Wednesday 25 August 2010

The Vision of Albion

I was speaking to someone earlier who is linked to certain English Nationalist political parties, and he was explaining to me how these groups were trying to appeal to disgruntled BNP members.

As we were speaking it became apparent that the leaders of these English Nationalist organisations were simply perpetuating a major political strategic problem, both for the British Nationalists and the English Nationalist movement.

As long as the British Nationalist movement and voters remain in competition with the English Nationalist movement and voters, then no British Nationalist or English Nationalist political party is ever going to take power.

We each ensure the other cannot take power.

Therefore I suggest that British Nationalists and English Nationalists cease competing and start co-operating.

What is required is a British Cultural Nationalist political party that supports and demands the fulfilment of English Nationalist demands - this being ;

1) The formation of an English Parliament

2) The right in law for indigenous English people to form their own political structures, community, housing, educational facilities, social organisations and cultural movements.

This is required for the following reasons ;

A) The devolution of power from the British Parliament into an English Parliament requires what is clearly impossible for English Nationalists, which is a majority of votes in Britain. Unless English Nationalists are voted into power in Westminster, both in the Commons and Lords, then it will be impossible for them to pass any legislation to create an English Parliament.

Therefore English Nationalism will never achieve its goals.

B) In the unlikely event of the English Nationalists ever taking power of the British Parliament then at the same time the English Nationalists create an English Parliament, then in order to ensure a smooth transition of power from the British Parliament down into an English Parliament, and that such a change functions properly and does not cause problems inside the British Parliament, then British Nationalists and English Nationalists must co-operate both in the British Parliament and the English Parliament to achieve this goal.

The establishment of an English Parliament that is hostile to the British Parliament, or a British Parliament filled with hostile British Nationalists who will seek to enact legislation to annul and remove an English Parliament after they get back into power, is a recipe for chaos and disorder.

The idea of Britain and England being hostile towards each other must never occur.

Therefore there must arise a new politics that fuses British Nationalism and English Nationalism into one cohesive and mutually supporting ideology.

Such a fusion British Nationalism and English Nationalism will not occur in a political landscape of mutually hostile and competing parties, so it must occur within one political party or via one strategic political alliance.

I suggest the following models ;

1) There be established a British Cultural political party that has as its aims the establishment of both British Cultural Nationalist goals and also English Nationalist goals so that both British Nationalists and English Nationalists can vote for one political party with both English Nationalist British Nationalist aims and goals in order to ensure that this political party achieves political power in order to fulfil both British Nationalist and English Nationalist goals


2) That a British Nationalist Cultural political party work with a body or committee of English Nationalists from all the English Nationalist political parties who each agree to put up mutually agreed candidates in elections who will not stand against each other, but who will work with each other for mutual goals to ensure they get elected as candidates.

This would require an electoral pact with the English Nationalists drafted up in consultation with the British Nationalist Cultural party and English Nationalist parties.

The English Nationalists will not work with the BNP under Griffin.

They will also not work with a BNP that has not undergone a radical rebrand to remove the stain of extremism.

I do not believe that Griffin, for the sake of both British Nationalism and English Nationalism, will stand down as the BNP leader and allow the party to have a radical rebranding.

Therefore it may be required to establish a new political party on this new ideological basis in order to achieve the aim of fusing British Nationalism and English Nationalism.

If we can do this, we stand a real of success.

A political party that manages to unite these two political forces will be able to challenge the mainstream political parties for power.

It will allow us to re-nationalise our country, people and culture at the same time as we create a new ethno-communal identity and consciousness, which will allow us to create from the present state of social chaos a new cohesive national community and indigenous English, Welsh, Scottish and Anglo-Irish communities with an ethnic consciousness, political structures and communal structures.

That is the aim of both political movements, it is the very definition of our desired victories.

The time has come for both British Nationalists and English Nationalists to forge a new nationalist Act of Union, one that unites the aims and ideology of British Nationalism with the rights and interests of the indigenous English people.

This truly would The Vision of Albion that poets like William Blake foresaw and espoused, and the beginning of a British national and English cultural renaissance.

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Anonymous said...

This does not explain away the opposition between British Nationalism and Welsh/Scottish Nationalism (remember both the latter were formed by genuine nationalists).

Defender of Liberty said...

There is no opposition between British Nationalism and Welsh / Sottish Nationalism, nor English Nationalism.

They are Political, Ethnic and Cultural mechanisms, not true separatist movements.

Scotland cannot physically separate from England, not wales.

Therefore the fact they run their own affairs as Parliaments does not affect the true union of the British Nation.

If the Scottish Parliament of Welsh Parliament or English Parliament ever tried to stop Unionist candidates from standing in elections, then that would be unawful.

Therefore there will always be a Unionist movement and Unionist MSP's and MP's in Scotland, Wales etc who will sit in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Parliament, English Parliament etc - even if they were fully independent national state parliaments.

I forsee the new party as standing candidates to sit as MSP's and also as MP's in the British Parliamentary elections, and in the event of an English Parliament as English Parliamentarian's.

I disagree that Scottish and Welsh Parliaments were formed by genuine nationalists, they were formed by civic nationalists.

Those 'parliaments' have no representatives in them that put Scottish / Welsh culture first or the indigenous Scottish / Welsh people.

A new political movement that stands in those Parliaments that represents a new form of Britishness that promotes a vision based on the promotion of our indigenous cultures and indigenous peoples is what is needed.

The present Parliaments, with its civic nationalists is defined by politics eg the civic nationalists of the SNP and Welsh Nationalist Party, the labour party, Liberals and the Tories.

None of them promote or represent the interests of Scottish / Welsh culture and the indigenous Scottish / Welsh people.

That is where this new party will come in.

That is the vision we offer, a new vision of Britishness that promotes culture and ethnicity instead of mere political differences.

Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

What a fantastic article.If only the above could come true.
Nationalists are very stubborn people and anyone that has been purged or has left should be asked to return personally and probably more than once by somebody they respect.
A code of conduct should be adopted i.e never say a bad word about another Nationalist.If someone is heard bad mouthing a fellow Nationalist they should be confronted by fellow Nationalists.
Esprit de corps should be taught by the party and encouraged. All Nationalists should treat their fellow comrades as family.

Adrian P said...

Personally, I'd like to see Scotland, Ireland, Wales even Cornwall have a degree of autonomy if they wished, so long as we all remember, it's a big bad world out there, we MUST work together.
So yes, a Welsh Nationalist group may only be able to achieve so much, but a British National Party that offers the Welsh as much independence as they wish, so long as they understand even the largest component of the UK, IE England is tiny in comparison to most other countries.
Britons, Scotss an Welsh, Irish should preserve their identities and cultures, so too should the Spanish, Spain is more like blackpool on a sunny day.

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