Wednesday 11 August 2010

The Simon Bennet Affair - The Truth At Last

Over the last few weeks I have seen the Griffinite orcs unleashed upon the former BNP webmaster Simon Bennet at the behest of their master Sauron Griffin.

Chief amongst the Orc army has been various orclings from the Green Arrow website, a site run by the delusional idiot Paul Morris, a man that even Griffin regards with utter contempt, though he will of course massage the ego's of such underlings with a phone call or two when he needs to deploy his Orclings to do his dirty work for him when required.

Paul Morris is man so utterly subservient to Griffins every whim that if you look up the word 'sycophant' in the dictionary you will see a picture of Paul Morris acting as Griffin's footstool.

Not that Morris knows Griffin of course, Morris knows Griffin like I know President Obama.

But Morris is so delusional he even believes his own propaganda about Griffin.

Anyway, the chief target of the Green Slimes animosity has been Simon Bennett.

I will now recount the truth of why Simon Bennett left the BNP and why he in fact will one day be regarded as one of the true British Nationalists and patriots who genuinely put the interests of the BNP before his own interests - and especially his own financial interests.

Another glaring example of the true level of Griffins utter incompetence was during the last European Election campaign.

During the early stages of the European Election campaign I got a telephone call from Simon Bennet who was in a state of total panic.

Now Simon Bennett was a BNP man who if you asked him to do something for the party he would do it immediately, in fact I have known him spend 48 hours at a time in front of his computer trying to install some futuristic, hi-tech gadget into the old BNP website so the site could get higher rankings and more traffic for the party.

His loyalty to the party and dedication to the party were second to none, and I can honestly say that he and activists like Eddy Butler, Richard Barnbrook, Richard Edmonds, Michael Barnbrook, Lawrence Rustem, Jenny Noble, Wendy Russell, James Whittle and Brian Mahoney were inspirations to me for all the work and effort they put into the party.

I may have had my disagreements with them, but they are truly loyal to the parties best interests - though of course that will not save them from the chop if they dare cross Dowson.

All those who truly know Simon, know what he did for the party.

Anyway Simon had rung me in a state of total panic.

He had realised that all the European Election leaflets which were being distributed in the European Election had used stock images stolen from an internet based private images company by Paul Golding under the orders of the Gollum, Jim Dowson, and that we had not obtained a license to use them.

Simon had read the companies 'fair use policy and estimated that if the company sued us we would be liable for about one and a half million pounds in direct damages due to the theft of their images on the leaflet.

This wasnt the first time this had happened.

The image of Winston Churchill also used on the leaflets was a private photograph owned by the family of the photographer Yousuf Karsh ;

They also lodged a copyright claim against the party which was ignored.

People will also remember the stolen Spitfire image used by Jim Dowson for his 'Rob The BNP Roadshow' where he took his collecting tin and rattled it around the country to fill his pockets with chump change from the gullible members during the European Election campaign.

That also was another copyright claim which I managed to settle with Reuters News Agency that owned the copyright on the image by assuring them we would not use the image again, and then promptly found out that Dowson and his assistant 'Ruprecht the Monkey Boy' Paul Golding were still using it !!!!

I said to Simon Bennet ’ can you pay for the extended license to use the images out of your own money right now to cover the party in case someone in the UAF has the wit to contact the image owners and get them to sue us‘.

Even though we were still in total breach of the fair use policy of the image licenses I hoped that by us actually bothering to buy the license this would then pacify the company enough for them not to sue us.

Simon to his immense credit did just that.

He paid around five hundreds pounds out of his own money right there and then to buy the image licenses to protect the BNP.

Simon Bennet is no Searchlight agent who was trying to destroy the BNP from within.

Searchlight didnt need an infiltrator to destroy the BNP, Griffin and his idiot dwarf Jim Dowson are doing the job brilliantly for them.

Simon Bennet is a decent, honourable British Nationalist.

The lies spread by the Griffinite idiots about him are disgusting.

Simon Bennet deserves nothing but respect for putting his Nationalist principles before the opportunity to get on the payroll with the rest of the spongers like Paul Golding and the retarded halfwit, Clive Jefferson.

Simon Bennet was offered a series of financial bribes by Jim Dowson to get him to do as Dowson and Griffin wished, which was to take the website out of the hands of the BNP and put it into the hands of Dowson.

Simon has published these e mail and text messages showing that Dowson offered him bribes to hand over the website on the British Democracy forum - but as usual the truth is like sunlight to a vampire for a Green Arrow or VNN Vermin Forum orcling. They will seek the comfortable darkness of self delusion every time, rather than face the harsh glare of an uncomfortable truth.

The reason why they both wanted the website was because Simon Bennet had turned it into a massively successful income generating machine, and as it was making money then Jim Dowson like the Gollum he is, demanded control over it so he could divert the money from being used inside the party and into his pockets and the pockets of his little cabal of crooks in the form of percentage slices of the income cake.

If you read a leaked copy of the accounts you will see that Paul Golding ALONE was getting around £450.00 a week from the website.

This was why Simon fought so hard to save the website, as the money it was raising was being sliced away by commissions awarded to all those who were lackeys of Dowson.

