Wednesday 2 July 2008

Melanie Phillips and The Spectator

A few years ago the BBC sent an undercover reporter into the ranks of the BNP in order to try and set up Nick Griffin and Mark Collett and drag them through a David Blunkett Stalinist show trial.

Last year the Dispatches programme sent undercover reporters into British mosques to record and film extremist Imams giving inflammatory speeches.

It appears that every section of British society is apt to be investigated, but it appears that those in Britain who dare investigate the power of the Jewish community in Hollywood triggers the wrath of the self appointed Zionist attack dogs of the Israeli Zionist Network in Britain.

After I wrote an article about the disproportionate power of the Jewish community in Hollywood I was first contacted by the Jewish Chronicle reporter Dana Gloger.

I gave her an interview, which has been covered in the articles here ;

The story was not published in the Jewish Chroncile though. I rang Dana and asked her why not, and she said that an e mail would be forthcoming to reveal why she had not run the story.

The mail did not turn up.

The next thing that happens is that Lancaster Unity, a pro-Zionist website posing as a 'pro-working class website' run by the lesbian Conservative and Zionist activist Denise Garside, and a cabal of self proffessed Jewish activists, runs an attack article on me.

Excellent methinks, the old Technorati rankings will go up again - and then blow me, up pops Melanie Phillips quoting large chunks of my writings in an article in The Spectator and calling me anti-semite.


Poor old melanie, in her fugue of Zionist moral outrage though she has not noticed that this is MY BLOG, not a BNP blog.

Unlike the Lib, Lab, Con cabal of lickspittles to Politically Correct self censorship, the BNP tolerates a wide range of opinions in its membership.

We are even allowed to think for ourselves !

We are even allowed to have our own blogs !

Neither does the BNP demand its members censor themselves or cease to hold personal opinions.

In fact the BNP encourage a diversity of opinions within its ranks in order to guarantee as wide a pool of talent and ideas as possible.

The fact that we can beat the Labour Party in the recent Henley elections when the BNP is run on a miniscule budget that wouldnt cover the Labour Party bar bill in Parliament or the Tory House of Lords prostitutes and bottom spanking rent boy bills, shows how talent can defeat profligate incomptence.

It appears that the BNP has to be attacked by Melanie Phillips as we are beating the Labour Party in elections.

Funny that - and there was I thinking the Daily Mail and The Spectator were Tory supporting papers.

When the Tories attack political parties that are taking votes away from Labour - then you know something rotten stinks in British politics.

The Establishment must be frightened.

Phillips, and the other self appointed leaders of the Jewish community in Britain are afraid of the BNP for one thing, as they know that the British Jewish community are now realising that their future communal safety depends on the BNP coming to power and removing the same threats that threaten us all.

That means the British Jewish community have to shed themselves of the idiot leaders that have betrayed their community over the last fifty years with their support for the labour party, liberal party, tory party and the liberal consensus - as these leaders are the supporters of the people and parties who have almost destroyed Britain over the last fifty years.

To be called an 'anti-semite' By the Daily Mail writer and Zionist propagandist Melanie Phillips, is the ultimate case of the pot calling the kettle black considering her attacks on the Palestinian people.

I find it rather strange to be labelled an anti-semite by Phillips, as it now appears I am now ranked alongside such institutions and people also labelled as anti-semites by Phillips in her tirade filled career so far, as ;

1) The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams

2) The ENTIRE Anglican church including both clergy and congregations

3) The ENTIRE Catholic Church including everyone from God down encompassing the Pope to the worshippers

In a recent article, she criticised the membership and leadership of the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches in Britain, and specifically the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, accusing them of antisemitism because of remarks made by the Archbishop about the plight of Bethlehem Christians under Israeli occupation; another factor was an opinion poll showing that the majority of Anglicans were opposed to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. The article ended with a condemnation of what she sees as the churches' failure to criticise the President of Iran's desire to "destroy Israel", and that "the churches in Britain are not only silent about the genocidal ravings emanating from Iran but are themselves helping pave the way for a second Holocaust".

Blimey - I never knew I was so important. Cheers for heads up Melanie, I am flattered you appear to read my blog and writings.

Phillips cannot be taken seriously though as she also repudiates the theory of evolution.

