Tuesday 15 June 2010

Royalty and the NWO

I am not a Paleo-Conservative.

I regard Paelo-Conservatives with the same contempt I have for Communists and Globalists.

I especially despise the cringing sycophants of the traitorous establishment who seek to perpetuate the economic, political and social powers of the establishment.

The Queen is great for tourists and should remain as just the Queen.

But her role in the political process has to end and if we are to create a truly meritocratic society - then the wealth and lands of the traitorous elite who have sat idly by, or even worse actively encouraged and participated in the treason of our elites, have to be restored to the people.

It is Prince Charles who has peddled the bogus climate change agenda for decades, who has pushed for Islamic values to colonise Britain and it is the extended royal family who will spend tens of thousands of pounds on a champagne piss up in a nightclub and then lecture us on supporting African charities - at every level the monarchy is a joke.

The royals are not the solution to the problem of the globalists, they are part of the problem of the globalists.

Thanks for the comments left below.

The Queen is part of the NWO if not THE NWO and has a stake in the usery interest that is generated by the world recesion debt we were tricked into by the NWO banking cartels.

If you want proof of her links and shares in the international banking system, here you go, proof revealed by her son no less -


If you want proof that they are deeply involved in the NWO Global warming hoax, here you go -


and who is also running that show, Mr Rothchild, here you go -


and who are members of the NWO Bilderberg group as well as the the trilateral group etc, and the NWO global fake charities, here you go -


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

And just think all those marxists that will line up to kiss her butt, when she is the polar opposite of what marxism stands for, I wonder if any of them will see the Irony as they try and smear Nick Griffin.

Lastly, remember diana was getting involved in trying to bring peace to the world, landmine protests etc.

well with her influence on the public worldwide could throw a right spanner in the military industrial complexes budget and imperialist NWO power, so fortunatly for them she had an accident, a bit like a popular Austrian politicias who was doing better than expected!