Tuesday 15 June 2010

Heroin and where it comes from

The truth in every dictatorship is criminalised.

Here is where the heroin in Britain comes from ;

1) We begin in the bleak badlands between Pakistan and Afghanistan which produces 93 per cent of the world's heroin.


2) Heroin: Afghanistan accounts for 75% of the world's heroin consumption and 90% of the UK supply. It's transported from source through old USSR countries like Kazakhstan and into Turkey where it is then refined. It is then either taken to Greece where it is shipped to Marseilles or driven into Europe and eventually into the UK.


3) TERROR chiefs plan to flood our streets with heroin in a terrifying plot to wage “chemical jihad” on Britain.

And they have been using hate-filled Muslim gangs as their UK dealers.

Pakistani and Afghan-based al-Qaida and Taliban warlords are sitting on a £6billion stash of deadly heroin.

And they have ordered their dealers to sell it only to non-Muslims.


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