Friday 4 July 2008

Melanie Phillips and The Zionist Network

As I have written many times we in Britain do not live in a democracy, we live under The Tyranny of the Minorities.

One section of this tyranny of the minorities is the domination of our political, legal and cultural social zones by ethnic minority lobby groups.

The two most powerful ethnic minority lobby groups in history both in the UK and US has been the Jewish Zionist and also the non-Jewish Christian Zionist groups.

The article ‘A Liberal Israel Lobby’ by Gershom Gorenberg in Prospect here :

and also the article

The Israel Lobby by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt here ;

Are examples of how many Jews in the US and UK have realised that the Zionist elite that run the Jewish lobby groups are simply interested in their own power and Israels interests and not in the interests of ordinary American and British Jews.

The issue is simple enough - the leaders of those Jewish Zionist groups in the UK such as the CST, Searchlight and the Jewish Chronicle have betrayed the community interests of British Jews for their own personal, economic and political interests just as much as they have betrayed the non-Jewish British community. These Zionist groups have pushed for mass immigration, the colonisation of the UK by Islam and the undermining of indigenous British culture. This has not just damaged the interests of the indigenous British community, it has placed the entire British Jewish community in the UK at risk. Unlike the millionaires Gerald Ronson and Phillip Green etc etc ordinary British assimilated Jews do not have the financial means to flee the UK with their vast loot in the event of a clash with radical Islam in the future.

Whilst the Zionist leadership of these groups would be on the first flight to Tel Aviv, the ordinary British Jew would standing alongside us defending our cities, towns, villages, streets and houses from the Radical Islamist terrorists who will be attacking them at some point in the 21st Century.

The BNP is not anti-semitic. We are neither anti-Israel. What we are against is the power of the organised Zionist groups in the UK who put the interests of Israeland themselves before the interests of all British citizens including British Jews.

The Terrorism of the Word whereby all those that criticise the Zionist cabal that control these Jewish lobby groups are called ‘anti-semites’ has to end. At the same time the morons both from the Far Left and Far Right that still indulge in infantile anti-semitism and attack ordinary British Jews as a community must be ostracised and reviled by us all.

The BNP as a political organisation represents the interests not just of the indigenous British community but also the interests of the ordinary British Jewish community.

Melanie Phillips, the CST, Searchlight and The Board of Deputies have chosen to attack the BNP, and we are simply responding to their attacks by revealing their hypocrisy and duplicity.

By raising this issue of the power of the Zionist cabal that control so called ‘Jewish community groups’ and seeking to educate both our community and the Jewish community about the truth of how their so called ‘leaders’ have betrayed them and us, we are fulfilling our innate duty of care to both our community and the Jewish community.

If we had failed to address this issue then we would have failed the Jewish community, many of whom are realising that their interests as a community lie with the BNP and not with the Zionist clique that control the community groups that have betrayed them for decades.

This is not just an issue that the BNP are debating as the entire political spectrum both left and right have understood that the Zionists that control the Jewish community groups are out of control and need to be challenged so that they represent the interests of both the communities they live within and also the interests of their own communities before they represent the interests of Israel.

Both the Zionists and the Nazis share an interest in defining British Jewry as a monolithic entity - the Nazis in order to demonise tham and perpetuate the myth that 'the Jews run the world' and the Zionists in order to terrify their opponents into silence by the power of the myth.

The Zionists seek to perpetuate the myth that the Jews rule the world, as both the Nazis and Zionists profit from the fear such a myth creates in individuals and societies. Nazis have a scapegoat they can blame all societies ills on, and the Zionists have a myth guaranteed to terrify their opponents.

The fact is that British Jewry is not a monolithic entity. An example of this is the recent split off by a group of liberal British jews who were disgusted at the Board o Deputies uncritical support for Israel.

To say the Zionist extremists of the BOD represents the views of all British Jews is like saying Hitler represented the views of all Germans. Both are calumnys against their respective peoples.

The story of the split in the BOD when British Jews got sick of its pro-Israel Zionism is here ;

Just as many American Jews are demanding an alternative to the Pro-Israeli Zionist group AIPAC, British Jews are realising that their interests and the interests of Israel are not mutually enforcing.

To be snarled at by the attack dogs of British Zionism for saying this, is of course par for the course.

They do as they are programmed to do so.

Their power and authority is delegated to them only on the firm understanding they do so when required to protect Israel and the power of the Zionist network in the UK.

Their authority is used in orer to ensure logical analysis is replaced by fear, for their power derives solely from fear.

One of the problems living in a multi-cultural society is that all sections of society can be simultaneously coerced into submissive compliance by being terrified by the threat of being called 'racists' or 'anti-semites' by any well organised minority of political activists lobbying on behalf of specific issues, but who are able to link their ethnicity and the issues together.

