Saturday 26 June 2010


Ha ha ha ha looks like Diane Abbott thought she would get an easy ride from Andrew Neill, which she did really as he refused to hit home the issues and press her to answer - but this is still hilarious.

She looks like she is sucking a lemon.

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Andrew = puppet said...

Well Andrew woul attack Nick if Nick raised the same issues, that is when Nick bothers to turn up!

This shows that Andrew has been given a script by the NWO, it is to bring Diane down as Diane is not in the NWO circle unlike the others, including Balls who is a bilderberger.

This shows that Andrew is due NO credit, he is simply doing the NWOs job for them as he always does, whether he knows it or not, his director would have been the one to decide which points to push, not Andrew.

They feel they can now get away with it, exposing the facts as the country is so swamped that they know we are powerless to do anything anyway, such as look at all those that voted Labour and Tory at the last election.

This was a NWO hitpiece, nothing more and nothing less and the fact that they can get away with it now should be serious cause for concern and a marker to just how destroyed this country now is.

extant said...

Ok, I know I was on almost full throttle, but she is a fat ugly racist pig :O)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first post, if anyone thinks that Abbott would get anywhere near the levers of power is very much deluded, she wouldn't even know what a Bilderberg meeting was let alone attended one, the reason why Miliband signed her nomination papers is because he knows she has no chance of winning what so ever, and it was a chance to show off the parties non racist/sexist credentials, if it seemed that she was going to gain a lot of votes then the ballot box would simply be rigged to favour David Miliband, the reason why she was given such a hard time on this programme was to destroy her because she is not part of the NWO elite, she really thinks she has a chance to be potentially a British PM? What an arrogant and vain cow.......Donna