Monday 14 July 2008


Pete Doherty - Junkie scumbag non-entity

Image - Lily Allan self confessed drug dealer

Image - Peaches Geldoff selling drugs.

Whilst having a cup of tea this morning I almost fell off the chair.

I was watching the BBC news when an apparition appeared, a creature the like of which is rarely glimpsed in the liberal wasteland of the BBC, SOMEONE WHO WAS INVITED ONTO THE SHOW AND WHO ACTUALLY SPOKE SENSE !

How did he get in the BBC I thought to myself, no security guards were busy rushing onto the floor their arms poised to grip him in a choking headlock and wrestle him screaming to the ground and no BBC Bolshevik Ivory Tower Commissars were running around like tin pot tyrants barking out the order ' Silence that man !'.

All in all it was very odd - almost like picking up a TV broadcast from some alternate universe where common sense and not political correctness rules.

It was like a breash of fresh air in stuffy room, like a shift of sunlight piercing the bars of a prison cell, like a rainbow after the storm - I almost wept at the utter indescribable beauty of it.

The debate was about how kids are out of control in schools and how teachers want to be given the right to search kids not just for weapons but drugs and alcohol.

The idea that at the moment teachers cannot search kids for drugs and alcohol is evidence of just how absurd our society is, but this chap whose name I did not catch said the following ;

1) Our society has put the kids in control and they control society - parents cannot chastise their children, punish their children or schools cane children and this has led to the kids having the whip hand over the teachers, their parents and society. If a brat is slapped then they can go straight to the cops and the police will prosecute the parents. This means the kids have no respect or fear for anyone - they control us.

I advocate a return to corporal punishment and the right of parents to physically punish (but not brutalise) their kids. As a child I was slapped by my father, caned by the school, slippered by the head teacher and rulered by a teacher. Each time I did not repeat the behaviours that resulted in those punishments - it worked.

2) The kids in school should serve dinners to the teachers, open doors to them and show them respect.

Spot on again. Kids have no respect for anyone - the only people they respect are thugs, gangsters, idiot footballers and rich rap stars glorified in the media. The only people they truly respect are those that MTV tells them to respect because they are rich, criminal and surrounded by whores in bikinis.


The endless crap about ' blame the parents' is the politics of the idiot. Kids dont go off the rails because mummy and daddy arent doing their jobs right, they do so primarily because the society they live in transmits negative attitudes to them via the media.

The media like to blame the parents as if the real culprits responsible for our degenerate society and degenerate kids were revealed as THE MEDIA then they would have to change. The media glofity violence, greed, bling culture, degenerate liberal values - the media sell them the violent video games, the anti-white racist and sexist rap records that glorify the murder of whites and the treatment of women as whores and the media glorify the degenerate bling culture ' of get rich or die trying'.


No parent can stop their child being contaminated with the flow of poison the media pumps out - that is like a parent standing at the outflow of a sewage pipe pumping out the effluvia of a city and trying to stop their children who are sitting underneath it getting covered in shit - it is an impossibility.

The kids of today are TV BABIES, raised on the TV and suckled on its electronic tit since birth - the parents are out at work and trying to get enough money to buy a home and pay the bills - it is the media that raise our kids not parents.

But for the media to allow people to say this on the media would be to admit they are the criminals who profit from turning our kids into crminals when they glorify the degenerate values that contaminate our society and poison our communities and kids.

No criminal likes to confess to their crimes - and this is why the media blame everything from parents to poverty in order to shift the blame from themselves.

3) Parents can accelerate the transition of good kids into bad kids by being bad parents, but bey cannot stop that transition once it starts if a peer group of bad kids is involved with a child. The second major influence on kids IS KIDS ! Kids respect their peer groups more than their parents in most cases - and one bad kid will poison a whole bunch of good kids.

The trick is to target the bad kids and force them to respect society before they poison the other kids - this is why we need a return of the stocks and the birch.

It is not prison that kids fear or ASBO's - they are merely a sign of how tough they are (like their rap star heroes).

They fear one thing - HUMILIATION.

It is a loss of status amongst their peers they fear not prison or punishment.

Prisons are now holiday camps run by wanker social workers and an ASBO is a badge of toughness for kids to brag about. They are not scared or prison or ASBO's.

Bring back the stocks and get the community to throw rotten vegetables and eggs at them all weekend - let them feel humiliated and victimised AS THAT WAY THEY KNOW HOW THEIR VICTIMS FEEL !!!! At the moment when they understand what it feels to be humiliated then they will know that they wont want to be humiliated again. They will also feel for themselves what the bitter taste of humiliations is and thereby empathise with their victims pain. Humiliation means that they will not gain any 'gang status' from their crimes either as they will be made to look like prats in front off their peers, not tough guys with an electronic tag - remove that status and kudos attached to crime and they wont do it again.

Bring back the birch and let them understand pain and humiliation - AS THEIR VICTIMS FEEL !