At the same time any well organised minority WITHIN A MINORITY can also terrify into submission any group. A well organised cadre within a disorganised mass always has greater power simply based on their ability to organise as a group. This is how the minority of Zionists has been able to terrify the British Jewry itself into silence using its fascist methodology.

Those Jews who opposed the BOD, Searchlight and the Zionist network WITHIN British Jewry were abused, villifed, ostracised and attacked in the media. These are all classic fascist intimidation tactics.

For instance the AIPAC organisation in the US has vast power in relation to US foreign policy simply because the organisation is run by Zionist Jews and supported by Zionist Christian Fundamentalists.

These two groups, Zionist Jews and Zionist Christian Fundamentalists, are the two most powerful lobby groups in the US - simply because if you cross them they can brand you with the name 'anti-semitic' or 'anti-Christian'.

The fear of being called a racist, anti-Christian or an anti-semite is the modern equivalent of the fear that people in the Middle Ages once had of being called a witch, once you were called the name then mass hysteria drove the process of demonisation and into the bonfires you went.

Today they dont murder you, they just murder your reputation.

Once the brand has been burnt into someones good name, they become a political and social pariah.

Yet the side effect of this reign of terror is that no-one is able to calmly look at the one question that needs answering - DO THESE PRO-ISRAEL GROUPS REALLY REPRESENT JEWISH AMERICANS AND BRITISH AMERICANS ?

In the US the answer is plainly no, as the article below here confirms, yet the AIPAC group is able to weild its power precisely because it assumes the right to speak in the name of Jewish Americans.

This is the same process in the UK.

The Board of Deputies, the Jewish Chronicle, Searchlight, the CST and the mainstream Jewish groups have assumed the right to speak on behalf of the Jewish community, and at the same time demonise those they unilaterally define as 'the enemies of the Jewish community' when in reality that have NO mandate to do either.

Their right to speak in the name of anyone but themselves and their own agenda is an artifice, and those that genuflect before this artifice are in the grip of a similar hysteria as that which once afflicted the Middle Ages.

The Zionists speak only for themselves and Israel, they do not speak for patriotic, integrated and loyal British Jews. In fact they promote an agenda and policies which are positively harmful for the interests of British Jews eg supporting mass immigration into the UK, supporting the Iraq War, supporting the growth of Sharia Law in the UK.

The time has come for the age of terror imposed by groups such as Searchlight, BOD, CST and the Jewish Chronicle - with their terror of the word being applied to anyone they wish - to come to an end.

The most pernicious aspect of multi-culturalism has been how it is has created a Tyranny Of The Minorities, where organised lobby groups can punch above their power in the political and social fields and thereby usurp the democratic rights of the majority.

In order to ensure we live in a democratic society that serves the interests of the majority, and not the Tyranny of the Minorities, we must begin to confront the undue power and influence accrued by many such groups in our society - ranging from the Zionists, the Sharia Law exponents, the race relations industry, the liberal elite and the establishment itself.

Aipac, according to sources familiar with Capitol Hill lobbying, tries to keep US policy almost entirely on the side of security needs, of protecting an embattled Israel. That's the implication behind Aipac's credo as spelt out on its website, where it describes itself as working "to help make Israel more secure by ensuring that American support remains strong." Aipac does not come out explicitly against peace efforts. But the list of initiatives it boasts of promoting includes nothing aimed at a two-state solution, and much aimed at restricting US relations with the Palestinians and other Arab and Muslim actors. Examples include increases in aid to Israel and a House of Representatives resolution "praising the Jewish state for reunifying Jerusalem" in 1967—alongside efforts to put conditions on aid to the Palestinian authority and enable sanctions against Syria.

Aipac has reportedly created hurdles even when the Israeli government itself has tried to make peace. In 1995, for example, Aipac backed a bill in congress to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The legislation looked pro-Israel. But as Michael Massing argued in the New York Review of Books and elsewhere, it was actually an ambush for Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was negotiating with the Palestinians. Moving the embassy would have thrown a spanner into the Oslo peace talks. (The bill passed, but with a loophole enabling Presidents Clinton and Bush to avoid the move to Jerusalem.)

Another of the things that a responsible researcher could say with confidence is that within US politics, Aipac does not represent the views of American Jews.

In 2004, only 24 per cent of Jews voted for Bush, according to exit polls. Yet when Bush spoke at Aipac's convention earlier that year, delegates reportedly interrupted him 67 times with ovations and chants of "Four more years!"

