Thursday 3 July 2008

Israel - A Statement

The main problem with blogging is that idiots working to their own agenda, as demonstrated by Melanie Phillips, are able to remove snippets of an article and then distort them in such a way as to radically alter their real meaning.

For example, a few years ago I wrote an article where I stated that I supported the right of Israel to defend itself against Islamist aggression both within its own borders and outside its borders.

As a NATIONALIST, then purely on a logical basis related to the principles of nationalism, I have to support the right of ALL nations to defend their own internal and external security as they wish. This of course includes Israel, as Israel is a nation.

In fact the war that Israel is fighting against Islamic Extremism is a war that we may one day have to fight on our streets. The first shots in that war were fired on 7/7.

This is why we support the right of Israel to defeat its own inner enemy, as we fear that one day the enemy in Tel Aviv will be a part of the same army on the streets of London.

To re-state my position here again for the benefit of those who have been lured to my blog site by the article of Melanie Phillips ;

1) We support the right of Israel to exist as a nation state

2) We support the right of all nations, including Israel, to defend their national security both internaly and externaly as they wish without outside agencies such as the UN, EU or US interfering. We also believe that Iran should be able to develop its own national security programme in its own interests without outside interference. Iran is an independent nation, and such its internal security interests are not our concern UNLESS THEY DIRECTLY THREATEN US AND OUR NATIONAL SECURITY INTERESTS.

At the moment Iran has not become an active threat to us.


3) At the same time we respect the right of the Palestinian people to resist peacefully the removal of their lands and rights by the Zionists extremists that control the Israeli state. As the BNP is an Indigenous rights party fighting for the rights of the indigenous British people in the hostile multi-cultural system, we respect all those indigenous rights movements that seek to secure for themselves their ancestral land and cultures.

4) We resist Islamist extremism and Sharia Law in the UK as it threatens our national security. We wish to limit Muslim immigration into the UK as it threatens the demographic power of the British people, in that we will be a minority in our own homeland by 2050.

At the same time we resist the power of the Zionist Network in the UK as it supports the political parties and ideologies that have led to the social breakdown of our society. Whilst the Zionists in Israel celebrate their ethno-nationalist state, the Zionists in the UK who work for Israels interests attack us on the basis that we wish to construct a similar ethno-nationalist state.

This pure hypocrisy at its most sickening. Their constant calling us 'racists' is both hypocritical and sickening, seeing as they have the media to bark their lies at the public for them.

The Zionists in the UK, such as Phillips, also lie to their own people and seek to perpetuate a mythical threat from the BNP to the British Jewish community. In fact the CST reports on anti-semitism in the UK all confirm that the two main threats to the British Jewish community in the UK are from ;

1) The Far Left - such as the Socialist Workers Party and Respect Party

2) Muslim extremists.

The reason why Phillips in her attack on me deceived her readers and asserted that the BNP is a threat to the Jewish community, is simply because she wishes to keep the British Jewish community under the control of the same corrupt Zionist front groups and Irael subservient political parties that have been misleading and exploting them for decades.

The only political party that can represent and defend the interests of the British Jewish community is the BNP - simply because we are both hated by the same enemies and because we both are loyal to this country.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, the CST, Searchlight, Melanie Phillips and the rest of the Zionist cabal that currently controls the so called organisations that represent British Jewry all in reality work for the interests of Israel.

Those ordinary, patriotic and loyal British Jews such as the ones who are serving in the British army and who are under attack from Muslim extremists and far left activists, are the people only we in the BNP can defend.

The Zionists supported the mass immigration of Muslims into the UK.

The Zionists supported the Iraq War that led to a rise in attacks on British Jews by Muslims and Far Left activists.

The Zionists want a war with Iran that will trigger a massive rise in race attacks against Jewsin the UK by Muslim extremists and far left activists.

The Zionists support Israel more than they support the UK - that is treason when they serve the interests of a foreign nation above their own.

The Zionists have betrayed their own community for decades - the fact you, and we, all walk in fear in our own communities is down to them and the parties they supported and the policies they have enacted.

The BNP has never passed a SINGLE law in this country as we have not been in power - the state of our nation has been created by the lackeys in the mianstream parties that worked with the Zionists.

Phillips is a creature of vile deceits, and one who has long abandoned any principles for her own agenda.

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Anonymous said...

