Friday 4 June 2010

Israel Uber Alles or Britain for the British !

After having read a few of the disturbing comments left by readers on the Melanie Phillips article in The New Statesman concerning the attack on the boats, I have been meaning to address the psychological malfunction present in what I define as the the Zionist Pathology.

The Zionist Pathology is present in those non-Jews, of all race and religions, who offer unconditional loyalty and support to the actions of the government of Israel, rather than to the nation of Israel.

Israel is a democracy.

In a democracy the governments change as different political parties are elected.

One can be loyal to the nation of Israel, but one does not give unconditional support to the GOVERNMENTS of Israel nor their transient political decisions such as attacking a flotilla of boats filled with aid.

( Though of course if you are a British Citizen whose primary loyalty is to Israel, then this is a fundamental conflict of interest. British citizens whose loyalty is primarily to Israel are Zionists, and they must be removed from our nation and deported to Israel regardless of whether they are Gentiles, Jews, atheists, Christians or Muslims. This applies equally to Islamists whose fundamental loyalty is to extremist interpretations of Islamism - be it a religion, ideology or any belief - if you are loyal to that before your nation, then you are a traitor and do not deserve to reside within our borders).

Britain is only for the British, just as Israel can only be for Israeli's and not the Zionists.

An Israeli is loyal to Israel whilst a Zionist is loyal to Zionism.

The two are not the same.

In Israel, as in all democracies, the policies of those political parties will differ, and hence the nature of the nation of Israel changes each time a new government is elected.

As in Britain and in the US the 'democracy' of Israel is not really democratic, and instead the government represents the interests primarily of specific social groups eg the media, bankers, social elite, political elite, the military industrial block etc

Therefore the policies of the governments reflect the interests of the social groups who have power within the political parties they sponsor.

And the government of Israel is Zionist.

Zionism is not Israeli Nationalism.

Zionism is a racist, Imperialist, xenophobic, violent and National Socialist ideology. Zionism represents the interests of an ancient myth, not the interests of a modern nation or a people.

Israeli Nationalism on the other hand opposes Zionism, as Nationalism is predicated on Nationalist principles and represents the interests of Israel as a nation and the Israeli's as a People.

Israeli Nationalism is not Zionism.

The interests of Israeli Nationalism are in direct contrast to the interests of Zionism.

For instance the approach of Israeli Nationalists would have been much different to the idiotic attack on the boats by the Zionists.

The Israeli Nationalist would realised that the flotilla was a trap.

The Far Left, Liberals and Islamists that comprised the majority of 'aid workers' on the boats wanted a confrontation with Israel.

In fact, that was the intent of the flotilla - to induce an attack.

The more blood that was shed the better.

And the Zionists - the same dumb fucking Zionist morons that hunted down and killed the PLO whilst funding Hamas ( which on the 'Global Idiot Scale' is matched only by the CIA funding Osama Bin Laden and setting up Al Qaeda in Afghanistan during the Cold War) - blundered straight into it.

The Israeli Nationalist would simply have let them through.

Israel knew there were no weapons on the boats.

Mossad would have had its agents on board those boats working, and been working within the aid to Gaza movement.

Therefore they knew that there were no weapons on board, so then why did they confront the ships ?

Because the Zionists and the Islamists both want the same thing - hate, fear and war.

The Zionists want to attack Iran, so they need to stir up hate and fear amongst the Israelis' and the Jewish people worldwide in order to ensure public opinion in the US, Europe and Britain is pro-Israel in the lead up to war.

Fear and hate assists in war mongering.

The Islamists know that war is coming against Iran, so they want to stir up hatred in the Middle East against Israel in order to mobilise public, local, national and international against Israel in the lead up to war.

The problem is that the governments of the West are unable, and unwilling, to oppose the Zionist governments of Israel.

At the same time the West depends on Middle East oil, and so cannot and will not prevent the Islamists, sponsored by our so called 'allies' like Saudi Arabia and the Wahhabists who fund mosques in the West, from colonising the West.

We as a nation are enslaved to both Zionism and Islamism.

The political power of Zionists within our nations, and the financial power of the Islamists over our national economies, means that we as a nation are being torn apart.

Israeli Nationalists would not use the Hasbara Army of those like the Zionist maniacs like Melanie Phillips, whose pen is ever ready to paint a pretty picture over images of dead Palestinian bodies on behalf of the Israeli government, and try to justify and moralise every atrocity, murder and crime of the Israeli government and state.

Israeli Nationalists would not act like global gangsters, rampaging around the world with witless hit teams in false beards or attacking aid ships in international waters, for it is not in the interests of Israel to look like an out of control psychotic with its finger on the nuclear trigger.

Though we as British Nationalists can thank the Israeli's for revealing the real nature of the Turkish government, which is a corrupt cabal of Islamists - and thereby reveal that we should be supporting the Turkish Military and Nationalists in Turkey against the Islamist government. It also reveals to us that if Turkey went into the EU then it would be impossible for the Turkish Nationalists and military to repress the pseudo-political social movements of the Islamists within Turkey that have taken them into power - especially if the Islamists in government manage to change the Turkish constitution and use the Islamist and EU friendly judiciary to attack the nationalist defence formations within the military. We must support any Turkish Nationalist government that represses the forces of Islamism within Turkish society. That doesnt mean we let Turkey into the EU, but we support Turkey under a Turkish National government, economically and politically, as a bastion of Nationalism against the forces of Islamism in the East.

