Monday 14 June 2010

The Empire of the Eagle

The Empire of the Eagle fell in flames,
Its wings broken and bound in chains,
And as traitors gathered to watch it die,
Death descended from the darkening sky.

I saw the sea turn black with sweet oil,
And the waters burn, smoke and boil,
As soldiers were dying in distant lands,
For the corporate profits of hidden hands.

As Nemesis set forth upon its crusade,
Rising forth from its ensanguine grave,
Hubris in her torn and tattered robes,
Harvested the fruits from sorrows grove.

Slaves were roaming the roads in fear,
Watering earth with their bitter tears,
And hunters roamed the dying lands,
Seeking the flesh of their fellow man.

Now the Empire is but a hollowed shell,
Its rancid wastelands a poisonous hell,
The ocean a grave, and everything dead,
And tyranny reigns for Liberty has fled.

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1 comment:

How nationalists are out of touch with reality said...

Lee after reading the comments from so called nationalists regarding Nick and Jackie getting to visit the buck house, it seems most of them are living in pure ignorance, she is part of the NWO if not THE NWO and has a stake in the usery interest that is generated by the world recesion debt we were tricked into by the NWO banking cartels.

If you want proof of her links and shares in the international banking system, here you go, proof revealved by her son no less -

If you want proof that they are deeply involved in the NWO Global warming hoax, here you go -

and who is also running that show, Mr Rothchild, here you go -

and who are members of the NWO Bilderberg group as well as the the trilateral group etc, and the NWO global fake charities, here you go -

It's time nationalists woke up.