1) We support the right of Israel to exist as a nation state

3) At the same time we respect the right of the Palestinian people to resist peacefully the removal of their lands and rights by the Zionists extremists that control the Israeli state.--DOL

But that's the problem. It appears that neither will be able to "exist" without imposing their will on the other. One side believes that the formation of Israel included the near destruction of Palestinians...the other side believes that there was never an official "Palestinian Land" to begin with so a nation can't be destroyed if it never really existed. I won't get into who is right and who is wrong, but this issue is too complex to be used as a case for nationalism or against Islamic extremism, IMO. We know that there are extremists among Palestinians, but Israel isn't always the good guy. Why be afraid to admit that?

Anonymous said...

Another interesting post Lee, in article 3) of your post though you say you recognise the right of Palestinian People to resist peacefully.

In July of 1946 did the Jews resist the British peacefully and if not do they deserve to have so many Nationalists openly declaring their support for Israel?

Defender of Liberty said...


please be careful, for not being 100 % behind Israel at all times regardless of what it is doing you may be called an anti-semite too. I agree 100 % with all your points you have made.



It is not the past that matters in relation to Israel, it is our future in Britain when we get in to power.

By defending the principle of nationalism, and upholding the right of nations to take decisions of their own as regards their national security, we uphold our future national autonomy and our right to deal with the same terrorists in our midst.

This is why we must defend Israels RIGHT TO DEFEND ITSELF AS A NATION - as by so doing we defend OUR rights to defend ourselves as a naton.

The actions that Israel takes to defend its democracy, are actions that we can one day take to defend our democracy - for if Israel is a democracy, then if we have to take the same actions against our terrorists as Israel does, then we cannot be accused of not being a democracy.

If Israel is a democracy, then we will be a democracy too.

Every nation is born in blood and war - The US was born out a war against Britain, so should we refuse to recognise America as a nation.

The Birth of Israel and America are exactly the same - they both threw off the British Empire by violence and terrorism and then went on to eradicate their indigenous people - palestinians / native americans.

We recognise America as a nation - so should we also refuse to recognise the fact that America is a nation as well as Israel ?


Anonymous said...

So Nations are born using war and terrorism as a means of securing their future, yet Palestinians must only use peaceful methods to resist.

All is fair in Love and War :)

Defender of Liberty said...

Should the native americans use violence to get the land back, is it legitimate for mugabes zanu thugs to terrorise and kill white farmers.

History is based on winners and losers - the palestinians lost. Israel exists.

If they live in Israel they abide by the law, same as the native americans abide by US law.

If they live outside Israel and attack it then expect to be treated like an enemy combatant.

They can peacefully resist within Israel and apply political pressure via the nations they are in via those governments - the problem is that the nations that house the displaced palestinians despise them.

Peaceful resistance is legtimate resistance and must be protected by israel via the legal system and the courts - but if they wage war they can expect a military response.

Terrorism must be met with terror.

Once you run a country you make the rules - thats just the way it goes.

Those that live by the sword die by the sword.

They pick up a gun = expect a bullet.

Anonymous said...

Did Germany give up after losing

Did France give up after losing

Would we give up if Britain lost

For any defeated Native people remember the winner is the Goliath to your David. Just as the State can become the Goliath to the Individuals spirit of free thought
and free will.

Linda Margaret said...

I think it is interesting how you bring up a consistent problem with Israel and Palestine--external entrenchment. External interference is fair enough; we all want to see peace in the Middle East. Unfortunately, there are so many external powers so heavily involved in Israeli relations that it means each decision made by a national power actually within the region has a myriad of circumstances in regions outside of the Middle East. I worry that the decisions made are made not for the local populations but for the external populations that think they know what the local populations need. International interest and attention is needed, yes, but I fear the actual actors involved need to exercise more subsidiarity in related decisions.

Defender of Liberty said...

Total agrement Linda,

It is the classic ' the tail wags the dog ' scenario. Does Israel run Israel for the Israelis, both Jew and Palestinian, or do the ex-pat Zionists run Israel for themselves even though they do not live in Israel.

The palestinians have also internationalised their support base as a response to the international zionist suport base for Israel. This means that Irsael does not actually exist as a national state for eother jews or palestinians - it is a nexus united in support of, or resistance too, a geographic entity called Israel.

The palestinians, present in most Middle East nations as refugees, are also hostages to whatever cause speaks in their name from the PLO, Hamas, Al Qaeda etc etc.

This means that no-one has any interest in reconciliation, only in entrenching their positions for the benefit of their own pressure groups and self apponted leaders.

This means the conflict can never be solved - as too many factions are at play as the same time operating to their own agendas.

Only when Israel and the palestinians are forced to deal with each other, and the zionists and islamists excised from interfering in the process, will any reconciliation take place.