Wednesday 16 June 2010

Muslim Immigration and Eurabia

For those who wonder why Muslim immigration into Britain and Europe has escalated over recent decades - then watch the video here ;

The reason why mass Muslim immigration has occurred into the West has nothing to do with the Jews, but everything to do with oil.

In order to defuse the demographic threat in Middle East nations such as Saudi Arabia which have vast numbers of young unemployed people living in poverty and susceptible to extremism - the leaders of the West made an 'Oil for Immigrants' deal.

As we took the oil, we were also obliged to take their surplus populations - and especially the Islamist extremists that threatened the stability of Middle East nations.

The West, in the name of asylum, allowed the most extreme, radical and violent Islamists to leave the Middle East and settle in our nations - simply to ensure that the Middle East nations and their corrupt elites could stay in power.

If those Islamist radicals were allowed to stay in their own nations and foment Islamist revolutions THEN THE SUPPLY OF OIL TO THE WEST WOULD HAVE BEEN THREATENED.

By allowing the Islamists to leave their own nations and colonise the United Kingdom and Europe, this therefore allowed the corrupt oligarchies that run the Middle East nations to undermine the growth of Islamism in their own nations.

The movement of Islamists into the West had nothing to do with 'Ze Jews' which is a staple myth of the Stormfront idiots.

The decision to allow mass Islamist migration into the West was a decision taken by our own politicians simply for economic reasons - and at the same time as this the West has been invading Middle East nations to ensure any threats to the supply of oil to the West are stopped eg Saddam Hussein and Iraq and Afghanistan and the pipelines.

The demonstration in Barking yesterday by Islamists is the result of this policy of 'Oil for Immigrants'.

The story of the West has been a story of our own politicians betraying us for economic and political gain and also Zionist (NOT JEWISH - ZIONISTS ARE ALL RACES, RELIGIONS, CLASSES AND OF ALL POLITICAL BACKGROUNDS - LEFT, LIBERAL, RIGHT AND FAR RIGHT eg Wilders) domination of our media, political and economic structures.

In the middle has been the people of Europe - betrayed by their own politicians to the Islamists for Middle East oil and betrayed by their own people to the Zionists for their own self interest.

The fact that the interests of the Zionists are now beginning to come into conflict with the Non-Zionist political is evidenced by the trial of Geert Wilders.

The fact that Wilders is being prosecuted for 'hate speech' proves that the Zionists do not control Europe. If they did then Wilders would not be being prosecuted, as the Zionists are the most fanatical anti-Muslims, anti-Islam and anti-Islamists in Europe.

The fact that British Nationalists are prosecuted for hate speech against Islamists in Britain also proves the same.

There is a struggle for the soul of Europe underway, a battle for national liberation from both the Zionists and their treasonous lackeys amongst our own people and the Islamists and the traitor politicians that sold Europe out for cheap Middle East oil.

That is why we must resist those that peddle nonsense about 'Ze Jews' as our enemies are ;

1) Our own political elites who sold our people out and who imposed mass immigration, asylum policies, political correctness and multi-culturalism upon our nations.

2) The Zionists

3) The Islamists

4) The Oil Oligarchs who dump their Islamist extremists in the West

Our enemy is not Islam ( a religion that is riven by internal theological schisms resulting in muslims killing more muslims than the West has ever done), the Jews or Israel.

It is the inner traitors amongst our own people who have sold us out to the Zionists and the Islamists that are our main enemy, and the Zionists and Islamists that control and reward them and the Oil Oligarchs of the Middle East who buy our politicians with their billions.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, I doubt if there are vast numbers of Saudi men living in poverty, Syrians perhaps but not Saudis.
In fact the Saudis import loads of Indians to do their dirty work, and they treat the Indians like shit.
All unemployed Saudi men have cushy governmnt jobs guaranteed for them.The world's biggest oil exporter can well afford this.

Defender of Liberty said...

10 % of men and 78 % of women

Anonymous said...

Not all zionist are jews but then again not all immigrants are muslims, infact very few are of Arabic decent, the oil deal does not explain away a third world deluge from non opec nations.

Defender of Liberty said...

The article is about Muslim immigration - the rest of the immigrants were imported in as cheap labour and cheap votes.

Anonymous said...

So what Oil do we get from Pakistan and etc?

Lee please stop using these childish strawman arguments to score points on the SF crowd as you make yourself look as idiotic as them.

I also find your posts are becoming more contradictatory.

Either that or you really have no idea what you are talking about and happen to get the odd thing right, such as a clock that is stopped gets things right at least twice in a full day night cycle.

To anyone who has studdied the NWO and what lies behind mass immigration you undermine your blog with every pathetiuc point scoring effort, it appears you are now more interested in scoring points than seeking the truth, put your personal issues aside and perhaps then nationalism will gain some worthy credit.

Guessedworker said...


Why this effort to excuse Jewry? Let's at least speak Truth at all times to one another.

The truth is that Judaism is a religin of collective political striving, not of individual spiritual striving. Jews do not perfect themselves. They are born with "perfect souls", and there is nothing in Judaism like salvation, pergatory or judgement. They perect us! That is, they work in the world to deconstruct the gentile nations and thereby bring about Olam Ha-Ba, the age of Messiac.

The Messiac will not be a spiritual leader but a political leader who acts eschatologically - he will bring in the final age on Earth when "peace" reigns where there was division and conflict, and sameness where there was difference, and G-d's Chosen people will be set over the gentile as the only nation to have preserved its ethnicity.