As far as I am aware Jim Dowson takes a slice, Arthur Kemp takes a slice, Chris Barnett takes a slice and Paul Golding takes a slice of the income from the present 'Blue Peter cornflake box' website that is on the internet.

( UPDATE - I have just been rung by Arthur Kemp and he has stated to me that he does not get a commission from income generated by the BNP website. For the sake of accuracy I will publish here what Arthur has just told me to ensure the accuracy of this article is not challenged )

( UPDATE - It appears that Chris Barnett, the BNP webmaster, does not get a cut of the donations commission for running the website. Chris mate, you should we very pissed off about that - why is Dowson taking a cut and Golding a cut when you are doing the work on the site and Arthur doing the writing on the site and you both dont get commission !!!!

Sorry mate, but you must be bonkers to put up with an arrangement like that. )

Work out for yourself just how much of the money is going into the party for the benefit of the party and the nationalist movement.

Not one of the people who has attacked Simon Bennet as a ‘traitor’ knows Nick Griffin nor the facts about the BNP website fallout nor about Simon as an individual.

Simon fought for months to keep the BNP website out of the grubby, clammy hands of Jim Dowson.

Simon only pulled the website down when he feared that officials of the BNP were attempting to steal the site from him.

Simon only did this after being forced too.

The whole thing could have been avoided if Griffin had done what I asked him to do, which was to simply pay Simon the money he was owed for the work he had done designing and building the website and for his wages - which worked out at about Ten Grand.

Simon was prepared to take just what money he was owed, hand the website over to the party and walk away from the BNP.

Instead Griffin took Gollum Dowsons advice and without even letting me know authorised his orcling Kemp to try and steal the website from Simon.

If any damage was done to the parties image in the lead up to the General Election campaign it was because Griffin and Dowson ignored my advice to simply pay Simon what he was owed.

This would have allowed us to keep control of the website as it was, ensure simon stayed on board with the party to stop any negative fallout and publicity being generated if he decided to go public and spill the beans about what had been going on, to keep the website as it was and the internet community that formed around it still active as a community hub for activists to use and to ensure that the income stream going into the website continued as it was.

Instead the greed of Dowson triumphed over the dictates of reason.

The real damage done to the party in the lead up to the General Election campaign though had nothing to do with Simon Bennett.

That damage was the result of Griffin's utterly moronic public announcement in the weeks leading up the election that Mark Collett had been expelled from the party for 'trying to assassinate him'.

The damage this idiotic statement by Griffin made to the media was immense.

It destroyed our public image almost entirely.

For Griffin to put on the website a statement that one of his senior officials was going to assassinate him was the politics of the madhouse.

The fact is that even this was a lie concoted by Griffin to hide the truth, that there had been a falling out amongst thieves in the party.

The fact that the police have announced that there will be no charges against Collett for his 'assassination plans' proves the veracity of Griffins statement about the affair.

The fact is that as anyone who knows Collett knows, the only danger Collett represents is to himself.

If he had ever acquired a loaded firearm the only thing at risk would have been his own foot.


Anonymous said...

"If he had ever acquired a loaded firearm the only thing at risk would have been his own foot."

In contrast to Griffin, who lost an eye. Is there nothing he can do right?

Anonymous said...

I once did some work in the Leeds office, Collett regardless of if you love or hate him, used to work extremely hard. He was up everyday and in work for around 8, sometimes not leaving until 9pm so he could finish what he'd been tasked with.

From others I spoke to, this isnt a rare thing for him, it was very common.

Anonymous said...

Read with interest Lee, it certainly supplements everything i think and know.
I cannot believe that Griffin can sleep at night for the uterly dispicable way he is treating the honest hard working members if The BNP.The very fact that the BNP was the only hope for this country which has now been put back 20 years. In 20 years time it will be too late for some parts of this island. I fear for our children.
Does Griffin not care about his own childrens future? or their childrens?.
How could such a dedicated person be swayed so much? knowing what is at stake?
I have seen first hand how this man has become, and what i worry about is the ordinary members of the BNP that do not know what is going on because they do not have for example, the internet to keep abreast of things.
And what of the dedicated people who have worked so hard for this party and then sadly passed away?
I can think of a few.
What would they think of the disgusting way Griffin has behaved?
The blood sweat and tears of dozens of hard working activists, betrayed.
I hope the descent people get together and form a new party and keep it descent otherwise the cause will have been demolished.
Anyone who has worked hard for this party deserves something to happen.

Anyone who has used it for their own means deserves to rot in hell.

You've heard nothing yet! said...

Just before the Euro elections there was a meeting in Barking, Steve Johnson, former Harlow organiser handed over a cheque for £3000 as the collection started.
I know Steve and i know he would not do this. I believe NG talked him into doing it so that more money could be raised at the collection.
About 4 weeks later Steve resigned and we haven't seen him since.I believe Steve knows more and he should be contacted by Butler and co.

Anonymous said...

Lee, shouldn't article be titled 'I have, at long last, seen the light' ???

Anonymous said...


I'm afraid you are also incorrect in your claim that I receive commission on donations made on the BNP website.

I never have received or made any deal for any commission on donations made through the BNP website.

Best Regards,

Chris Barnett.