To Phillips the Old Testament, and the irrational actions of the insane genocidal 'god' within its blood soaked pages, make more sense than a rational scientific explanation for the basis of life on Earth.

Anyone who takes the Old Testament seriously (or any of those other religious books with their genocidal dieties who spent most of pre-history mightily smiting peoples and tribes they had taken umbrage upon ) in relation to evolution cannot themselves be taken seriously.

Therefore being called an anti-semite by a Creationist like Phillips is a bit like being called a racist in Klingon by a Star Trek fan angry that Klingon Culture is not being taught in schools.

You have to draw a line between loony and maverick somewhere, and I suspect Melanie may now be on the side of the barking ones.

It also appears that Phillips herself has a rather unique definition of anti-semitism based on a Melaniecentric principle.

In her case an anti-semite is anyone who dares disagrees with her or anyone who dares criticise Israel.

She is the Zionist Rottweiler of the British media, a rabid snarling attack dog for her masters in the Zionist Fatherland.

Apart from Muslims who get a regular mauling from her foam flecked maw and anyone that dares criticise Israel and anyone who dares disagree with her, her special venom is reserved for her fellow Jews who do not prostrate themselves before the Golden Calf of Israel and praise the Israeli Race State.

Read about her nasty and spiteful little attacks on Johann Hari here ;

Being called an antisemite by Phillips though is very perverse, seeing as she says the Palestinians are an "artificial" people who can be collectively punished for acts of terrorism by Islamist terrorists because they are "a terrorist population". She believes that while "individual Palestinians may deserve compassion, their cause amounts to Holocaust denial as a national project".

Perhaps Phillips has forgotten that Palestinians are semites too.

She is so busy hurling the fire brand of anti-semitism at people, that she has not realised that her own sublimated anti-semitism drives her to seeing anti-semites everwhere - except of course in the face of the real anti-semite that looks back at her every time she looks into the mirror.

Melanie Phillips is part of the Israel-UK Neo-Conservative network, which is mirrored in the United States by the AIPAC lobby group. Like many of the Neo-Conservatives in the US, she first embraced the ideology of Trotskyism and was a supporter and propagandist of the far left.

Her journey from leftist to Zionist is a case study in how racial identity triumphs over national loyalty. The two dynamics that drive Phillips right wing politics is her Jewish identity and her loyalty to the Jewish homeland of Israel.

She is the unofficial spokesman for the Likud Party in the British media and acts as an propagandist for a foreign power. Through her uncritical defence of Israel she has assumed the role of the mainstream voice of the Zionist settlers on stolen Palestinian land, the spokeswoman for the illegal Zionist settlements themselves and an apologist for the Zionist organisers of the expulsion of the Palestinians.

Her defence of British values is predicated on the basis that those British values must be subservient to Israel. Any British values that seek to assert values that are at odds with the interests of Israel are defined as 'fascist'.

Yet Phillips in her article attacking me did not mention the new law passing through the Knesset in Israel, the Prevention of Infiltration Act, which criminalises asylum seekers with 4 years in prison and 7 years for those who claim asylum from Arab nations.

It appears that Israeli government Fascism is not newsworthy, but my article exposing the racism of Hollywood was.

I never realised that Hollywood must never be investigated or critiqued, that its internal power structures and personalities must never be exposed or researched.

Makes you wonder what they are hiding doesnt it, when the Zionist attack dog Phillips is sent out to bark her bile in the pages of The Spectator.

What has Phillips to do with Hollywood ? Nothing as far as I can see.

So it appears that the issue for her attack on me in the Spectator must be the 'heresy' of mentioning the power of the Jewish community in Hollywood.

A similar 'heresy' is the mention of the power of the Israel Lobby in the UK and US government,(HAS ANYONE SEEN JENNY TONGE AND TAM DALYELL SINCE THEY CRITICISED ISRAEL AND SPOKE ABOUT THE POWER OF ISRAEL IN Uk POLITICS - it appears that anyone who dares say something the UK Zionists dont like is sent out into the social and political wilderness), any such mention and Phillips attacks.

I find it quite sinister that the Jewish Chronicle, Lancaster Unity and Melanie Phillips - each of them Zionists - seem to be an organised network that seek to suffocate democratic debate and investigation on issues relating to Israel and the Jewish communities around the world.

