Monday 7 June 2010

The Spider

I watched a spider spin its web,
In every heart, in every head,
A pale cocoon of guilt and lies,
Where it seeks to rule our lives.

In the tiny cell that it calls heaven,
But as for liberty, its true prison,
Each lie we tell sates its hunger,
And ties its threads ever tighter.

I see the spider in so many eyes,
The hollow shells of lost souls,
I hear its whispers in your words,
And in your kiss, I taste its curse.

The spider starves, so it must be fed,
From breath to breath, until its death,
So excretes its cruel books of blood,
Locking reason in rusty chains of love.

The spider hunts amidst the rubble,
For the remnants of fallen angels,
Its prey left wingless upon its webs,
The funeral hearse of a wedding bed.

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1 comment:

extant said...


I do hate fkn spiders big time, but they are more natural than the scum that has control.
At least they don't have Homosexuals, bees, hamsters,Gorillas,perverts and lying cheating traitors and thieves telling them how to do it !

Injustice and servitude vs Freedom

No one ever believe or be hood winked to thinking for a second ,that you are suffering another "Isolated Incident", or you are on your own, we are all having it

Do not roll over and ever become a victim, we are built much better that..

There is nothing like the contempt and Injustice that has been brutally forced down our throats against our will, for far to fucking long; to be channeled in the right direction.
This could be one main ingredient to the secret of our success; to harness the raw power of the anger that still serves the terrible constant injustice we are all receiving and witnessing on a daily basis.
The pitiful existence of abeyance and servitude that we were all once victims and some continue to do so, to the "immoral,stinking,traitor,cant Authorities". I now feel hatred running through my veins like poison, I am absolutely intoxicated with it !.

I for one have enough anger and resentment to power the NEXT SPACE MISSION; guide us Master, we can see the light !

Message to M15/6, Stasi Scum,Lefty freak/perverts/traitors and what ever poor misguided imbecile are paid to read any of our comments and thoughts-
Fuck off and watch the real Terrorists and Criminals , who are undeniably subverted ,destroying our entire country and people and not forgetting your families future.

Shrink says "T" you must face your Demons, I say " I ready now Boss" !


An angry day and it will keep pouring for a while yet !