Tuesday 15 July 2008

White Police Officers Association

Over 300 black coppers are sueing the Met Police for 'racism' as part of a plan by the Black Police Officers Association to put pressure on the Met to fast track black and ethnic minority coppers on the basis of their skin colour and not their skills or talents.

It is forgotten by Richard Littlejohn and the writers of the Dailt Mail and Express that the ONLY time Sir Ian Blair has been found guilty by an Employment Tribunal of racism was when he was found guilty of racism against two WHITE officers.


Years ago this attempt to force the police to financially reward BPA members with fast track promotions used be called 'blackmail' and those involved participating in such a scheme involved in a 'conspiracy', but it appears that when hundreds of ethnic coppers all decide to abuse the law to seek personal profits then this is not either criminal or actions likely to bring the police into disrepute - so much for the codes of conduct being applied equally in the police.

The time has come for the White police officers in the Met and around the country to set up their own White Police Officers Association.

In our multi-cultural society white British police officers must organise to protect their interests in a police force dominated by sycophantic PC ACPO New Labour lickspittles, because if they dont then they will get shafted.

The Black Police Officers Association must be countered by a White Police Officers Association, because if it isnt then white officers will be the victims of the anti-white racism that goes by the name of 'positive discrmination' and 'affirmative action'.

A police force that surrenders to political correctness is a politicised police force, for it has allowed itself to be dominated by the ideology of Marxism and Maoism which is the basis of Political Correctness.

Such a police force does not serve the community, it serves the government.

That means it can no longer be regarded as the defenders of our communities, rather it is the defender of the ideology of political correctness.

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