Such connections and actions merely reinforce the belief that an international Zionist network exists that actively promotes the interests of Israel in individual nation states by targeting anyone in those ntions that dare debate issues that Israel and Zionists do not want to see raised in public.

Phillips was born into a Jewish family and educated at Putney High School, a girls' independent school in Putney, London, and later read English at St Anne's College, Oxford, before training as a journalist on the Evening Echo.

After a short period at the New Society magazine, she joined The Guardian newspaper in 1977 and soon became its social services correspondent and social policy leader writer.

This was during the era of the Soviet Union and the Communist Gulags when dissidents, nationalists and democrats were being exterminated in their millions, by the 'socialists' in the Soviet Union whilst she was busy working for a socialist newspaper espousing radical socialist views.

After a stint as the Guardian's news editor, she started writing her own opinion column in 1987. As a writer for The Guardian in 1982 she defended the Labour Party at the time of the split with the Social Democratic Party.

Leaving The Guardian, Phillips first took her opinion column to the Guardian sister-paper The Observer, and then to the Sunday Times, before starting to write regularly for the Daily Mail in 2001. She also occasionally writes for the Jewish Chronicle and other periodicals.

Melanie Phillips is often a good writer, but she cannot evade her complicty in the crimes she condemns.

The primary mechanism in British society that has brought about the downfall of our nation is the media. The Daily Mail and Melanie Phillips are both agents in this process.

Phillips though is primarily just another puppet of Israel in the British media, and her agenda is to ensure it is 'business as usual' for the Zionists and Israel by promoting the Tory Party to the British public - simply because, as William Hague declared a few days ago, the Tories are a party that seeks Israeli support and Jewish donations.

Just as the reliance of the Labour Party on donations from Jewish business leaders greased the path from sanctions to war in relation to Iraq, Phillips is now seeking to grease the path to power for the Conservative Party.

The Spectator is a Tory propaganda magazine, staffed by Tory supporting puppets and Israeli stooges.

To be attacked by The Spectator is almost as satisfying as being attacked by The Daily Mirror - as self validation is always dependent upon who we are attacked by. Our enemies define us as much as our friends.

To be attacked by the Zionist Phillips in the reactionary Zionist lapdog Tory press is high praise indeed.

Thank you for contempt, it is confirmation that all my writings have not been in vain.

Her real fear is this though ; The Jewish community in Britain have woken up to fact that the leaders they have placed their trust in for the last fifty years have been using them.

Instead of promoting the interests of integrated Jews in the UK who are loyal to Britain, the lackeys of Zionism like Melanie Phillips, the Jewish Chronicle and Lancaster Unity, BOD and the CST have been serving the interests of Israel and Zionism.

Hollywood is another aspect of this Zionist betrayal of the British Jewish community. The degenerate values and film promoted by Hollywood have glamorised a liberal consensus that has poisoned not just America but British society and Western Civilisation.

The torture porn, violence and degeneracy peddled in Hollywood movies have poisoned all our cultures and countries. Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty are the British Jewish victims of Hollywood, the drug addled scions of British Jewry who are afflicted with the same toxic cultural values promoted and promulgated by Hollywoods poisonous effluxions as our community is suffering from.

All our communities have suffered equally as a result of the power of Hollywood, and each of must start to resist its poison.

The self appointed elite of the British Jewish Community have betrayed their own people.

This is nothing unusual though - the indigenous British people have also been betrayed by their own people for decades. It was indigenous British politicians that passed the laws that created this tragic, dysfunctional Britsh society and it was primarily the indigenous British people who voted for the idiots.

We have been betrayed as much as you have been betrayed.

The traitor elites though are now deeply afraid. They know that all the communities in Britain are beginiing to realise that they have been betrayed by the people who have supposedly running things in their name for decades.

They are looking for people who will tell them truth and who will fix the problems.

The British people know that listening to the same liars who created this crisis when they say 'Vote for us and we will change things' is the action of idiots.

The British Jewish community have been placed in danger by mass immigration, surrender to Sharia Law, political correctness, the Tory government that refused to act against the Muslim extremists that burnt the Satanic Verses in public and who allowed Islamist terrorists to claim asylum in the UK during the 1980's and by a Labour government that has allowed our borders to be opened to Islamic immigration to the point where Muslims will be the religious majority in our nation by 2050.

