Wednesday 11 August 2010

A Few Answers To Questions

1) Why did I stay in the BNP so long if I knew all this was happening ?

When you have phone calls coming in from old people living in a street where Islamist gangs are ethnically cleansing whites from the area and they are begging you for help, you then realise that if you do not help them no-one will.

The police wont as they are too scared of being called 'racist'.

The council wont as they are too scared of being called 'racist'.

They cant afford a solicitor.

Those are the sort of calls I had every week.

I have heard stories that have made me weep, tales of young underage girls raped by Muslim paedophile gangs and the police refusing to help, and my work with the real heroes of Nationalism like Marlene Guest has forced the police to undertake prosecutions such as the ones that are underway at the moment in Rotherham.

Whilst there are dozens and dozens of charities to help every ethnic group in Britain with racism etc etc - there is just one charity in the whole of Britain to help the White indigenous English people.

Just one.

There isnt a single charity to help white British victims of racism and religious abuse.

Not one.

Thats the reality of the society we live in.

The Far Left weep endless crocodile tears for ethnic minorities, but no-one gives a damn about our people.

They were who I was trying to help.

I am proud of the help I have given to those desperate and abandoned people.

That pride counters out my shame for hiding from people what Griffin is.

BNP activists will note that I have not attended a single BNP meeting, bar one, for years.

This is because whilst I despised what was happening in the party I still wanted to help the people who came to the party for help.

I have helped thousands of people.

Some a lot, some a little.

What is really sad is that now the people who used to come to the BNP for help and whose details were passed to me will now have no-one to help them.

What will probably happen now is that Dowson will take their details and then send them an e mail or letter asking for donations.

2) Am I starting another party ?

N0. The ENA idea is simply a project that I set up to see how the ideological idea of an organisation like the ENA would go down with Nationalists.

It was also a way to reveal the major strategic and tactical flaws in the so called 'far right block' in the EU - so as to demonstrate that their strategic thinkers really need to do more strategic thinking.

3) Am I taking it badly that I resigned the BNP.

No. Its like a weight off of my shoulders.

Forcing myself to be a hypocrite in order to protect the BNP from Griffins endless witless mistakes and having to take the lead in 'spinning' our failures as victories was something I despised doing.

Having to endlessly deal with Griffins mad ideas, pull him back from the brink of perpetual public relations disasters and trying to limit the damage caused by Dowson and his orclings was a total nightmare.

I now sleep at night with a clear conscience.

Those intelligent BNP activists who still remain loyal to a man who will stab you in the back the minute you deviate from unconditional obedience are idiotic.

As I have said the only people that respect Griffin are the people who do not know him.

This is why party after party, year after year good people have gotten to know Griffin and then left in disgust.

The only people that support him are the people who believe the propaganda the BNP constantly pumps out or the people in the BNP who are being paid too.

Those who do not know Griffin know nothing of the real Griffin.

To believe in the political propaganda that makes Griffin look like some sort of 'hero' is pathetic.

If you want a real BNP hero then look no further than Simon Bennet or Marlene Guest, they are the real BNP heroes.

If you want to have a glimpse of the real Griffin then go and visit the writer Dominic Carmans Youtube site here ;

On the right hand side of the screen you will see it says 'Upload' - click on that and all 49 videos drop down for you to watch.

These are secret camera films he made when interviewing Griffin for a book he was writing.

Thats a glimpse of Griffin when he thinks he isnt being filmed or in public.

Thats what I had to deal with for all those years.

4) What do I think of the leadership election result ?

What did you expect.

Griffin makes Robert Mugabe look like Gandhi.

If Griffin ever run Britain then Zimbabwe would demand sanctions be imposed upon us.

The question is what do people do next ?

It appears that many people in the BNP do not care for truth, honesty, loyalty to comrades or the principles of Nationalism.

They will support Griffin either until they are purged themselves or the party collapses.