Kids think that violence is like video game and that actions do not have consequences - they must be shown what pain is so they can appreciate the pain that others feel - EMPATHY MUST BE IMPOSED - in that they hurt someone - then they get hurt back and then next time they wont do it again. The media has glamorised violence and for many kids violence is seen as a game - the man gets shot in a video game gets up and walks away - they have been desensitised towards violence and the playing of these games makes the action of a pulling a trigger on a gun easy , as they have already done it millions of times. The link between actions and pain must be reinforced if they are not inflict pain.

4) Finally comes bad parenting - their have always been bad parents, but the main bad parents of today are wealthy middle class arseholes like Bob Geldoff and the rest of the liberal elite - as they allow their kids to run wild and glamorise a drunken, spoilt brat lifestyle for other kids. Their kids run wild in nightclubs, festivals like glastonbury and in the media - they are depicted coming drunk out of nightclubs, sleeping around, glamorisng the celebrity bling culture and the slut culture. The arseholes like Geldoff allow their kids to become posters and pin ups for the degenerate values that are poisoning our society - and other kids follow their actions and aspire to be as degenerate as they are.

Then we have working class parents who let their kids run wild on the streets.

Part of the problem with the latter is that if both parensta are working then they cannot control their kids - and this process has been created by middle class arsehole politicians in the Labour and Tory party and the Liberal Elite who destroyed the old working class extended communities where extended families lived alongside each other in extended kin networks and who could assist each other and help raise their children as a community.

The solutions are simple ;

1) Pass laws to allow parents and teachers to punish children - bring back the cane and corporal punishment in schools to impose disciplines.

2) BRING BACK CORPORAL PUNISHMENT IN SOCIETY - the birch and the stocks and humiliation style community punishments such as making crminals wear pink dresses to sweep the streets if they commit crimes so people can laugh at them.

3) CONTROL THE MEDIA - stop the promotion of degenerate lifestyles and ban violent video games for young kids. Ban the glamorisation of the bling lifestyle - treat footballers as the overpaid useless areseholes they are instead of fawning over them, treat rap and rock and music stars as the idiots they are instead of glamorising them and their degenerate values they promote in their music, treat film stars as the non-entities they are instead of heros just because they are famous and rich and teach kids that being rich is not what makes you a good person.

Get the media to celebrate nurses, doctors, firemen and local heroes instead of rap stars, porn stars, tarts with big tits, film stars and scum bag idiot footballers and sport stars.

Get the media to Celebrate those that create the values our culture should respect, not those that undermine and demean it.

4) FORCE PARENTS TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR KIDS - prosecute people like Bo Geldoff who allow their kids to go to nightclubs and get drunk, shut down the clubs that give them alcohol and fine the media for printing images of underage kids coming out nightclubs. Force working class parents to kee their kids off the streets by allowing the police to arrest the kids and then fine the parents.

5) CREATE KIN BASED COMMUNITIES - create new towns where families are allowed to live alongside each other and prioritise local people and local families for council houses - stop immigrants and asylum seekers taking local homes and allow local extended kin networks rto develop so communities re-form where extended families take care of each other.

The above are the solutions-anything else wont work.

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Anonymous said...

Such Sanity! The twats will be against that!

Anonymous said...

Great article! And a very good perspective on what is happening in our crumbling society and why and the solutions necessary to sort it out.

The only barrier to cross though is the fact that we live in an Asylum Society' (and I'm not just referring to the hordes of asylum-seekers and assorted flotsam and jetsam that invade our shores every day).

No, an Asylum Society such as ours is a prison institution where not only the rules and values are reversed and twisted but essentially where the inmates actually run the system,

We have children running amok and controlling the adults and criminals almost doing the same.

It's as if we have a prison where the ineffectual prison governor has gone so soft in the head that he (or she)genuinely believes that the job that they're doing is fundamentally and morally wrong, and that the only real solution to treat these poor prisoners (who -according to his/her warped liberal sense of reality - shouldn't be there in the first place)is to get them to run the place.

The nliberal nutters have certainly taken over the asylum!

alanorei said...

Thanks Lee

The strategy you outline is sound. For now, we must keep on electioneering to implement it.

As our election agent says in this part of the world, everthing else is bollocks.

That said, the police in this area, including PCSOs, have got some activities clubs going that have been highly successful, i.e. with canoeing, abseiling etc.

This initiative is in a small community (virtually non-enriched racially I might add), so it has that advantage. But ASB, which was a problem, has dropped markedly and school performance has improved - because good behaviour is a pre-requisite for joining this club.

Directly or as in my case, indirectly, it is the sort of community involvement that BNPrs can support, even if not elected councillors etc.

The youngsters also have decent role models in their supervisers.

If we are going to take England back, doing so on a community-by-community basis is essential.

Anonymous said...

very fine article Lee. If only we could implement the contents tomorrow.


Simple common sense,may the day soon come.