All these events were supported by the leaders of the British Jewish Community, as they were too busy working for the interests of Israel.

We have all been run by the traitors in our respective communities, and now the time has come to rise up together and demand our country back.

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Anonymous said...

Phillips is hoist by her own petard.
Well done, Lee, for exposing the bitter old hag.

Anonymous said...

I generally have a lot of time for Melanie Phillips and she writes much that I can agree with. In this instance I think she has been extremely oversensitive. Criticising, rightly, that small group of Jews disproportionately involved in the running of Hollywood is not anti-Semitic. It's not a criticism of 'all Jews'. Criticising the Bush government isn't 'anti-American.

One thing I have noticed on your blog Lee is the awareness and openness towards the general idea of the New World Order. I'd previously dismissed all this a collection of ridiculous and unbelievable conspiracy stories and not really investigated it closely. The last few weeks have been something of a revelation for me and suddenly a lot of things which didn't previously make sense are becoming much clearer. It would take far too long to describe all of this in a comment but I may expand further at another time because I suspect you may be receptive to these ideas which in turn would prove to be very useful for the BNP in fine tuning both it's image and approach. At the end of the day I strongly suspect that yourself and Melanie Phillips would be on the same side if the full picture was revealed.

In short, what appears to be going on is classic divide and rule tactics by the elites. Though a number of these 'elites' appear to be Jewish (Hollywood, banking etc) they are in fact nothing of the sort and are allied with other groups such as the Masons, Jesuits, Catholic church, Royalty etc. Yes, you're right. I do mean the fabled 'Illuminati'. I can hear the groans already which was exactly my response until I dug a little deeper. These people appear to be Jewish, hence the instinctive defense by MP, but are actually using the majority of Jews in much the same way that the majority of Muslims are being used by their elites (which doesn't make them any less dangerous; Islam is a particularly powerful and deadly creed). All of the immigrants being encouraged to settle here are merely useful dupes being used to destroy Western civilisation (white Western males in particular; identified as the source of the strongest obstacles to the NWO and it's one world Government). They are as much victims as we are, as are the majority of Jews with whom MP, understandably, has sympathy for. They are being used to spread division, fear, anger and to dilute the effectiveness of any potential resistance.

Sites such as this, or the BNP's, which quite rightly resist mass immigration and it's evil twin multiculturism are either easily dismissed as 'racist' or 'fascist' or are, or will be, used as reasons for increased legislation with only one goal, more control and less freedom. Diversity isn't about celebrating all cultures it's about destroying and suppressing Western cultures. It's the old classic 'divide and rule'. At any time tactics may change and the differing communities may suddenly be unleashed on each other. It's bad enough now. Imagine what it would be like during a (manufactured, they control everything banks, oil, media) recession? Being able to look at things through this prism enables a strategy of resistance that doesn't involve hatred of ethnics but explains their role in this demonic ploy. At the same time we can explain to them why we resist diversity, immigration etc. The founding peoples of Western civilisation have a right to protect their national character. A world without these 'elites' would see a renaissance without parallel. Would a Jamaican or an Indian want to remain in damp and grey Blighty if their home of ethnic origin suddenly became livable again? Some may but if they do it's Britain they'll be living in not a region of a cultureless NWO.

I think what Im stumbling towards is that there's a perspective where people such as MP can be allied with. After all she's every bit as much a loser in this great conspiracy against us as we are.

PS Having said you were right about Hollywood I think that she was right about there being no such thing as a Palestinian people. The various Arab peoples (from Syria, Jordan and Egypt) who did reside in that area never thought of themselves as 'Palestinians'. The idea that there is a Palestinian people and a Palestinian land is part of the propaganda war that both sides are involved in. Tragically a solution is near impossible particularly because many of those Arabs that do live in the West Bank and Gaza are in the grip of the deadliest of all belief systems, Islam.


Anonymous said...

I suspect the Jewish Chronicle didn't run the interview because you're a complete lunatic. The wonder is that Phillips and anyone else took you seriously in the first place.

(Amused to see that comment moderation is enabled on a blog declaring that censorship is the most sincere form of flattery, by the way.)

FluffResponse said...

Israel is under siege for the same reason that Britain is, and the only question to be answered is this: "Are non-Muslim sovereignties allowed on planet Earth?"