The liberal Jewish tilt even applies to middle east issues. The American Jewish Committee's most recent year-end survey of Jewish opinion showed a 46-43 plurality of US Jews in favour of establishing a Palestinian state. Support for the war in Iraq is consistently lower among Jews than among Americans in general. The AJC survey showed 57-35 per cent opposition among US Jews to American military action to stop Iran's nuclear programme.

Yet perhaps the most striking flaw is that Mearsheimer and Walt accept Aipac's own claims regarding its power and who it represents. "In 24 hours, we could have the signatures of 70 senators on this napkin," they quote an Aipac official telling a journalist, and they insist it is not bluster. Though they sometimes note that "the lobby" is not the same as the American Jewish community, they also cite guesstimates that Jews provide between 20 and 60 per cent of donations to the Democratic party and its presidential candidates, and explain this as basic to "the lobby's" influence.

An Aipac blessing undoubtedly matters to some Jewish donors and voters—those for whom Israel is the overwhelming political concern. But they are a small minority. In the American Jewish Committee's latest survey, only 6 per cent of respondents said that Israel would be the most important issue in choosing who to support for president this year.

Suc research is needed in the Uk to reassure British Jews that it is okay to defy the Zionists and their fascist methodology in the UK.

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Anonymous said...

Much of what you say has merit but it's fair to say the Melanie Phillips has been an extremely stringent critic of multiculturism and mass immigration, particularly from the Islamic world.

In regards to Israel I tend to agree with her general position that any peace deal with the 'Palestinians' is made almost impossible whilst the Jihadists of Hamas hold sway. Let's not forget their charter mandates the destruction of Israel.

Being a reader of both your blog and MP's my overall impression is that there is more common ground than either of you, though particularly she, would admit. I can understand your instinct is to defend both yourself and the BNP but is it possible that resisting that temptation and attempting to reason with her might bear fruit?

Just a thought.


Defender of Liberty said...


the reason why phillips has adopted the artifice of being anti-immigration is because of muslim immigration and she defends a west that is pro-israel, not independent.

She is our implacable enemy simply because her loyalty is to israel and not the UK.

Her politics are a cover for her real agenda which is to serve the interests of Israel.

British jews loyal to the UK are our allies, ZIONIST STOOGES ARE NOT.

We have tried to reason with her and she rejected reason for treason - which is what i call all those who serve the interests of foreign nation, ideology or religion above their own country.

Anonymous said...

How come you slag people off for going on about Zionism yet now you go on and on about it?

Defender of Liberty said...

I have never slagged people off for going on about Zionism - I slag off morons that say 'The Jews run the world'.

They dont.

They run Hollywood, they run AIPAC and they have disproprionate influence within the media in the US and UK - but they do not run the world.

'The World' is run by ;

1) the Chinese (who produce the crap we buy),

2) the Russians (who have the natural gas we will depend upon in the future for our electricity),

3)the US (who have the bombs and who control the sale of oil in petro-dollars)

4)Saudi Arabians and Arabs (who own the oil),

5)the US Shadow Government and corporations of the Military Industrial Block,

6) the Anglo-European organisations like the Bilderbergers, and the WTO, EU, UN and the Trilateral Commission who control the banks and legal systems in our nations.

It is not run by Jews.

Zionists form networks in our nation and seek to influence our political system for the benefit of ISRAEL and not for the benefit of British Jews.

Those idiot nazis, muslims and far left activists who seek to conflate the Jews into one group who rule the world are anti-semitic morons.

Those Zionists that call me anti-semitic are also morons. They serve the interests of Israel and not ordinary British Jews.

The problem is that truly thick people, and those oprating to their own agendas, are unable to understand these facts or are paid to sell out. The Zionists are also anti-semitic for their treatment of the Palestinian people.

I am not an anti-semite.

I am one of the few people on the planet who does not have an agenda and who is intelligent enough to apply logic to the issues above.

The real anti-semites are THE ZIONISTS AND THE NAZIS (one hates Jews, the others Arabs) and thats why they both attack me.

Thats why the nazi scum on stormfront attack me, the zionist scum on Lancaster Unity attack me and why Zionists like Melanie Phillips all attack me - as they are the true poisonous anti-semites in the UK.

Balder said...

Great article.

But no matter how conscientious you serve it up, you will be rubricated as 'the enemy' for not supporting the Zionist agenda in full. This, among other things, would mean stop mentioning Jews or Zionism altogether.

I respect the effort, and it will probably help some people understand.

But the likes of Melanie Philips understand you even better: You are their enemy, for their first priority is protecting the Zionist grip on society.

Your 2008 post has gained new actuality since Melanie Philips' latest article on the electoral success of the BNP

Daily Mail February 23, 2009 - Melanie Phillips: The odious BNP is only gaining ground because voters feel so utterly betrayed.