Now, the usual response to this is not to deny it, because it is a true representation of Talmudic Judaism, but to claim that Jews don't really believe in that. This, however, runs somewhat foul of the identical strategising that inhabits Jewish secular intellectualism and activism. All the political products to have come from the Jewish mind are deconstructive in effect, whether we are talking about classical or cultural Marxism, Freudianism, second-wave libertarianism, the varieties of postmodernism, even internet pornography. Secular Jews do not stray from the work of perfecting the world. There is union.

We are not under some moral obligation to excuse Jews who are collectively dedicated to this endeavour. On the contrary, we need to explain it where and to whom appropriate. We, after all, strive to save our own people from the destruction wrought by immigration and global capitalism. It is the same process, just with a different motivation and another (though not always different) actor.

Let us treat it the same.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty Lee how many muslims come from opec nations, or atleast how many muslims come from nations that we would need this oil deal with, compared with those from nations we have bombed and helped ourselves to their oil, or conquered in pursuit of creating oil pipelines. Then how many muslims are quite simply fron non oil producing regions.

The sums don't add up unless we see the whole immigration policy and EU expansionist agenda as one.

Running alongside federalist zionist new american century politics.

Thats before factoring in the depopulation agenda 21 and there alone is the real deal why they needed to destabalise and balkanize us.

Anonymous said...

Give this a go Lee, oils well that ends well :0)

Defender of Liberty said...

The deal was that we accept Muslims from around the world into the west - and so we got their immigrants as well as the oil.

It didnt matter where they came from, Kuwait or Pakistan or wherever, the fact is that Muslims were invited into the West.

The deal went wrong as we also got their extremists as well as colonists, and this is why we now have Londonistan.

The Muslim nations saw this as a chance to deport their extremists and to allow them to enter the West - and this is why we have had since the 1970's an influx of Islamist extremists into the West who were kicked out of their own countries and allowed to settle here.

Thats the benefit the nations that got rid of their extremists got - they retained power in their own countries by dumping their extremists in the West.

Thats why when you got pakistan you wont see hardly any women wearing a veil, but you do in the West.

The Jewish people do not have a 'Hive Mind' - and nor does any race, they are like us and are divided on the grounds of race, religion, class, nationality, politics, economics and Israel.

There are no 'Hive Minds' in any race.

No race is the equivalent of the Star Trek 'Borg'.

Anonymous said...

That is, they work in the world to deconstruct the gentile nations..

yes, they do and yes they have..

many academics, writers... are Jews, you know the ''critical theorists'' and then there's the poisonous media

Adrian Peirson said...

I'm tempted to think that IQ is a significant factor also, the best type of people to rule over in any new world order are the uneducated and dumbed down, hence we are forbidden to mention race / IQ studies.

The mercury/aspartame and other neurotoxins in Vaccines and food.

The continuous tinkering with our education system, once regarded as the best in the world.

Then there is Sarkozy suggesting that the French should be made to marry migrants from the third world.
One of the first thingss that communists do is get rid of the intelligentsia because these are seen as a threat.
Then there is Islam itself, if EUrope becomes majority muslim, then this is good for the ruling elites as it means even more Control over the masses.
At the end of the day, much of what is going on is about control over the masses.
Since you don't control people by allowing them to be independently wealthy, my guess is there will be no recovery and nothing is going to change re industrialization of the West, the oil spill looks like it is being used to fracture relations between western nations, then there is Shrimpton saying we should have another war with Germany.
Relations between us, France Australia and Canada next on the agenda I imagine.
All Obama has to do is ensure he mentions BRITISH petroleum, expresss his fake outrage and 5 million Americans suddenly hate the British, Since this spill fits so neatly with Agenda 21 and Deindustrialization, I wouldn't mind betting there was some covert undersea operations just before this rather convenient 9-11 scale environmental disaster.

H G Wells and Aldous Huxley

<a href="</a>

gatesofvienna said...

In 1973 there was an oil embargo which hit the west very hard.
The Franco/Germans did a deal with the Arabs in exchange for oil Europe would allow the Muslim worlds over-spill to enter.
In 1995 the UK signed upto this also under the Barcelona treaty, although under the EU/ARAB Dialogue the UK were implementing the policy of open doors to Muslims.

Free movement into EU- Muslims
The EUMED............ONE REASON EU ACCOUNTS NOT AUDITED..Trillions go to Muslim nations from the EU.

Barcelona Process). Today, this Partnership comprises 35 members, 25 EU Member States and 10 Mediterranean Partners (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey). Libya has observer status since 1999. In the Barcelona Declaration, the Euro-Mediterranean partners established the three main objectives of the Partnership

Pakistan and OIL?
The Muslim Ummah is what your MISSING..........and failing to understand Anonymous

eu/arab dialogue used to be on our foreign office site- removed a few years back when we started to take an interest!

Dennis Mcshay was EUMED MP
Malcolm Rifkin MP signed in 1995

Forgot to tell the people of BRITAIN!!

Anders is an expert on the EUMED....

gatesofvienna said...

Saudi Mag..70s

40% make up common market workforce
A Million in Britain when the mag was printed.

Inevitably, the mass movement of Muslim manpower has created problems. With customs, culture and religion that differ sharply from those of host countries, the Muslim immigrants - like all immigrants - have faced misunderstandings, hostility and, within their own communities, cultural and religious strains. Yet Islam, barely visible since the fall of Muslim Spain (See Aramco World, September-October, 1976) is now firmly implanted in Western Europe. United by their faith, Muslim immigrants from nations as far apart as Malaysia and Morocco are working together to build mosques, establish Muslim cultural centers, and press common demands for political, economic, social and religious equality with their European hosts.

2010 - 3 million here........only if you can't count!