Were Israel to disappear, the "Palestinians" would become nothing but "Sunni Arabs" in a generation; and Jihadists would be emboldened.

What Israel does with this enemy within and outside her borders may yet be what Britain does. I wonder who will act resolutely first; and who, in the other country, will complain about the "excesses" of the behavior?

The problem is Islam, which cannot bring prosperity but can bring suffering. The Old Testament God does not require eternal battle with Jebuscites -- the violence there is contextual. Can't you see the difference between that and the eternal war mandated in the Koran, Hadith, and Sira?

Further, the Old Testament requires good behavior toward non-Jews in the holy land; but the Palestinians are necessarily an enemy and cannot be otherwise; not because they were uprooted (it isn't so), but because of Islamic belief and the emotional atmosphere that Islam creates.

I am sorry that you have so little sympathy for the plight of a small group who have made their way to their ancestral homeland; who set up a state whose research houses are finding treatments for parkinsons, diabetes, multiple sclerosis; and who need to defend themselves against a benighted people whose perception is that God did not create a natural law or respect free inquiry, when both are requirements for prosperity.

The Islamic god is not the God of the Judeo-Christian tradition; and yes, the phrase "Judeo-Christian" applies.

If some Jews have undermined Western civilization, others have contributed to social cohesion.

You undermine the possibility of resolute action against the jihad by writing with such abandon about a kindred group.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I totally agree with the issues you raise about the power of the Zionists here and in the US, I have to agree with everything Phillips writes about the scam referred to as the "Palestinians and Israeli occupation."

If Israel had any sense it would kick every last "Palestinian" off its land and let the Islamic/Arab world deal with a problem they themselves created.

I hope you continue your excellent expose of the Zionists. You're right - they have betrayed their own and the rest of us and their actions deserve to be critiqued.

One thought I had - who has the power in the music industry? The US porn industry (makes more money than Hollywood!) and British television?


Defender of Liberty said...

Antisocialist , agree 100 % - they are the military industrial blocks in our nations under the control of the US corporations, bankers and big business.

censorship moderation is enable so I an gather all the death threats by the CST militia thugs and hand them to the police ad to censor attempts by scum to incite violence.

The hypocrisy of the zionists is staggering, they create a race based state Israel and then get their puppets in other nations to call all those that want to create their own ethno-nationalist states as racists and anti-semies !

The Jihad is a terrorist and demographic threat to British society, Zionism is a political, eonomic and cultural threat to British society - NOT JUST TO IiNDIGENOUS BRITISH PEOPLE BUT BRITISH JEWS AS WELL.

The Zionists have weakend our society and undermined our ability to defend ourselevs by supporting the enemies of Britain and the political parties that have betrayed Britain.

We cannot defeat the Jihad, until we defeat the Zionists and their christian zionist, political and cultural fellow travellers.

Hi Chris,

do the research - you wont be too surpised.


Anonymous said...

“For many, the claim that evolution enabled life to cross the species barrier so that humans are merely the last link in the evolutionary chain remains a step too far — not least because, by the standards science itself sets, it fails the test of evidence. It is merely a theory.
— Melanie Phillips

This is the true measure of Phillips.
She claims that humans are not part of the evolution of terrestrial biology.
She is no different to the Islamist or the Vatican whore.
She is a two-faced, backstabbing monster in our midst.

Anonymous said...

Defender of Liberty said...

Poor old melanie ,

she makes mention of the film Munich as 'demonising' the IDF - well if thats true lets look at who plays the 'demonic' Mossad agents in the film - Daniel Craig a blue eyed blonde Englishman, Eric Bana an ex-pat Brit born in AusTRALIA, Geoffrey Rush Uustralian ex-pat Brit and Ciaran Hinds another Brit.

So if melanie is right that the film was designed to demonise Mossad - then the actors chosen to play the evil Mossad agents were all Brits or descendants of British people.

How odd.

As it is the film merely reveals how stupid it was to kill the PLO, who could have been negotiated with via political dialogue, and that this then assisted in the rise of Hamas who cannot ever be appeased.

Anonymous said...

Experts have talked about this before. How many times have you read about the importance of ‘adding value’ for your audience? How many times have you read about ‘building trust’ with your readers/prospects?
Many, many times. You know it well. Every marketing guru has spoken about this topic. I’m sick of hearing it. But it STILL bears repeating.