Yet in the Zionist Pathology that we see amongst the public - even non-Jews express undying loyalty to Israel, to the point that British ex-soldiers even volunteer to go and fight for Israel.

Why ?

Only a fool expresses undying loyalty to a government.

Governments are corruptions run by and for the corrupted.

The Nationalist doesnt regard his government as A Priori legitimate.

The Nationalist is loyal to his nation, people and constitution before his government.

The British Nationalist has no loyalty to the present government nor any of the others - for they have betrayed the fundamentals of Britishness ;

1) Our British Constitution

2) Their Parliamentary oath of loyalty to the British Nation and People

3) Their duty to protect the British Crown

4) Their duty to protect the nation from invasion via mass immigration and terrorism.

Therefore to pledge undying loyalty Zionism is a betrayal of the principles of nationalism - and a betrayal of Israel itself.

Loyalty to Zionism is treason to Israel.

Loyalty to Zionism is treason to America.

Loyalty to Zionism is treason to Britain.

Those like Melanie Phillips who offer unconditional loyalty to the Israeli government and who are fanatical Zionists, are betraying the nation and people of Israel.

The stupidity and treachery of Zionism, from the attack on the SS Liberty to the use of British passports for their Dubai hit team that now puts all British citizens at risk in the Middle East as suspected 'spies', is such that no one can now offer unconditional loyalty to the actions of the Israeli government - both on a human and historical scale.

I support the right of all nations to the right of national self determination, but the actions of the Zionists threaten not just Israel but also Britain.

The Zionists in the UK exert undue influence in the media, banking, politics, academia, culture, legal groups, lobby groups, the law and policing - from the Zionist Militia the CST to the Conservative Friends of Israel and William Hague's dismal cop out on the issue of the attack on the boats - the Zionists in the UK have undue power and influence.

Therefore Zionism represents a threat to Britain and must be excised from within our nation - as much as we confront the Islamist menace, so we must too resist the Zionist menace.

Those who are Jewish Israeli Nationalists, then I say 'we welcome you as fellow nationalists and as allies against the Islamists and Zionists'.

An Israel run on Nationalist principles, who will work with us to confront the menace of the Glbal Jihad, would be a welcome ally in our national struggle.

An Israel run by Zionists for the benefit of Zionism, is a threat not just to us but to the very existence of Israel itself.

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Anonymous said...

I have never been quite sure how it all works to be honest Lee.

I mean at present Israel the Country is not made up of Israel the nation, in a biblical sense.

As Israel the nation was the northern tribes and although British Israel has certain claims, which seem to me viable at times, the Jews were not Israel.

Without getting religous on you, if Israel has any right to exist, it has to be a biblical claim and the Jews for me do not fit the criteria.

I believe more research is required as regards links between old testament writtings and the nordic eddas, to reach any reasonable solution to the current situation in 'Pali-Stan' land of the pali or pelaset sea peoples.

They navigated the world long before Columbus or Cook discovered a thing.

Russia Truth said...

Lee, you have covered just about every angle in this article, nothing I can add other than to say that this truly an excellent article.

Anti-Globalist said...

Now we are talking the same language Lee! Thank you for spelling this out. I would like to add that nations do not always have lands or nation-states. The Jewish Nation has existed in diaspora and the Jewish Nation exists within other lands. If someone is Jewish then surely they belong to this Jewish Nation? And therefore they will have split loyalties to the nation they live amongst, if they even have the slightest loyalty to their hosts.

Anonymous said...

Clan loyalty in a large alien community is very strong. I can speak a few foreign languages fluently and have been well rewarded for my efforts by clients who believe by my efforts I am "one of them". So I can see how the Jewish clan mentality has flourished in the west over the last three hundred years since they started their push to the west. Most Jews are descended from Khazar converts who populated a land adjacent to Armenia in the 10th century.
Melanie is just reflecting her intergroup loyalty and would support Israel even if they launched their nuclear weapons westward instead of towards Iran. The zionist Hasbara machine works to stifle debate and ensure that in the 21st century we dont think it abnormal to support displacement and subjugation of an indigenous people. Hasbara twitters and its followers do its bidding. Thus every mSM newsboard is dominated by the same small pro zionist group of people; very active and dedicated. The Daily Mail internet board is infected with these people who wouldn't have actually read the daily Mail in their lives!

Anonymous said...

Zionism is about Global Governance with its 'spiritual' and judicial nexus in JeruSalem...

The creation of this type of totalitarian government requires the 'diasporisation' or engineered destruction of all peoples and nations..Such work can only be achieved via the use of sneakin' and duplicity and is a comment on the character of those that feel themselves born to rule.

Each of these Prigs wants to see it happen in their particular lifetime, hence the urgency....So that they can gloat at their "power" to deceive innocents as much as any RockSpider gloats at his "power"...
Power, for them, is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Anonymous said...

Israel is Western Civilizations only for freedom. You British are of no use, your dicks have been cut off. I LOVE your dancing semantics. Take 4000 words what anyone with a dick can say in 40. Freedom or Death.

A Jew

Anonymous said...

blow it out your ass anti-globalist!