Sunday 13 June 2010

Gulf Oil Spill and Corexit EC9500 Update

About a week ago I posted an article linking the Russian report on Corexit EC9500 and the devastation of trees, weeds, plants and flowers in Shelby in Memphis and its possible links to the Gulf Oil spill.

Two new things have emerged ;

1) Birds are fleeing the southern counties

2) bugs and frogs have vanished in the swamps of the south

That would explain why the birds are fleeing, as the insect life has been destroyed and they are seeking food.

If this is true and the incidents are all linked - then America is screwed.

For those saying the Millington chemical plant leak on May 25th, the Lucite facility next to Dupont on Hwy 51 and Fite Road in Millington had a chemical leak of sulfur trioxide, is responsible - then sorry but that is not possible.

1) The leak occurred nearly a week before the incident with the plant - the gas would have long blown over.

2) the amount of gas leaked was tiny, and the plant was evacuated to protect the workers only as required with such leaks - there was no threat to the environment, and people were allowed to return within hours to their homes. If a leak of chemicals was severe enough to kill hundreds of acres of plants, then the town would still be evacuated.

3) The leak in the chemical plant does not explain the devastation of insects and frogs in the south nor the flight of the birds from the area.

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BNP blackballing the press - insanity said...

Hi Lee,

Just saw the new BNP video about modernising the elections, this is all good stuff but i will be surprised if it makes much difference though i do think we should use it even if it gives us a 5% increase.

Another thing i was pleased about was that the BNP seemed to be taking propaganda seriously, I hope all material for public consumptions will go through the propaganda chanels first - always, and when i say propaganda i mean effective propaganda using mind control, such as conformism, word play, image manipulation and professional advertising tricks by people who have seriously studied it. That is where the main parties run rings around us, not with databases but a bombardment iof mind control tricks.

Lastly the only thing that really troubled me -

how the BNP will deal with the press - blackballing!!!!!

This is a joke right?

Let me put it this way, how many tmes do the BNOP get called for a nice little chat about their policies rather than a smear?

almost never

how many times do the press run their story even if the BNP refuse to comment

almost always

so what is gained from black balling the press for pl;aying dirty?


what is lost by blackballing the naughty press

EVERYTHING, yes everything!

you see the first time i heard about the BNP was when the BBC was running a smear on them and Nick Griffin came on and gave his point of view, I listened to what the BBC were saying and then I listened to the little bit Nick was able to get out.

what was my conclusion?

I could instantly tell that the BBC were wrong and were trying to smear the BNP and hide the truth.

Now what would have happened if Nick refused to go on?

I would have heard one side only and left it at that, quickly forgetting about the BNP.

Now what happens when the BNP constantly blackball the press, they get ignored, they come accross as insignificant, unpopular, not worthy of a news story.

All publicity is good publicity as long as you can get at least some of your views out.

put it this way, had nick been more relaxed and at the top of his form he could have made every question time panalist look like an anti British loon. yes even in the worst possible situation, as it happens he managed to do poorly but still got about 3 key points accross, I said to a friend that Nick did poorly as i knew what Nick was capable of, but my friend thought i was nuts and pointed out the 3 main points Nick managed to get accross, he had never heard the truth before being aired and it reinforced his view, he went on to vote BNP.

So whoever has some notion in the party of blackballing the press, such as Simon Darby and now martin Wingfield as fine nationalists as they are they need a kick up their arses if they think this is the way forward.

This one move alone will destry every single other measure they looked at at this last meeting.

please for god sake Lee, wake these fools up before they destroy the party not build on it!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to add that i prefer the new BNP site, less clutter, things easier to find.

Though the site does need a page for helpful external media, russia today links, the franfurt school exposed videos, international banking exposed, global warming exposed, make it have an educational base on one of the links, with the odd featured video.

the BNP talks a lot about education but of late it does nothing, it also needs to extend this education to the masses not just party officials.

Also the BNP need to get the red white and blue sorted and get an announcement out asap.

I hav yet to see a decent explaination as to why it was cancelled, perhaps it was internal politics, nero fiddled while rome was burning comes to mind.

A good leader needs to lead good, the rest will take care of itself.

Jane said...

Here's something else I found while googling about this sort of recent ecological threats.
"A most chilling report circulating in the Kremlin today prepared by the Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Science for Prime Minister Putin states that a “mysterious die-off” in the United States has claimed over 2,000,000 lives since 2008 and is “more than likely” linked to a “crossover” plant disease linked to genetically modified grains and foods."

I am going to avoid eating corn and soya or at least cut down a lot! I wonder how different the world would be today if WW2 had gone the other way!