So the options remain open.

It is for the people who care about the BNP and who are still in the BNP to decide what comes next.

My view is simply this.

Any individual who will ignore allegations of sexual assault in the BNP and remain silent and do nothing about that are complicit in that crime.

False or true such allegations demanded an investigation.

For good people to close their eyes to such things means they are not British Nationalists, they are cult members.

For good people to ignore the stabbing in the back of dozens of loyal, long serving councillors, organisers and activists proves they are deluded morons.

Such people deserve all they get.

The BNP should be a shining beacon to guide our people and to lead us into a better future - instead it is has become a money making scam riddled with Griffinite cultists who will pretend that they do not know that the party turns a blind eye to such things as allegations of sexual abuse in its senior ranks.

That is not a political party that can be trusted with power.

That is a national disgrace.

Unless Griffin goes and with him Dowson then I will never stop attacking the BNP as an organisation under their control, simply as those who will work with such filth as Griffin has appointed like Dowson and Golding are the enemies of everything I hold dear as a true Briton - these being things like loyalty, honour and British Nationalist principles.

5) Did anyone vote for Marlene Guest in the leadership election ?

It would have been nice if they could but unfortunately her paperwork to stand was ignored by the people running the election and she was ignored.

Aaah the 'democratic' BNP at its best.

6) Have I had any threats yet ?

Yesterday I had my first threatening phone call.

The phone rang and a heavy breather spent three or four minutes breathing heavily at then put the phone down.

Unfortunately they forgot to block their telephone number when they rang me.

So I rang them back and told them next time it would probably be a good idea to withhold their number if they want to try and put the frighteners on someone.

Doh !

I have the number - anyone interested in having it ?

Apparently it may be one of the companies linked to Jim Dowson.

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street_level said...

And what has the Brown Arrow done apart from shooting his mouth off from up Griffins arsehole?

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Thanks for those clarifications.

Reading from down south of mugabe land; I am sorry to say I don't know what the ENA is.

Could you clarify?

I hope the good honourable people who are part of the BNP, also wake up and withdraw; and you start a new party.

If there is a link to the ENA, or to help spread the word, please let know.


Anonymous said...

"instead it is has become a money making scam riddled with Griffinite cultists"

So true.

fedupbnp said...

Not forgetting what Clive Jefferson has done with his vile smears and underhanded ways throughout this whole nomination process. so how about a good expose of the man himself for helping drag the party into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has been known to physically attack BNP members. It was witnessed by many, one was Emma Colgate.
Can she remember? She may not have known what was happening. It was actually caught on camera, i doubt if the video is still around, but what if it is?

Bobby1999 said...

I guess this is why GA dismissed myself Bobby1999 and others who had put in so much work as Moderators.Corruption runs deep .I will not be a BNP member after this year.We need honesty.We can look to the main parties for lies.Roll on a true and honest National party .I'm pissed off to have been misled.GA delete this post or whatever you usually do with any post that critisises the party.
Such is life.

Anonymous said...

For Andrea -

Anonymous said...

Lee Ive always thought you were ,well a bit mad.

huge respect to you though for exposing these scum who are pretending to try to save Britain. Nail the bastards hide to the wall

extant said...

He is not mad in a contemporary sense , but not in reality, not in our reality anyway!-


Bipola Disorder.

This is not a slight, but a fact.

Genius to the Masses, the sheeple is madness; so was Winston Churchill, Freud,Bach,Van Gogh etc.

At times distinct ability of self destruction-read the book "touched by fire"

Creative, driven, visionary thinking, flights of idea's and Genius !

Some of us have been diagnosed , many of live with it not even knowing ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee, I saw Marlene Guest speak the other week and thought she would be a fantastic leader.
As a devoted and positive activist, I am really at a loss what to do or say.

extant said...

The next BNP Leader needs to be female, think about it !

Anonymous said...

Yes but NOT Michaela McKenzie!