

Even those in enriched parts of the country think it's only in their area, they don't know about malmo, the paris suburbs, the secret plot to let in 50 million, the 7.2 million abortions, the desire to sterilize our children, the tv ads for abortion advice.

Give them the pieces they will draw their own conclusion.

People will do as they are told, if they are told, mass mass mass immigration is good, diversity, wonderfull, then in the absence of any other jigsaw pieces they will acceopt that.

Our job is not to scream and shout that theey are wrong because they have also been told we are racists, and guess what, in the absence of any pieces of information to the contrary, that is what the public will believe.

Don't tell the public they are wrong or being misled, simply show them.
Just for give them a Fox news item on malmo, nothing further needs to be said.
The reason BNP votes have increased because more and more have been exposd to pieces of the jigsaw they were missing.

Don't tell the public they are wrong, show them with facts and interviews they have been denied.

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Rijker said...

Well said, Adrian.
Fully agreed.

extant said...


Excellent analogy mate, absolutely spot on.
This is why it is so important for us to educate them, close up and personal !